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Tagore International School East Of Kailash

Tagore International School East Of Kailash

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Key School Stats

The school is privately owned and follows the CBSE board. It was established in 1964 and is a co-educational institution. The campus spans over an area of 2.24 acres and is located in an urban setting.

Poll & Opinion

The necessary documents to be submitted during the application/admission process include a birth certificate, a photograph of the child, photographs of the parents/guardian, an Aadhar card for both the child and parents.

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School Results

The results from the previous year are currently not accessible. Our team is actively working to gather this information.


The school provides air-conditioned classrooms, smart classrooms, and wifi facilities.


Accommodation for male students and female students is available in separate hostels.


The school is equipped with an auditorium/media room, a cafeteria/canteen, a library/reading room, and a playground.

Safety and Security

– Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

– Global Positioning System (GPS) Bus Tracking Application

– Application for tracking students

Advanced Facilities

– Association of former students

– Childcare services

– Food provisions

– Health facility

– Transport services

Extra Curricular

The school offers various activities such as art and craft, dance, debate, drama, gardening, music, and picnics/excursions for the students to participate in.

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Physical Education and Wellness
  • Skating
  • Horse Riding
  • Gym
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Swimming Pool
  • Karate
  • Taekwondo
  • Yoga

The school is equipped with a computer lab, science lab, and robotics lab.

Disabled Friendly

In terms of accessibility, the school provides ramps, washrooms, and elevators for the convenience of its students.

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Founded by Dr. Hari Sen and Mr. Jitender Sen in 1964, Tagore International School is an educational institution under the aegis of The Tagore Education Society. The school has three goals academic excellence, the spirit of innovation, and the zeal to impart value-based education. It is a co-education institution and offers education to the students of classes Nursery to XII. It has a precisely designed curriculum according to the guidelines set by CBSE and focuses a lot on the holistic development of the students. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 18:1 and helps students in understanding the concepts in a proper way. Ms. Mallika Preman, the principal of the school wants to make students lifelong learners. The school has an urban-type campus spread over an area of 2.24 acres which is disabled-friendly and offers a good learning environment to the students.

Tagore International School Mission

The primary objective of the school is to provide practical and valuable education to its students, equipping them with skills that can be applied in real-world situations. The aim is to expose students to a variety of learning opportunities and support them in discovering their individual talents. The school endeavors to inspire students to identify their inner abilities and actively participate in community activities.

What is the history of Tagore International School?

Practical advice for starting your own school: Firstly, conduct thorough research on educational requirements and regulations set by local authorities. This will ensure that you comply with all necessary guidelines when establishing your institution. Secondly, identify an appropriate location for your school that is easily accessible for students and has sufficient space for expansion if needed. Additionally, consider factors such as safety measures and proximity to amenities like transportation facilities or residential areas.

Furthermore, focus on developing a strong curriculum that meets the needs of students while also aligning with national education standards. Hire qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and capable of delivering quality education across various subjects.

For example: A new private primary school recently opened in Mumbai following extensive research into educational policies outlined by local governing bodies such as the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE). The founders secured a spacious building located near residential areas with easy access to public transportation services ensuring convenience for both students and parents alike.

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The curriculum was meticulously designed based on guidelines provided by MSBSHSE along with additional emphasis on holistic development through extracurricular activities like sports clubs and art workshops led by experienced professionals hired specifically for these programs.

By following these practical steps and considering local requirements, aspiring educators in India can establish successful schools that provide quality education while nurturing the overall growth of students.

Tagore International School Vision

It strives to provide an environment for its students that is safe, inclusive and acknowledges individual differences. It offers its students with 21st-century skills so that students can become skillful adults and better leaders of tomorrow.

Who is the principal of Tagore International School?

Dr. Parul Tyagi is a highly experienced academician who has been working in the field for over 26 years. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills through her extensive experience.

As an academician, Dr. Parul Tyagi is well-versed in various teaching methodologies and approaches that cater to the individual learning styles of students. She understands that every student learns differently and strives to create an inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive.

Tagore International School Extracurricular Activities

club astronomy

club yoga

club photography

club etc. This allows students to enroll in clubs based on their individual interests. Additionally,

the school follows a house system where students engage in various activities throughout the year to earn points for their respective houses.

What is the largest international school in India?

The Oakridge International School in Hyderabad is a very big school that has many branches all over our country. It is known for its high-quality education and follows the IB curriculum, which is recognized worldwide. The teachers at this school are well-trained and experts in teaching the IB curriculum. They know how to help students understand difficult concepts and prepare them for their future.

The facilities at Oakridge International School are top-notch. They provide a comfortable learning environment with modern classrooms, libraries, science labs, sports fields, and other amenities. Students have access to all these facilities to enhance their learning experience and develop their skills outside of academics as well.

Many students in Hyderabad dream of studying at Oakridge International School because it offers excellent education opportunities. The combination of expert faculty members and world-class facilities makes it an ideal place for students to grow academically and personally. Being part of this prestigious institution can open doors for higher education opportunities both within India and abroad.

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Overall, Oakridge International School in Hyderabad stands out as one of the best schools in our country due to its commitment towards providing quality education along with state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports holistic development among students.

Tagore International School Fees Structure

To get your child enrolled in Tagore International School, you will have to pay fees between INR 90,000- 1,00,000, it can vary according to the class you are getting your child enrolled in. To better understand TIS’s fee structure, you can click on the dropdown menu and select the class of your preference.

Who is the founder of Tagore International school East of Kailash?

By completing an MA-PhD in Education from one of the top universities in the USA, Dr. Hari Sen became highly qualified in her field. This experience gave her valuable insights into innovative teaching methods and educational practices used around the world.

Tagore International School Admission 2023-24

At Shanthiniketan, students were encouraged to connect with their surroundings and learn from nature itself. The campus was adorned with lush greenery and open spaces where classes often took place under trees or in gardens instead of conventional classrooms. This approach aimed to foster creativity and instill a deep appreciation for nature among students.

When was Tagore International school East of Kailash established?

– Established in 1964

– Located in East Of Kailash

– Considered one of the top CBSE schools in Delhi

– Offers comprehensive academic programs

– Focuses on holistic development through extracurricular activities

– Follows CBSE curriculum with high standards

– Emphasizes creativity, critical thinking skills,

and character building

-Provides state-of-the-art facilities

-Fosters an environment conducive to learning

Who is the owner of Tagore Public school?

Driven by his passion for providing holistic development opportunities to students, P.D. Singh established TPS with a clear vision in mind. He believed that education should not be limited to academic excellence alone but should also focus on nurturing values, ethics, and overall personality development. With this philosophy at its core, TPS became a beacon of educational excellence in East Of Kailash.

Who is the director of Tagore International School Jaipur?

In addition to academics, the school also emphasizes extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, and cultural events. These activities play a vital role in nurturing the talents and interests of students while promoting teamwork and discipline.