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The Definitive Ranking: Top 10 B Schools In India

Top 10 B Schools In India

The leading MBA colleges in India are headed by IIM Ahmedabad, followed by IIM Bangalore and IIM Kozhikode. The NIRF rankings for the best MBA colleges in India 2023 also include IIM Calcutta, as well as prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi and XLRI Jamshedpur. Careers360 has recently released its rankings for the top management colleges in India 2023, which feature the top three IIMs along with several other renowned B-Schools that have made a significant impact.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in India as per Careers360 Ranking

Each year, Careers360 evaluates and ranks the top MBA colleges in India based on various factors such as facilities, courses, placements, and research. The 2023 list of the best MBA colleges in India according to NIRF comprises the following institutions.

Top 10 MBA Institutes in India – NIRF Ranking 2023

The ‘National Institutional Ranking Framework’ analyses the overall performance of all colleges in different streams and publishes the rankings every year. Check out below for the best MBA college rankings based on NIRF;

Top 10 B-Schools in India according to NIRF Rankings

Here are the top MBA colleges in India according to the Careers360 ranking. The list includes IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Kolkata, and other prestigious institutions. Each college has a different seat intake capacity ranging from 96+ to 550 seats.

Top B-schools in India with the best placement records

These educational institutions have consistently shown their dedication to not only providing education but also ensuring that their students are well-prepared to succeed in the professional realm. IIM Bangalore, XLRI, ISB, SIBM Pune, and FMS Delhi are renowned business schools in India with an impressive track record of successful placements.


– IIM Bangalore



– SIBM Pune

– FMS Delhi

Top 10 MBA Colleges in India – Placement Rankings

The placement opportunities provided by MBA colleges in India are a crucial factor considered by students during the admission process. The top B-Schools in India boast impressive placement records, making them attractive options for aspiring students. To make an informed decision, students can refer to the table below which lists the top 10 MBA colleges in India based on their placement statistics.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in India with placement statistics and top recruiter details

This factor holds significance in the decision-making process of students when it comes to admissions. Numerous students review the fees structure of leading MBA colleges in India to gain insight and make preparations for their admissions. Below, you will find information about both private and public institutions that are considered among the best MBA colleges in India.

Top 10 Private MBA Colleges in India with Fee

1. XLRI Xavier College of Management, Jamshedpur – The total course fee ranges from Rs 13,70,000 to Rs 31,20,000.

2. MDI Gurgaon – The total course fee ranges from Rs 13,41,000 to Rs 26,27,000.

3. [Name not provided] – The total course fee is Rs 20,42,000.

4. [Name not provided] – The total course fee ranges from Rs 14,10 ,000 to Rs16 ,90 ,00 .

5. [Name not provided] – The total course fee isRs17 ,34 ,00 lakhs .

Top 10 Government MBA Colleges in India with Fee Structure

1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: The course fee to be paid is Rs 24,61,000.

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore: The course fee ranges from Rs 20,11,000 to Rs 24,50,000.

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3. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta: The course fee is RS 25,00,000.

4. Indian Institute of Management Lucknow: The course fee ranges from Rs 9,20,000 to Rs 26,



5. Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi: The course fee is Rs 20.96 lakhs.

What is the costliest business school in India?

The next school on the list is MDI Gurgaon with a current fee of Rs.18.86 lakhs. Following that is SIBM Pune with a fee of Rs.18.25 lakhs.

Moving on to IMT Ghaziabad, its current fee stands at Rs.16.50 lakhs.

Top B Schools in India – Cutoff Rankings

Many candidates look for the minimum score required to get into prestigious MBA colleges in order to plan their preparation accordingly. The majority of renowned MBA colleges in India have a specific cutoff requirement. Typically, aspiring MBAs set their sights on the IIMs and other top business schools across the country. Here is a compilation of some of the finest MBA institutions in India.

Top 10 B-Schools in India with Expected Cutoff

Before applying to the leading MBA colleges in India, it is important to check the eligibility criteria. Typically, applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies from a recognized university and obtained at least 50% aggregate marks. Additionally, students in their final year of graduation are also eligible to apply for an MBA degree at top Indian colleges.

Top 3 Schools in India: Which are the Best?

2. The Doon School, Dehradun: Situated in Dehradun, this school is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in India and offers high-quality education.

4. Sainik School, Ghorakhal: This residential school focuses on providing military training along with regular academics to prepare students for careers in defense services.

5. Little Flower High School, Hyderabad: A renowned institution based in Hyderabad that emphasizes both academic and extracurricular activities for overall growth.

6. The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon: This school situated in Gurgaon follows innovative teaching methods to foster creativity and critical thinking among its students.

8.Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Hyderabad: An international boarding school based out of Hyderabad that combines traditional Indian values with modern educational techniques.

These schools are considered among the best educational institutions across India due to their commitment towards providing quality education and fostering all-round development of their students.

Top 5 Management Institutes in India Based on Major Specializations

Here are some of the top business schools in India:

1. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

2. XLRI Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

3. Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay

4. Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee

5. MDI Gurgaon

Top 10 B-Schools in India offering MBA in Foreign Trade

What are the top-rated business schools in India that specialize in finance?

IIM Bangalore, FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, and Alliance University Bangalore are considered to be the top business schools in India that provide specialized programs in management.

Q. Which are the top three MBA colleges in India for operations management? Please rephrase this sentence using your own words, without adding any extra information or expanding on the topic. Write it in English suitable for an Indian audience.

IIM Bangalore, IIM Kolkata, and IIM Indore are considered the top management institutes in India.

Is it compulsory to take the CAT exam for admission into the leading B-schools in India?

No, CAT is not the only entrance exam considered for MBA admissions in India. There are other popular exams such as XAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA, as well as state and university entrance exams that are also taken into consideration by B-schools.

How can an individual determine which business school to apply for admission?

To select a BSchool, it is advisable to consider top colleges and the specific specializations one is interested in. While rankings like NIRF can help identify the top BSchools in India, choosing a specialization depends on individual preferences. It is also important to evaluate facilities, placement opportunities, and alumni networks when considering different colleges.

Q. What is the most preferred entrance examination for gaining admission to a leading business school?

CAT scores are highly recognized and widely used as the primary entrance exam for admission into top MBA colleges in India. Nevertheless, there are other exams such as XAT, CMAT, ATMA, and MAT that are also taken into consideration for admissions. Due to the intense competition associated with CAT, many students opt to appear for these alternative entrance exams in order to secure a spot at some of the renowned business schools in India.

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Is India the ideal destination for pursuing an MBA degree?

India has several prestigious business schools such as the IIMs, IITs, and XLRI. Therefore, obtaining an MBA from one of these institutions can lead to a successful career. When deciding on a country to pursue an MBA, it is important to consider factors such as fees, admission process convenience, and future career prospects. For Indian students, these aspects make India the ideal choice for pursuing an MBA.

Why is pursuing an MBA such a popular choice for a career?

The opportunities for a successful career after completing an MBA are highly rewarding, making it a popular choice among students.

Q. Is MBA better than CA? Do their salaries differ?

B. The two degrees, MBA and CA, not only differ in terms of the subjects they focus on but also in the career opportunities that follow their completion. The salary structure varies based on both the degree obtained and the level of experience one possesses. While an MBA is primarily centered around management studies, a CA degree is more commerce-oriented. Unlike an MBA which offers various specializations to choose from, CA does not provide such options. Additionally, completing an MBA typically takes two years whereas becoming a CA requires clearing three levels of exams and involves a longer duration of time. Moreover, pursuing articleship is mandatory for obtaining a CA qualification but not for an MBA degree. Many students find it easier to complete an MBA as it is considered less rigorous compared to becoming a CA. Naturally, salaries also vary between these two professions due to differences in job responsibilities and requirements.

Is it possible to pursue an MBA immediately after finishing the XII board exams?

No, it is not possible. You must first finish your undergraduate studies at a recognized university and then proceed to apply for an MBA program.

Q. What is the most significant advantage of doing an MBA after doing BTech?

A. Doing an MBA after doing engineering is beneficial because you will be able to possess both technical acumen and managerial acumen that is essentially required in the corporate world.

Some of the top business schools in India include IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIT Delhi, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, XLRI Jamshedpur, and the Indian Institutes of Technology in Bombay and Kharagpur. These institutions are highly regarded for their quality education and training in business management.

Best MBA Institutes in India 2024 – Ranking, Prospectus, College Comparison. Rephrase this content using different wording without elaborating on the subject matter; solely provide original text. Write in Indian English.

Top 5 MBA exams in India

The top 10 B Schools in India are prestigious institutions that offer excellent management education and have a strong reputation in the industry. These schools provide students with a comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities to enhance their learning experience.

1. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A): Known for its rigorous academic program and world-class faculty, IIM-A is considered one of the best business schools in India.

3. Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad: ISB is known for its globally recognized curriculum and strong industry connections, providing students with ample networking opportunities.

5. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University: FMS provides quality education at an affordable cost along with excellent placement opportunities across various sectors.

6. SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai: SPJIMR focuses on developing socially responsible leaders through experiential learning methods such as case studies and simulations.

7. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi/Kolkata: Specializing in international business management, IIFT equips students with skills necessary to excel in global markets.

8. National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai: NITIE offers specialized programs in operations management while emphasizing sustainability practices within industries.

9. Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management – IIT Bombay: This premier institute combines technical expertise from IIT Bombay with managerial skills to produce well-rounded professionals capable of driving innovation-driven businesses forward.

10.Xavier Institute Of Social Service(XISS), Ranchi: XISS is known for its focus on rural management and social development, preparing students to work in sectors that contribute to the betterment of society.

These B Schools provide a platform for students to develop their managerial skills, gain industry exposure through internships and live projects, and secure lucrative job opportunities. They have consistently maintained high placement records with top companies visiting their campuses every year. Pursuing an MBA from one of these institutions can significantly enhance career prospects and open doors to leadership positions in various industries.

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What is the top MBA city in India?

According to the NIRF ranking for 2023, some of the top MBA colleges in India include IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Kozhikode. These institutions have consistently maintained their reputation for providing quality education and producing successful business professionals.

When it comes to job placements after completing an MBA program, several renowned companies are known to recruit from these top B-schools. Some of these prominent recruiters include Amazon, Apple, Bain & Company, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Accenture and many more. These companies offer attractive career opportunities with competitive salaries and growth prospects.

1. IIM Ahmedabad

2. IIM Bangalore

3. IIM Calcutta

4. IIM Kozhikode

Most sought-after MBA in India

MBA programs in India have evolved to cater to the diverse needs and interests of students. One popular specialization is MBA in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, which focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in this rapidly growing field. This program delves into advanced topics such as data analysis, predictive modeling, and algorithm development, preparing graduates for roles that involve leveraging AI and ML technologies across various industries.

Another sought-after specialization is MBA in Business Analytics & Big Data. With organizations increasingly relying on data-driven decision-making processes, professionals equipped with expertise in business analytics are highly valued. This program trains students to effectively analyze large datasets using statistical tools and techniques while also providing insights into managing big data infrastructure.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, an MBA in Entrepreneurship offers a comprehensive understanding of starting and running successful businesses. Students learn about ideation, opportunity assessment, market research, financial planning, marketing strategies, and more. This specialization provides them with the necessary skills to navigate challenges faced by startups and turn innovative ideas into profitable ventures.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management is another specialized area that has gained prominence due to globalization trends impacting businesses worldwide. An MBA focusing on this domain equips students with knowledge about supply chain optimization techniques,distribution network design,strategic sourcing,negotiation skills,and logistics operations management.P.S.: These programs provide opportunities for career growth within sectors like manufacturing,e-commerce,freight forwarding,and retail where efficient supply chain practices play a vital role.

Marketing plays a pivotal role in driving business growth; thus,MBA programs offer specializations like Marketing Management.These courses cover essential concepts such as consumer behavior,brand management,digital marketing,strategic marketing planning,and market research.P.S.: Graduates with expertise in this field can pursue careers in advertising,market research,fashion and retail,consumer goods,and more.

Lastly,MBA programs also cater to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry through a specialization in Pharma & Health Care Management. This program focuses on imparting knowledge about regulatory frameworks,governance,policy-making,healthcare operations management,and strategic planning within the context of the pharma and healthcare sectors.P.S.: Graduates from this specialization can explore opportunities in pharmaceutical companies,hospitals,research organizations,and health insurance firms.

Which Indian college guarantees 100% job placement?

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is renowned for its alumni network and advanced research facilities. It provides a range of engineering courses and has an exceptional track record in terms of placements, with all students being successfully placed in top companies such as Adobe, Intel, and Facebook.

The Indian School of Business (ISB) located in Hyderabad is another prestigious business school in India. It offers various programs including the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) which is highly regarded by recruiters. ISB boasts a strong faculty team consisting of experienced professors from reputed universities around the world.

XLRI – Xavier School of Management situated in Jamshedpur is known for its management programs. The college focuses on providing holistic development to its students through rigorous academic curriculum combined with practical exposure. XLRI also emphasizes ethical values and social responsibility among its students.

S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) based in Mumbai has gained recognition for its innovative teaching methods and emphasis on experiential learning. SPJIMR offers specialized courses like Family Managed Business program, Social Sector Leadership program, and Global Fast Track program that cater to diverse interests within the field of management education.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) located