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The School of Our Lady Queen Of The Missions

Founded in 1997, Our Lady Queen of the Missions School is an all-girls institution that is associated with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The school is overseen by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM).

Our Lady Queen of the Missions School is a highly regarded educational institution in West Bengal. It offers instruction in English and provides various amenities such as sports, music, transportation, library access, laboratory facilities, field trips, CCTV surveillance, security measures, STEM education programs, robotics activities, and much more.

School Name: Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School

Type of School: A private school exclusively for girls.

Board: Affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CICSE).

Classes Offered: From Nursery to Class 12.

Year Established: Founded in 1997.

School Address: Located at 34, Syed Amir Ali Avenue Park Circus, Kolkata, West Bengal-700017.

School Information

The founding organization of Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School is the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM), which consists of dedicated women who are committed to serving and educating others.


In order to enroll their child at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School, parents must provide the transfer certificate from any previous school attended by the student.

Additionally, please refer to the following options: CBSE educational institutions in Kolkata, all-girls schools in Kolkata, and English medium schools in Kolkata.

Eligibility Criteria

Girls aged between 3 years 10 months and 4 years 8 months are eligible for admission to the nursery at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School. However, the school does not accept students in Class 10 and Class 12. For admission to Class 11, academic records from Class 10 and eligibility for the desired stream are considered. Additionally, all students applying for admission to any class must take an entrance test.


Some of the activities offered at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School include hobby classes, orientation programs, debate and discussion sessions, drama workshops, educational tours, fancy dress events, writing articles for the school magazine, story-telling sessions, creative writing exercises, and cooking classes.


– Workshops and seminars for parents on effective parenting techniques.

– Participation in Scouts, Guides, and N.C.C. programs.

– Encouraging scientific exploration with a dedicated science exhibition.

– Organizing various seminars to enhance knowledge and skills of the students.

– Celebrating festivals together as a school community.

– Engaging in sports activities during the annual Sports Day event.

– Promoting leadership skills through participation in Youth Parliament sessions.

– Providing an enriching experience for students through summer camps.

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– Offering workshops to develop specific skills or interests among students.

– Hosting a Christmas carnival filled with fun-filled activities for all.

– Encouraging creativity and artistic expression through art & craft initiatives.

– Contributing towards social welfare by organizing blood donation camps.


Some of the events and activities organized at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School include recitation, music, quiz, Olympiad, declamation contest, drawing competition, handwriting competition, story writing competition, wall magazine decoration, spelling competition and spelling bee competition. Additionally, there are dancing activities/competitions and calligraphy sessions.

Sport & Fitness

Some of the activities offered at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School include indoor games, extracurricular activities, yoga sessions, sports, a swimming pool, and aerobics classes.


The facilities at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School include a hostel, IT infrastructure, a kindergarten, a library, music rooms, drinking water stations, and furniture with storage space. There is also a gymnasium for physical activities and a symposium for academic discussions. Additionally, the school has a sports academy for athletic training and provides toilet facilities and transportation services. Other amenities include an auditorium for events, a cafeteria for meals, classrooms equipped with blackboards, convenience stores on campus, and dance rooms.

Advanced Facilities

Some of the facilities available at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School include laboratories, a medical center, security systems with CCTV cameras, health and medical check-ups for students, transfer services within the school chain, and a cultural exchange program.

Identify the Board of the Lady Queen at Mission Park Circus

Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School is a school in India. It is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), which is an educational board that conducts exams and provides certifications for schools in India.

Being affiliated with CISCE means that Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School follows the curriculum and guidelines set by this educational board. This ensures that students receive a quality education and are prepared for their examinations. CISCE also sets standards for teaching methods, assessment procedures, and overall school management.

Connect With Us

The address of Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School is located at 34, Syed Amir Ali Avenue in Park Circus, Kolkata, West Bengal-700017.

Who holds the of the mission queen?

Father Lasuén played a pivotal role in founding Mission Santa Bárbara. His vision was to establish a place where indigenous people could be converted to Christianity while also providing them with education, healthcare, and agricultural training. By establishing this mission, Father Lasuén aimed to spread the teachings of Catholicism among Native Americans living in the region.

Named after Saint Barbara, who is considered the patron saint of architects and miners, Mission Santa Bárbara showcases remarkable architecture that reflects both Spanish colonial influences and local Chumash Indian craftsmanship. The red-tiled roofs, whitewashed walls adorned with intricate designs, and beautifully landscaped gardens make it an architectural marvel even today.


To enroll at Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, guardians are required to download and complete the application form available online.

Girls between the ages of 3 years and 10 months to 4 years and 8 months are eligible for admission in Nursery at Our Lady Queen of the Missions School.

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No, students in Class 10 are not accepted at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School.

To gain admission to Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, parents are required to provide a Transfer certificate for their child if they have previously attended another institution.

In which district is Park Circus located in India?

One practical piece of advice for those considering moving to Park Circus is to explore its diverse housing options. From spacious apartments to cozy houses, there are various types of accommodations available that cater to different preferences and budgets. It would be beneficial to visit the area and consult with local real estate agents who can provide guidance on finding the perfect home.

Additionally, Park Circus boasts excellent connectivity within Kolkata city. The neighborhood is well-connected through public transportation systems such as buses, trams, and metro railways. This makes commuting convenient for residents working or studying in other parts of the city. Aspiring residents should consider their daily travel requirements when choosing a location within Park Circus.

Furthermore, Park Circus offers a range of amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. There are numerous educational institutions nearby including schools and colleges renowned for their academic excellence. Additionally, healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics are easily accessible ensuring prompt medical assistance when needed.

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Which school is the most opulent globally?

Institut Le Rosey, commonly known as Le Rosey, is renowned worldwide as one of the most prestigious and exclusive boarding schools. Its reputation as the “school of kings” is well-deserved, with notable alumni including King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Fuad II of Egypt, and King Albert II of Belgium. Located in Switzerland, this esteemed institution has a long-standing history of providing exceptional education to students from around the globe.

Moreover, Le Rosey places great emphasis on holistic development by offering an array of extracurricular activities. Students can participate in various sports such as tennis, skiing, sailing or engage in artistic pursuits like music or theater. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also encourage creativity and teamwork among students.

The high cost of education in Indian schools

In contrast, schools in India often impose fees that are considerably high and occasionally beyond the financial means of many parents. The question arises as to why educational institutions in India have become so expensive. The primary reasons behind this issue can be attributed to privatization and education inflation, which have collectively contributed to making annual school fees unaffordable for a significant number of families.

Furthermore, education inflation also contributes significantly towards escalating school costs in India. As with any other sector, the overall rise in prices affects various aspects related to running educational institutions such as infrastructure development, teacher salaries, administrative expenses, and technological advancements. These factors directly impact the fee structure imposed by schools as they strive to meet these rising costs while ensuring quality education.

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What is the wealthiest school in Delhi?

The Shri Ram School, located in Vasant Vihar, was established in the year 1988. It is considered one of the top schools in Delhi and is known for its excellent reputation. The school is highly regarded for providing quality education to its students.

With a long-standing history of academic excellence, The Shri Ram School has gained a prestigious status among educational institutions in Delhi. Many parents aspire to enroll their children here due to its strong emphasis on holistic development and high standards of teaching.

Apart from academics, the school also focuses on extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, and dance. This allows students to explore their talents and interests beyond traditional classroom learning.

Overall, The Shri Ram School stands out as one of the best schools in Delhi because of its commitment to delivering exceptional education while nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared for future challenges.

The identity of the sisters from Our Lady of the Missions?

The Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions, also known as Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM), is a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded by Adèle Euphrasie Barbier in Lyon, France in 1861. The congregation consists of women who dedicate their lives to serving God and others through various missions around the world.

Adèle Euphrasie Barbier, born in 1829, had a deep desire to help those in need and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. She established the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions with a vision to bring education and healthcare services to marginalized communities. The sisters devote themselves to providing quality education for children, especially girls, who often face limited access to schooling.

P.S. The Sisters of Our Lady Queen Of The Missions have made significant contributions not only in India but also globally. They have established schools and hospitals across different regions, empowering individuals through education and promoting holistic well-being within communities they serve.

In India specifically, our country has been blessed with numerous educational institutions run by these dedicated sisters. Their commitment towards imparting knowledge has helped shape countless young minds over generations. These schools provide an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow academically as well as spiritually.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that these sisters extend their services beyond just education. Many convents associated with this congregation also operate hospitals or clinics that offer medical care for those who cannot afford it otherwise. Through their selfless acts of compassion and love for humanity, they continue to make a positive impact on society.

P.S.S We are grateful for the presence and tireless efforts put forth by the Sisters at Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School here in India – may their work continue inspiring future generations!