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The Bihar Board for Open Schooling and Examination

Bihar Board Of Open Schooling And Examination

The BBOSE board examination for the year 2024 will be held in two sessions, covering both theory and practical subjects. Prior to the exams, the Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) issues dummy admit cards for each session to the class 12 students.

The is issued on the official website. Further, details like the mother or father’s name, date of birth, gender, caste category, photo or signature, etc., can be corrected by the coordinator of the relevant study centers.

BBOSE Board Exam 2024 – Important Highlights

The primary aim of BBOSE is to provide education and skill development opportunities to those in Bihar who have been unable to access traditional schooling. Through the open schooling system, BBOSE offers certificates for 10th and 12th grade that hold the same value as certificates issued by other recognized school examination boards in India.

Given below are the important highlights regarding BBOSE board exam 2023:

BBOSE Routine 2024

The official website will soon publish the BBOSE board exam 2024 schedule. Students who are taking the BBOSE board exam in 2024 can access and download the schedule from the official website.

The BBOSE examinations will take place twice a year, in June and December. The Bihar open school exams will be conducted in two different time slots. The first session is scheduled from 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM, while the second session will be held from 1:45 PM to 5:00 PM. Prior to the exams, the BBOSE board releases the timetable for both practical and theory exams.

Bihar Open School Admit Card 2024

The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination has made the BBOSE class 12 dummy admit card available online for both sessions. Here are some essential details regarding this release.

The admit cards for the BBOSE board exam in 2024 are necessary for candidates to enter the exam hall. Without these cards, students will not be allowed to take the exam. Students have until a specified deadline to make corrections on their dummy admit card.

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Is Bihar Board of Open Schooling recognized for NEET?

Is BBOSE considered valid? BBOSE is an institution that has been recognized by the government as being legitimate. The government acknowledges that BBOSE holds validity for various competitive exams such as UPSC, BPSC, NEET, Air Force, Bank, Railway, Navy and others.

List of competitive exams where BBOSE is recognized:




– Air Force

– Bank exams

– Railway exams

– Navy exams

Bihar Open School Registration 2024

The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) will make available the registration form for the 2024 board exams in March 2024. This is specifically for students who will be taking the Secondary and Senior Secondary exams.

Applicants have the option to complete the online registration form for the BBOSE board exam 2024. It is important to finish the registration process within the given time frame in order to avoid any additional fees. The Bihar board open school provides college principals with a User ID and Password, which they can use to register students who will be taking the BBOSE board exams.

How to verify my Bihar Board Open School Result?

Bihar Open Board 10th Board Result released on Online Portal. You can check it by entering Roll Number &amp, Date of Birth on the Result Link. BBOSE Result Link has activated and given in the Article, click here to check the result.

Bihar Open School Examination Syllabus 2024

The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) offers the syllabus and exam format for Secondary and Senior Secondary exams through their official website. This allows candidates to easily access and review their respective syllabuses online.

Who holds the position of CEO at BBOSE?

By implementing this online platform, BBOSE hopes to address any irregularities or discrepancies that may have occurred in the past regarding student registrations or result declarations. The transparency offered by this system will make it easier for authorities to identify any potential issues and take appropriate actions promptly. Ultimately, this initiative aims to provide a reliable and trustworthy examination process for students enrolled in BBOSE programs across Bihar state in India.

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Bihar Open School Exam Result 2024

The BBOSE board exam 2023 results will be made available on the official website of BBOSE. Here are some relevant details regarding this.

To access their BBOSE board exam 2024 results, candidates will need to enter their roll numbers and Date of Birth (DOB) on the results page. The tentative release month for the BBOSE results of classes 10th and 12th is November 2024.

The student must register on the BBOSE website in order to be eligible for online admission. To do this, the student needs a valid email address, as well as a password. By clicking this, the registration page will open, requiring you to enter your current, working email address.

What is the process to access and download the curriculum for the Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) 2024 exams?

The official website of BBOSE provides the option to download the syllabus for the 2024 board exams.

Where can we find the BBOSE board exam 2024 results?

You can view the BBOSE board exam 2024 results on the BBOSE official website.

The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examinations, which is a government body in Bihar, will be responsible for conducting the BBOSE board exam in 2024.

Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) has released the schedule and admit card for the board exams in 2024. Students can now check the routine and download their admit cards from the official website.

Is NIOS superior to Bihar Board?

Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) is a state institution, whereas the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a national institution. When considering the better option between the two, NIOS surpasses BBOSE in every aspect. Here are some reasons why NIOS is considered superior:

1. Recognition: NIOS holds nationwide recognition and acceptance, making it more credible for further education or job opportunities within India.

2. Curriculum: NIOS offers a well-structured curriculum that aligns with national educational standards, ensuring students receive quality education.

3. Flexibility: NIOS provides flexible learning options, allowing students to study at their own pace and convenience without compromising on academic excellence.

Is the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education genuine or fraudulent?

The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BOSSE) is an educational board that has been officially recognized by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), which operates under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. BOSSE serves as a platform for open schooling in Bihar.

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Open schooling refers to a flexible education system that allows individuals who are unable to attend regular schools or have dropped out to continue their studies. It provides opportunities for learners to complete their education through distance learning methods, such as online classes, study materials, and examinations.

BOSSE aims to provide accessible and inclusive education to students who may face various challenges in attending traditional schools. It offers courses at secondary (Class 10) and senior secondary (Class 12) levels, allowing students to pursue their academic goals at their own pace and convenience.

By being recognized by NIOS and the Ministry of Education, BOSSE ensures that its certificates hold value nationwide. This recognition also enables students from Bihar enrolled with BOSSE to apply for higher education programs or seek employment opportunities across India without any hindrance.

– The Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BOSSE) is an official educational board recognized by NIOS.

– BOSSE provides open schooling opportunities for those unable to attend regular schools.

– It offers secondary and senior secondary level courses through distance learning methods.

– Being recognized by NIOS ensures the value of BOSSE certificates throughout India.

Is the 12th position from an Open Board acceptable?

Open School certificates issued by the Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination (BBOSE) are considered valid and recognized by both the government and various educational institutions in India. These certificates hold significance for admission into higher education programs as well as for employment purposes.

The BBOSE is a renowned board that provides opportunities for students who were unable to complete their formal education through regular schooling. The board offers flexibility in terms of learning, allowing individuals to study at their own pace and convenience. As a result, many students who have obtained Open School certificates from BBOSE have successfully pursued further studies or secured jobs based on these qualifications.

These certificates are widely accepted by universities, colleges, vocational institutes, and employers across India. They serve as proof of academic achievement equivalent to traditional school certifications. Students with Open School certificates can apply for undergraduate courses in various disciplines such as arts, science, commerce, engineering, medicine, etc., depending on their eligibility criteria set by respective institutions.