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Sainik School Result available on AISEE NTA NIC

Aissee Nta Nic In Sainik School Result

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has recently conducted the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) on 28 January 2024. This exam is held annually to determine which students are eligible for admission in VI and IX classes at different Sainik Schools throughout the country. Now, candidates who have taken the written test eagerly await the release of the Sainik School AISSEE Result by the examination authority.

According to reports from various media outlets, the results for classes VI and XI of AISSE are expected to be declared today.

Sainik School Result 2024

The organization responsible for conducting the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) is the National Testing Agency (NTA). This exam aims to provide admission to Sainik Schools in Class IV and IX. It is an entrance exam that took place on 28th January 2024. The results of the Sainik School Entrance Test are yet to be released. For more information, you can visit the official website

The AISSEE 2024 received online applications from 07 November 2023 to 16 December 2023. Many candidates enrolled for the entrance exam, and it was held on 28 January 2024 at different test centers.

The AISSEE is a test that students take to get into Sainik Schools for classes VI and IX. It aims to prepare them for the National Defence Academy (NDA) and other esteemed defense services.

The examination assesses students in different areas such as Mathematics, General Knowledge (for class VI), Language, and Intelligence. For class IX applicants, the subjects may vary. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and does not deduct marks for incorrect answers.

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AISSEE 2024 Sainik School Qualifying Marks

In order to secure admission in Sainik Schools, candidates are required to fulfill specific marks requirements for individual subjects as well as the overall score. The AISSEE 2024 has set certain criteria that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for admission.

Candidates are required to obtain a minimum of 25% marks in each subject of the examination. This ensures that they have a basic understanding and competence in all tested subjects. In addition, candidates must achieve at least 40% marks in aggregate across all subjects, which reflects their overall performance. However, for SC/ST candidates, there are no prescribed minimum qualifying marks. Their admissions will be based on relative merit within their respective categories, subject to medical fitness and document verification.

AISSEE Result 2024

The AISSEE Result comprises important details that are listed below in the scorecard.

Total Marks: This represents the overall marks achieved by the candidate across all subjects, giving a brief overview of their overall performance.

Qualification Status: It clearly indicates whether or not the candidate has met the minimum required marks in each subject and in aggregate to qualify for further consideration.

How to verify my Sainik exam outcome?

In order to view your scores, you will need to provide your application number and date of birth. These details are important for authentication purposes and ensuring that only authorized individuals can access their results.

AISSEE Result 2024: How to Check Sainik School NTA NIC Result

To access the AISSEE results, individuals can conveniently check them online through the official NTA website specifically designed for AISSEE. Here are the detailed guidelines to verify your result:

The official website for the AISSEE (All India Sainik School Entrance Exam) can be accessed at To check the result of the entrance test for Sainik Schools, you can visit this website.

How do I verify my Sainik school merit list?

It is important to regularly check for updates on the official AISSEE website in order to stay informed about any changes or announcements related to exam results. By following these steps diligently, candidates can easily access their individual AISSEE results online without any hassle or confusion.

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What is the top Sainik School?

Sainik School is a prestigious institution that has several branches across India. One of these branches is located in Kazhakootam, Kerala. Another branch can be found in Purulia, West Bengal. Additionally, there are Sainik Schools in Amaravathinagar, Tamil Nadu; Ghorakhal, Uttarakhand; Bijapur, Karnataka; Balachadi, Gujarat; and Korukonda, Andhra Pradesh.

The Sainik School in Kazhakootam serves as an important educational center for students in Kerala. It provides quality education along with military training to prepare young individuals for a career in the armed forces or other professional fields.

What is the minimum score required to pass Sainik School?

What is the minimum score needed for a general category student to pass the Sainik School 2023 exam? According to the school authorities, general category students must obtain at least 45 percent marks in order to qualify for the Sainik School 2023 exam. This criterion ensures that only those students who have achieved a certain level of academic performance are eligible for admission.

The requirement of obtaining 45 percent marks reflects the importance placed on academic excellence by Sainik Schools. These institutions aim to provide quality education and prepare students for future challenges, both academically and physically. By setting this benchmark, they ensure that candidates possess a solid foundation of knowledge and skills before entering their esteemed institution.

What is the minimum Sainik School cutoff?

Candidates appearing for the Sainik School entrance examination must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for admission. One of these requirements is securing a minimum of 25% marks in each subject of the examination. This means that candidates cannot score below this threshold in any individual subject.

The purpose behind setting these minimum marks criteria is to ensure that only deserving and competent candidates are selected for admission into Sainik Schools. By establishing these benchmarks, it helps maintain a certain standard and level of excellence among students who gain entry into these prestigious institutions.

It is important for aspiring candidates to understand and strive towards meeting both the subject-wise as well as aggregate minimum marks requirements. Failing to do so may result in disqualification from further consideration during the admissions process.

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What are the benefits of Sainik school?

Leadership Development in Sainik Schools encompasses various aspects that contribute to the holistic growth and development of students. One crucial element is character building and discipline, which forms the foundation of a strong leader. Through rigorous training and adherence to rules and regulations, students learn the importance of integrity, responsibility, and self-discipline.

Another significant aspect is physical fitness and sports culture. Sainik Schools place great emphasis on promoting an active lifestyle through regular physical activities and sports participation. This not only helps in maintaining good health but also instills qualities like teamwork, perseverance, and resilience among students.

Military training plays a vital role in shaping future leaders as well. Students are exposed to military drills, weapon handling techniques, map reading skills, etc., which develop their leadership abilities while fostering a sense of discipline and orderliness.

Sainik Schools also focus on national integration by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds across different states of India. This exposure enables them to appreciate cultural diversity while fostering unity among fellow citizens.

Moreover, these schools provide ample opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, art & craft clubs along with various hobby clubs like photography or astronomy. These activities help nurture creativity while providing platforms for personal expression outside academics.

2024 Sainik School Form Release Date?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has recently announced the release of the application form for Sainik School admissions through AISSEE 2024. Starting from November 7, 2023, interested students can apply online by visiting The last date to submit the AISSEE form for the year 2024 is December 16, 2023.

– The NTA has released the application form for Sainik School admissions through AISSEE 2024.

– Students can apply online at

– The application process will be open from November 7, 2023.

– The deadline to submit the AISSEE form is December 16, 2023.