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School in Lucknow receives order from Dm today

Today Dm Order For School Lucknow

The current weather conditions in Uttar Pradesh have deteriorated to such an extent that the meteorological department has issued a red alert. In light of this, the state government has announced the closure of all schools under the Secondary Education Board (Winter Vacation in UP).

Following the orders of the District Magistrate (DM), primary and secondary schools in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, have been instructed to remain closed even after Makar Sankranti. This decision has been taken due to the sudden drop in temperature that has occurred with the arrival of Makar Sankranti in Uttar Pradesh.

Lucknow School Order Today

The temperature in several districts of Uttar Pradesh has dropped to 5 degrees, resulting in cold winds and fog throughout the day. Children are being greatly affected by this cold weather while going to school. As a result, the District Magistrate of Lucknow has extended the winter vacation.

Who holds a higher position than the District Magistrate?

The district collector holds the prestigious position of being the highest-ranking officer in revenue administration. This role entails overseeing various aspects of revenue collection and management within a specific district. The district collector is responsible for ensuring that all taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue are collected efficiently and effectively. They play a crucial role in maintaining financial stability at the local level.

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On the other hand, we have the district magistrate, commonly referred to as DM within the Indian Administration Service (IAS). While both positions hold significant authority and responsibility, there are distinct differences between them. Unlike the district collector who focuses primarily on revenue administration, the DM has a broader range of responsibilities that extend beyond finance.

डीएम के आदेश के बाद बंद हुए लखनऊ में स्कूल

The bone-chilling cold is still prevailing in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. In view of this, district education inspectors have ordered the closure of primary schools as well as secondary and higher secondary schools along with anganwadi centers.

The District Magistrate of Lucknow has issued an order stating that all government, non-government, and private schools from grades 1 to 8 will have winter vacations until January 16, 2024. However, classes for students in grades 9 to 12 will be conducted online.

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Lucknow School Announcement for Grades 9-12

However, no relief was given after the vacation until January 13th. Now, a holiday has been declared until January 16th in Lucknow as well. It is being expressed that the cold weather is intensifying in Lucknow with mostly clear skies during the day and windy conditions. All schools from class 1 to class 8 of all boards can be closed until January 20th.

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What makes Lucknow renowned?

During the reign of the Nawabs, Lucknow experienced an unprecedented period of growth and development. The rulers were known for their refined taste in art, music, dance, and literature. They patronized talented artists and scholars who flocked to Lucknow from different parts of India to showcase their skills and receive recognition. As a result, Lucknow became synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

The namer of Lucknow?

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