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School Of Planning And Architecture Vijayawada: Fostering Innovative Design and Sustainable Development

School Of Planning And Architecture Vijayawada

School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada TypeEstablished7 July 2008 ( 7 July 2008 ) Academic affiliation Dr. ‘Nishank’DirectorProf. Dr. Ramesh Srikonda Academic staff 42 full-timeStudents596Location , , Campus, 2.66 acres (1.08 ha) , 9.66 acres (3.91 ha) Earthen and Affiliations; NOSPlanWebsite

The School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada (SPA Vijayawada) is an autonomous institute established in 2008. It focuses on providing education and conducting research in the field of planning and architecture. SPA Vijayawada is one of the two institutes set up by the Government of India as fully Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs). It is part of a league that includes two other SPAs: SPA Delhi and SPA Bhopal.


The roots of the institute are with a report made by the Institute of Town Planners, India (ITPI), on the request of the regarding the establishment of more SPAs, in addition to the , established 1959. Based on this report, the decision was made to establish two schools, in and. On 7 July 2008, SPA Vijayawada was established as an autonomous Centrally Funded Technical Institution (CFTI). In 2014, Lok Sabha passed a bill to make all the three SPAs “centre of excellence” on the pattern of IITs and IIMs, now it is a.


The School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada initially operated from a temporary campus until 2011 when it relocated to its current location. The foundation stone for the Vijayawada campus was laid in 2011 by an influential figure. The present campus is situated near a specific area, approximately 12.4 km away. Future plans involve constructing additional hostels to accommodate the increasing number of postgraduate students, as well as developing a modern sports complex and residential quarters for certain individuals.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is currently in the process of allocating approximately 60 acres of land in and around Vijayawada for the establishment of the School of Planning and Architecture. The first portion, measuring 7.2 acres, was officially handed over on February 22, 2010. In January 2012, a design for the new campus was selected through a nationwide competition. The plan is to develop an environmentally friendly campus with modern amenities that includes academic buildings, extracurricular facilities, and residential areas.


The school is managed by a board of governors, which includes representatives from various fields such as architecture and planning, the Institute of Town Planners, and others.

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Distance between Vijayawada Airport and Spa Vijayawada

The current campus is situated in Nidamanuru, which can be found along National Highway 5. This location offers convenient access to the Vijayawada Airport, with a distance of only 12.4 kilometers between them.

Being located on National Highway 5 provides several benefits for the campus. Firstly, it ensures easy accessibility for students and staff who commute from nearby areas or even other cities. The highway serves as a major transportation route, connecting various towns and cities across India. This means that individuals traveling to the campus can easily reach their destination without much hassle.

Moreover, being close to an airport opens up opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with international institutions or organizations. Facilitating exchange programs or hosting guest lecturers becomes more feasible when there is easy access via air travel.


The School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada offers various educational programs that lead to different degrees such as Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.), Bachelor of Planning (B. Plan.), Master of Architecture (M. Arch.), Master of Planning (M. Plan), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.). These programs cover a wide range of areas for students to specialize in.

The School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada offers various degree programs with different specializations. The undergraduate program focuses on architectural design and building construction. The Bachelor of Planning program covers a wide range of subjects including settlement design, developmental economics, rural development, transport planning, disaster management, and more. The Master of Architecture program offers specializations in sustainable architecture and landscape architecture. The Master of Planning program provides options for specialization in environmental planning and management as well as urban and regional planning or transportation and infrastructure planning. Additionally, the school also offers a PhD program that encompasses all disciplines related to architecture and planning along with interdisciplinary areas, humanities, and social sciences.


Admission to the undergraduate program at School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada is based on the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by a recognized authority. Foreign nationals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), and persons of Indian origin (PIOs) can also apply for admission if they hold qualifications from foreign boards/universities that are considered equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). These candidates will be shortlisted for further evaluation.


SPA Vijayawada secured the 7th position in the field of architecture as per the rankings released in 2022.

Number of schools for planning and architecture in India?

New Delhi is home to another prestigious institute under the SPAs umbrella. This particular institution provides comprehensive education in various aspects of architecture such as building design, construction techniques, sustainable practices, and more. The location itself offers exposure to iconic architectural landmarks that serve as inspiration for aspiring architects.

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Overall, these three institutes affiliated with the SPAs present exciting opportunities for those passionate about shaping our built environment through innovative planning strategies and architectural designs tailored specifically for Indian contexts

Student life

The current campus of the School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada initially had two hostels. However, as the number of students admitted gradually increased, the school now has a total of four hostels. To accommodate the first-year students, a separate hostel was established with enough space for approximately 200 individuals. This decision was made in anticipation of future growth in student intake. Additionally, there is also a special quarters available to accommodate visiting students and guest faculties. Furthermore, two hostels are exclusively designated for final-year students with additional amenities provided.

The hostels at the School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada offer convenient mess facilities and a canteen that operates 24/7. The common rooms in the hostels are equipped with a large LCD TV and satellite cable, as well as indoor game facilities. These spaces serve as gathering spots for social events, parties, and casual conversations.

Rank of Spa Vijayawada in NIRF

Being ranked among the top institutions is a significant achievement for SPA Vijayawada. It demonstrates their dedication to providing high-quality education and fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. Students aspiring to pursue a career in architecture or planning can consider SPA Vijayawada as a reputable choice due to its consistent track record of delivering exceptional educational experiences.

For prospective students interested in pursuing architecture or planning studies, it is essential to consider various factors before making a decision. Firstly, one should assess if their interests align with these fields by exploring related subjects during school years or participating in relevant workshops or internships. Additionally, researching different institutes across India will help identify those offering comprehensive curricula tailored towards nurturing creativity while imparting technical knowledge.

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The School of Planning and Architecture in Vijayawada is a renowned institution that focuses on the field of planning and architecture.

The difficulty of accessing a spa

SPA Vijayawada is renowned as one of the top colleges for architecture in India. Admission into SPA Delhi, however, requires a high score on the entrance exam. The cutoff rank for the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program at SPA Delhi varies each year depending on the difficulty level of the exam paper. In 2018, for instance, the cutoff rank was set at 486 for general category students.

What are the requirements for admission to School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada?

Candidates applying to the School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada must meet certain academic requirements. For Open/OBC candidates, a minimum CGPA of 6.5 on a 10-point scale (or equivalent) or 60% marks in their qualifying degree is necessary. However, for SC/ST candidates, the minimum requirement is a CGPA of 6.0 on a 10-point scale (or equivalent) or 55% marks in their qualifying degree.

These criteria are based on the guidelines set by the Government of India (GoI), which may be subject to change over time. The institute follows these norms when considering applications from prospective students.

It is important for applicants to understand that meeting these academic requirements does not guarantee admission into the School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada. These criteria serve as initial screening measures to ensure that candidates possess a certain level of academic competence before further evaluation takes place.

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