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School Of Planning And Architecture Delhi: Nurturing Innovative Urban Design and Sustainable Development

School Of Planning And Architecture Delhi

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi, also known as SPA, is an academic institution in India. It was established in 1941 under the name Department of Architecture at Delhi Polytechnic. Currently, it has a student population of approximately 1,190. The director of the school is Dr. P.S.N Rao. The school is located in India with the postal code 110002. It is affiliated with NOSPlan and has its own website for more information about its programs and activities.

The planning block of the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi is a significant part of the institution.

SPA Delhi is a prestigious institution situated in India that focuses on education and research. It is recognized as the leading center of excellence for architecture and physical planning. The institute offers various educational programs at different levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and executive courses. SPA Delhi is part of a group of three renowned institutions established by the government to ensure high-quality education in the field of architecture and physical planning.

Each SPA is autonomous and exercises independent control over its day-to-day operations. However, the administration of all SPAs and the overall strategy of SPAs is overseen by the SPA Council. The SPA Council is headed by India’s Minister of Human Resource Development and consists of the chairpersons and directors of all SPAs and senior officials from the.


The beginning of the School of Planning and Architecture Delhi dates back to the year 1941, as a Department of Architecture of the Delhi Polytechnic of Delhi University (now ). In 1942, and his associates established the Department of Architecture as part of the Delhi Polytechnic in Kashmere Gate. It was the first school for architects to be established in North India. 1959 it was merged with the School of Town and Country Planning (established in 1955 by the Government of India ), renamed to its current name and affiliated to the. In 1979, recognizing its national and international eminence, the institute was granted status. In 2008, Government of India established two more SPAs, namely SPA Bhopal and SPA Vijaywada. In 2014, passed a bill to make all the three SPAs “centre of excellence” on the pattern of IITs and IIMs. It was named an “” under the SPA Act 2014.


The current SPA Delhi campus is split in two blocks one each for Planning and Architecture. Both these blocks are housed near ITO in Indraprastha Estate in Delhi. The girls hostel is located in the ITO campus itself and the boys hostel and residential campus is located in New Friends Colony, Maharani Bagh, Delhi.

The plans for the new campus in Vasant Kunj were finalized in July 2013.

Organisation and administration

The School has 5 Deans who assist the Director in their responsibilities.

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi has several deans responsible for different areas. These include the Dean in charge of academics, the Dean overseeing research, the Dean handling student affairs, the Dean focused on faculty welfare, and finally, the Dean responsible for planning and development.

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The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi consists of several departments, which include:

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi offers a variety of departments including Architecture, Urban Planning, Housing, Transport Planning, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Environmental Planning, Physical Planning, Regional Planning, Architectural Conservation, Industrial Design and Building Engineering and Management.


The School provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in planning, architecture, and design. To get admission to the undergraduate programs at all SPAs, students need to take the Entrance Examination called JEE. Those who pass this exam can apply for B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) and B.Plan. (Bachelor of Planning) courses at SPAs. For most postgraduate courses, admission is based on interviews and other selection processes conducted by the SPAs.


SPA Delhi has a special status as an “Institutes of National Importance” under an act of Parliament, due to which the degrees provided by SPA need not be recognized by the. The JEE and GATE are important factors behind the success of SPA, as it enables the SPA to accept only a select group of meritorious students. This combination of success factors has led to the concept of the SPA Brand. Other factors that have contributed to the success of SPA are stringent faculty recruitment procedures and industry collaboration. The procedure for selection of faculty in SPA is stricter as compared to other colleges offering similar degrees.


SPA Delhi achieved the 4th position in architecture according to the rankings of a renowned organization in 2022.

How to get admission in School of Planning and Architecture Delhi?

Admissions to B. Arch and B. Plan courses at SPA Delhi are based on valid scores in JEE Main. In order to secure admission for UG Programmes at the School of Planning and Architecture, students must successfully complete the Joint Entrance Counseling through JoSAA/DASA procedure.


– Admissions to B. Arch and B. Plan courses at SPA Delhi require valid scores in JEE Main.

– To secure admission for UG Programmes at the School of Planning and Architecture, completion of the Joint Entrance Counseling through JoSAA/DASA procedure is mandatory.

Student life

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi was among the early institutions to have both girls and boys residing in the same hostels. However, despite student protests, this arrangement was discontinued in 1993.

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi provides accommodation for its students in two separate hostels. The planning block of the institution is specifically designated as a residence for female students, while the hostel complex located in Taimoor Nagar caters to both male and female students.

Is SPA Delhi Tier 1?

One practical advice for students considering SPA Delhi is to actively engage in extracurricular activities related to architecture. Participating in workshops, seminars, or competitions can provide valuable exposure and help develop practical skills outside of regular coursework. Additionally, networking with professionals from the industry during such events can open doors to internships or job opportunities.

Notable alumni

– A writer

– The 36th Prime Minister of Nepal

– An Indian architect known for environmentally sustainable construction

– An Indian architect famous for designing Nrityagram

– A former Minister of Physical Planning in the Government of Nepal

– An architect

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– A pioneer in mud architecture in India

Is School of Planning and Architecture Aicte accredited in India?


– The recognition was given to SPA Delhi in acknowledgment of its significance at a national level.

– AICTE has approved and accredited SPA Delhi for its educational programs.

In popular culture

The film (1989), which was co-written by, tells the story of students from the college and was shot at SPA.

Is gate mandatory for SPA Delhi?

To explain further, GATE is an exam that tests engineering knowledge and skills. It is commonly used as a criteria for admission into various postgraduate programs across India. However, the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi recognizes that not all students may have taken or performed well in the GATE exam. Therefore, they offer an alternative option which is to have a valid rank in CEED.

CEED is an entrance exam specifically designed for candidates seeking admission into design courses such as architecture and industrial design. So if a student has appeared for CEED and obtained a good rank, they can still apply to the School of Planning and Architecture without needing to take the GATE exam.

See also

The website was accessed on various dates, including 31 August 2017, 9 May 2020, and 3 January 2012. There is also a PDF document mentioned. Additionally, there are references to articles from and The Indian Express newspaper.

The School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi is a renowned institution that focuses on the field of urban planning and architecture.

Who qualifies for SPAV?

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi is an esteemed institution that offers courses in architecture and planning. It aims to provide quality education and training to aspiring architects, urban planners, and designers. The school focuses on nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills among its students.

Located in New Delhi, the capital city of India, the School of Planning and Architecture provides an ideal learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities such as design studios, computer labs, workshops, libraries, and research centers. The faculty members are highly experienced professionals who impart knowledge through interactive teaching methods.


1) Eligibility criteria: Candidates must have a B.Arch degree with minimum required marks.

2) Courses offered: The school offers various programs related to architecture and planning.

3) Focus areas: Creativity development along with critical thinking skills are emphasized.

4) Facilities: State-of-the-art infrastructure including design studios and computer labs.

5) Faculty: Experienced professionals providing quality education through interactive teaching methods.

Overall, the School of Planning and Architecture Delhi is committed to producing skilled professionals who can contribute effectively towards sustainable urban development in India.

Number of BArch seats in SPA Delhi?

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi offers admission to a total of 132 students in their Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) program. The tuition fee for this course is INR 2.70 Lakh. To secure admission into the SPA Delhi Bachelor of Architecture program, applicants need to fulfill certain criteria and go through the selection process.

– The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi admits 132 students in their Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) program.

– The total tuition fee for this course at SPA Delhi is INR 2.70 Lakh.

– Admission into the SPA Delhi Bachelor of Architecture program requires meeting specific eligibility criteria.

– Applicants must undergo a selection process to secure admission into the B.Arch. program at SPA Delhi.

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What percentile is needed for SPA Delhi?

To gain admission to the School of Planning and Architecture Delhi, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, they are required to appear for the JEE (Main) exam. Additionally, they need to achieve a minimum of 75% marks in their Class XII examination or be within the top 20 percentile in their respective board examination category-wise. However, for candidates belonging to SC/ST/PwD categories, a relaxation is provided where they need to secure at least 65% marks instead.

The JEE (Main) exam serves as an important benchmark for students aspiring to join the School of Planning and Architecture Delhi. It evaluates their knowledge and aptitude in various subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The exam is conducted on a national level and requires thorough preparation from candidates.

In addition to performing well in the JEE (Main) exam, applicants also need to fulfill specific academic requirements set by the institution. These requirements include achieving satisfactory marks in their Class XII examinations or being among the top performers within their respective board examinations category-wise. This ensures that students have a strong foundation of knowledge before pursuing higher education at this prestigious institution.

It is worth noting that there are certain relaxations provided for candidates belonging to marginalized communities such as SC/ST/PwD categories. These individuals are given some leeway when it comes to securing qualifying marks in order to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for all deserving students.