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St Paul School Mala Road Kota: A Beacon of Education Excellence

St Paul School Mala Road Kota

Established in 1964, St. Paul’s School, Kota is an English medium, co-educational, private school managed by the Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) and offers education from Nursery to Class 12th.

Type of School: Co-educational

Board: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Available Classes: Nursery to 12th grade

Year Established: 1964

Address: Mala Road, Kota, Rajasthan-324002

School Information

The Parent Institution of St Paul School Mala Road Kota is the Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society.


The fees at St Paul School Mala Road Kota include an annual fee of ₹1,500 and a composite fee of ₹47,040. These fees are paid on a yearly basis.

The fees mentioned above are based on our understanding and may be subject to change. It is recommended to contact the school directly for accurate information.

Admission Fee for St Paul School Jodhpur: How much does it cost?

Fee structure for the academic year 2023-2024:

– Admission fee (one-time payment): Rs. 25,000/-

– Annual fee (per year): Rs. 500/-


* The fees information provided above is sourced from official sources. This information might vary, Please get in touch with the school for proper details.


The school offers a variety of activities and programs for students to engage in, such as hobby classes, orientation programs, debate and discussion sessions, drama performances, educational tours, fancy dress competitions, writing articles for the school magazine, story-telling sessions, creative writing exercises, and even cooking classes.


Some of the events and activities organized at St Paul School Mala Road Kota include recitation, music, quiz, Olympiad, declamation contests, drawing competitions, handwriting competitions, story writing competitions, wall magazine decoration, spelling competitions and bees. Additionally, they also have dancing activities/competitions and calligraphy sessions.


Some of the activities and events organized at St. Paul School Mala Road Kota include parenting seminars, scouts, guides & N.C.C., school exhibition, science exhibition, seminars, festival celebrations, sports day, youth parliament, summer camp, workshops, annual day/fest celebration, Christmas carnival, art & craft activities and blood donation camps.

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Sport & Fitness

The school offers a variety of indoor games and extracurricular activities for students. They also provide yoga sessions, sports facilities, a swimming pool, and aerobics classes.


The facilities at St. Paul School Mala Road Kota include a hostel for students, well-equipped IT infrastructure, a kindergarten section, a library with a wide range of books, music rooms for students interested in music, clean drinking water facilities throughout the school premises, and furniture such as almirahs, trunks, and boxes for storage purposes. The school also has a gymnasium where students can engage in physical activities and stay fit. Additionally, they organize symposiums to encourage intellectual discussions among students. For those interested in sports, there is a Sports Academy that provides training and coaching. Adequate toilet facilities are available for both boys and girls on campus.

Transportation services are provided by the school to ensure convenience for students commuting from different parts of the city. An auditorium is present within the premises which serves as a venue for various events like cultural programs or seminars. There is also a cafeteria where nutritious meals are served to cater to the dietary needs of students.

Classrooms are well-maintained with modern teaching aids and blackboards readily available for effective learning experiences. Dance rooms equipped with necessary amenities provide space for dance enthusiasts to practice their skills.

Overall, St Paul School Mala Road Kota offers an array of essential facilities aimed at providing holistic development opportunities to its students while ensuring their comfort and convenience during their time at school.

Advanced Facilities

The school offers well-equipped laboratories, a medical facility, security measures including CCTV surveillance, health and medical check-ups for students, transfer facilities within the school chain, and opportunities for cultural exchange programs.

Is St Paul’s a boarding school?


2. Boarding plays a crucial role for many students.

3. School House is a small and welcoming community.

4. The community mainly consists of senior boarders.

5. School House is located on the banks of the Thames River.

Connect With Us

St. Paul’s School, Kota has spacious, well-ventilated smart classrooms, laboratories, an air-conditioned library, auditorium and sports complex.

To complete the registration forms, it is necessary to provide certain documents such as the birth certificate, Aadhar card of both parents, baptism certificate (for Christians only), proof of residence, highest qualification marksheets of parents, passport-size photographs of parents and child, caste certificate, income proof, and minority proof if applicable.

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Once the registration forms have been verified and carefully examined, successful candidates will receive a notification about their results via SMS on their registered mobile number.

Is St Paul College a public or private institution?

St. Paul School Mala Road Kota is situated in the city of Kota, which is known as an educational hub in India. The school offers education to students from various backgrounds and age groups. It follows a curriculum that focuses on both academics and extracurricular activities, aiming to provide holistic development to its students.

The school has earned recognition for its commitment to academic excellence over the years. Its dedicated faculty members strive hard to impart knowledge effectively and help students achieve their full potential. The institution also encourages active participation in sports, cultural events, and other co-curricular activities.

St. Paul School Mala Road Kota aims to create an environment where every student can thrive academically while nurturing their talents and skills outside the classroom as well. With its strong emphasis on overall development, this educational institution continues to be highly regarded by parents and students alike in the region of Kota, India

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How hard is it to get into St Paul’s school?

Typically, there is a limited number of approximately 20 spots available each year at St Paul School Mala Road Kota. As a result, the competition among students vying for admission is extremely intense. To secure a place at the school, prospective students are required to register one year in advance. The deadline for registration usually falls around mid to late September.

In order to ensure fair and efficient admissions procedures, St Paul School has implemented an early registration system. This allows both the school administration and parents sufficient time to complete all necessary paperwork and assessments before the start of the academic year. By registering well in advance, students have a better chance of securing their desired spot at this prestigious institution.

Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to adhere strictly to these deadlines set by St Paul School Mala Road Kota when seeking admission for their children. Failure to do so may result in missed opportunities or delays in securing enrollment at this highly sought-after educational institution.

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Overall, due to its limited capacity and high demand from aspiring students, gaining admission into St Paul School Mala Road Kota requires careful planning and timely action from both parents and applicants alike

Are girls allowed at St Pauls?

St Paul’s is a boarding and day school in Hamilton where boys enrol from years 9-13 and girls from years 11-13. The senior years at St Paul’s offer co-ed learning while the junior school, years 9-10, remains a single-sex boys’ education.

What languages are offered at St Paul’s school?

At St. Paul School Mala Road Kota, we provide a wide range of language courses to our students. Our curriculum includes French, German, Italian, and Spanish classes, allowing students to explore different linguistic traditions and broaden their cultural horizons.

P.S: At St. Paul School Mala Road Kota, we believe that learning a foreign language goes beyond mere communication skills; it opens doors to new worlds filled with captivating stories waiting to be discovered!

Is St Paul a reputable school?

Furthermore, the school promotes extracurricular activities alongside academics to nurture talents beyond textbooks. Students are encouraged to participate in cultural events, sports competitions, debates, quizzes, and other co-curricular activities that help them explore their interests and develop essential life skills.

What age is St Paul’s school for?

P.S.: Alongside academics, the school emphasizes holistic development by encouraging participation in diverse co-curricular activities like debates, cultural events, leadership programs, and community service initiatives – all aimed at fostering well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially responsible citizens.

What is the graduation rate for St Paul schools?

This decline in the graduation rate may raise concerns among students, parents, and school administrators alike. It is important to analyze the factors that could have contributed to this decrease and explore potential solutions to improve future outcomes.

One possible reason for the drop in graduation rates could be academic challenges faced by students during their high school journey. It is crucial for educators to identify any gaps in teaching methods or curriculum that might hinder student progress and address them promptly.

Furthermore, it is essential for schools to foster an environment that promotes engagement and motivation among students throughout their educational journey. Encouraging extracurricular activities, creating opportunities for personalized learning experiences, and implementing effective study strategies can all contribute positively towards improving graduation rates.