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Upcoming School Reopening in 2022: Grades 1 to 8 Prepare for a Fresh Start

School Reopen In Up 1 To 8 2022

Schools in different states of India, including Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Jharkhand, Telangana, and Rajasthan are set to reopen from February 1. The decision to resume classes has been made with the implementation of stringent COVID-19 protocols as mandated by education ministers and state authorities.

As the pandemic situation improves, several state governments in India have decided to reopen schools in 2022. This decision has been made considering the academic setbacks faced by students. The reopening of schools will be carried out with strict adherence to COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs). Education ministers and other authorities from Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Jharkhand, Telangana, and Rajasthan have announced that schools in their respective states will resume classes starting from February 1st.

Here is the complete list of states and cities that are resuming their school operations.

Goa School Reopening

As per the official directive issued by the Goa government, both private and public schools in the state have been given permission to start conducting in-person classes from February 21. The government has also mentioned that students are not obligated to wear school uniforms. Additionally, if necessary, school hours may be shortened to assist students in adapting to the new normal.

Schools in West Bengal to Resume Operations

The West Bengal government has decided to reopen primary and upper primary schools from February 16. The state reopened schools for Classes 8 to 12 on February 3, while open-air learning sessions for students up to Class 7 started four days later under a project named ‘Paray Shikshalay’ (education centre at your locality).

The West Bengal government stated that the School Education Department will release a distinct set of guidelines concerning the reopening of schools and the relaxation of COVID-19 protocols.

Rajasthan School Reopening

The Rajasthan government has recently declared that schools in urban areas of the state will reopen for students up to Class 5 from February 16. However, attendance is not compulsory and schools are required to offer both online and offline classes. Students can still opt for online education if they prefer. The government has also emphasized that students can only attend physical classes with the written consent of their parents. It is worth mentioning that earlier, schools in Rajasthan had already reopened for students up to Class 12 on February 1.

Chandigarh School Reopening

Schools and coaching institutions in Chandigarh have resumed operations on February 14, 2022. As per the guidelines, these educational establishments will operate at their full capacity in offline mode. Additionally, classes will be conducted using a hybrid approach where students can opt for either offline or online learning methods.

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Haryana School Reopening

The Haryana government has recently declared that physical classes for students in Classes 1 to 9 will commence from February 10. This decision comes after the earlier announcement of offline classes for students in Classes 10 to 12 starting from February 1. The Education Minister of Haryana, Kanwar Pal, shared this information on his official Twitter account and emphasized that COVID-19 safety measures would be strictly implemented within the classrooms. Parents have the option to send their children to school or continue with online classes.

Uttar Pradesh School Reopening

As per the directives issued by the Uttar Pradesh government, educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh can resume offline classes for Nursery students, Classes 1-12, and colleges starting from February 14. This decision has been made due to a decrease in COVID-19 cases in the state. The government recently announced several relaxations in COVID-19 restrictions on February 11 considering the improved situation.

According to a government order, schools and colleges from Nursery/Class 1 onwards will be open starting from February 14, following COVID-19 guidelines.

Gujarat School Reopening

Schools and colleges in Delhi commenced their reopening on February 7, with the exception of classes from Nursery to Class 8, which are scheduled to resume on February 14.

The Delhi government proposed the resumption of school activities during a meeting held by the DDMA on January 27. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia emphasized the importance of reopening schools and colleges, highlighting that if they remain closed, an entire generation of children will face setbacks in their education.

School Reopening in Shillong 2022

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma, has declared that schools for students in Classes 1 to 5 will resume on February 14. Meanwhile, offline teaching has already commenced for students in Classes 6 to12 as well as in colleges and universities.

Bihar School Reopening

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made an announcement on February 6, 2022, regarding the reopening of schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. The state government has decided to allow these educational institutions to resume physical classes based on the improved COVID-19 situation in Bihar. Schools can reopen with up to 50% capacity for students up to Class 8, while for students in Class 9 and above, schools can operate at full capacity. Additionally, colleges and coaching institutes are permitted to conduct offline classes with a maximum attendance of 100%.

What is the top-ranked school in Lucknow?

Cathedral Senior Secondary School, located in Lucknow, is widely regarded as the top educational institution in the city. This school follows an English medium curriculum and offers day boarding facilities for students. It is a co-educational school that is affiliated with the CBSE board, providing classes from nursery to XII. The school boasts excellent infrastructure and facilities, including spacious classrooms.

List of Infrastructure and Facilities:

1. Spacious classrooms

2. Well-equipped laboratories

3. Library with a wide range of books

4. Computer lab with modern technology

5. Playground for sports activities

6. Auditorium for cultural events and performances

7. Science Park to promote scientific learning

9.Cafeteria offering nutritious meals

10.Medical room to cater to any health emergencies

School Reopening in Odisha 2022

The Odisha government has announced that schools for Classes 8 to 10, colleges, and universities in the state will reopen on February 7. This decision was made based on the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases in Odisha. Additionally, schools for kindergarten to Class 7 will resume classes on February 14.

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What is the largest school in Lucknow, India?

City Montessori School (CMS) is a well-known and highly respected educational institution that provides excellent education. It holds the title of being the largest school in the world, with more than 61,000 students and 4,500 staff members. CMS has campuses spread across 21 locations in Lucknow city.

The school is known for its commitment to delivering quality education to its students. With such a large number of students and staff members, CMS offers a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular activities to cater to different interests and talents. The school aims to provide holistic development opportunities for all its students.

Overall, City Montessori School stands as an exemplary educational institution due to its size, dedication towards providing quality education, numerous campuses offering diverse opportunities, modern facilities available at each campus, as well as a committed team of teachers and staff members who strive for the holistic development of their students

Punjab School Reopening

The Punjab government has decided to prolong the closure of schools and colleges in the state for an additional week due to the ongoing pandemic situation. All educational institutions, except Medical and Nursing colleges, will remain closed for physical lectures until February 8, 2022. This extension applies to schools, colleges, and coaching classes across Punjab.

Which school is ranked number one?

In India, there are several prestigious schools that offer quality education to students. One such school is La Martiniere for Girls School located in Kolkata. This school provides a nurturing environment for girls to excel academically and develop their skills in various fields.

Moving on to the northern part of India, we have The Doon School situated in Dehradun. Known for its excellent infrastructure and experienced faculty, this school focuses on holistic development of students by encouraging them to participate in co-curricular activities alongside academics.

Sainik School Ghorakhal holds a special place among Indian schools as it caters specifically to students aspiring for careers in the armed forces. Located near Nainital, this residential school not only imparts academic education but also prepares students physically and mentally through rigorous training programs.

Shifting our focus towards southern India, Little Flower High School in Hyderabad stands out as an educational institute that emphasizes both academic excellence and character building. Students here are encouraged to explore their talents while maintaining discipline and integrity.

The Shri Ram School located in Gurgaon follows an innovative approach towards education with emphasis on experiential learning methods rather than rote memorization. This helps students develop critical thinking skills which are essential for success beyond the classroom walls.

Schools in Madhya Pradesh to Reopen

The Madhya Pradesh government has authorized the resumption of in-person classes in schools starting from today, February 1. The decision to reopen schools with a maximum capacity of 50 percent was made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan after consulting medical professionals and ensuring compliance with COVID-19 safety measures. Previously, on January 14, the state had temporarily closed schools and hostels for students in Classes 1 to 12 until January 31 due to an increase in Covid cases.

Is Lucknow a suitable city for education in India?

The city of Lucknow has a lot of schools that offer different kinds of education to suit the needs and choices of students. The educational scene in Lucknow is very lively and active, with many schools available for children to attend.

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The presence of numerous schools in Lucknow ensures that every child has access to quality education. It also promotes healthy competition among institutions, encouraging them to constantly improve their teaching methods and facilities. Overall, the thriving educational landscape in Lucknow provides ample opportunities for children to learn and grow academically as well as develop their skills in various fields like sports or arts.

Bangalore School Reopening

Schools in Bangalore will commence their operations today, January 31. The reopening decision was made after careful consideration of COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. State Education Minister BC Nagesh had previously mentioned that the reopening date for schools in Bangalore would be determined based on discussions with the cabinet and the COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee. Finally, on January 29, it was decided to reopen the schools.

Telangana School Reopening

The government of Telangana has made the decision to resume school operations starting from February 1. On January 29, the state government officially declared that all educational institutions can reopen. The Education Minister, P Sabita Indra Reddy, has emphasized the importance of strictly adhering to COVID-19 protocols during this reopening phase.

Jharkhand School Reopening

The reopening of schools in Jharkhand for students from Classes 1 to 12 is scheduled for February 1. The Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, will make the final decision after receiving the proposal. The official announcement regarding the reopening is expected to be made on January 31, 2022.

According to Jagannath Mahto, the Education Minister of Jharkhand, online classes have not been effective for students in government schools. He mentioned that several states have already started reopening schools and preparations are being made in Jharkhand as well.

School Reopening in Tamil Nadu 2022

The Tamil Nadu government has made the decision to resume classes in schools and colleges due to the academic setbacks students have experienced during the closure. As per the official announcement, educational institutions in Tamil Nadu will reopen on February 1st. It is important for students and parents to be aware that this reopening applies to Classes 1 through 12, while playschools, LKG, and UKG will remain closed. This update was shared by the state government on Thursday, January 27th.

Pune School Reopening

As per the recent declaration by Ajit Pawar, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, schools in Pune are set to resume operations on February 1. Students from Classes 1 to 8 will attend school for half of their usual hours, while offline classes for students in Classes 9 and 10 will be conducted as per regular timings. However, it is mandatory for parents to provide consent before allowing their children to attend physical classes.

School Reopening in Tripura

Schools in Tripura, India, will resume offline classes for students from pre-primary to Class 12 starting on January 31, 2022. These classes will adhere to stringent COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.

What is the largest school in India?

City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, India, founded in 1959 by Bharti Gandhi and Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, is the world’s largest school with 55,547 students as per the Guinness Book of World Records. Accredited as an affiliated NGO with the United Nations Department of Public Information in 2014. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr.