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Sainik School 2023 Merit List: Unveiling the Top Performers!

Merit List Of Sainik School 2023

The results of the AISSEE exam are typically announced around two weeks after the release of the answer key. In this case, since the answer key was made available on February 25, 2024, we can expect the result to be declared by March 10, 2024.

Sainik School 2023 Admission Merit List

The results for the Sainik School entrance exams in 2024 for Class 9 and 6 will display the names, roll numbers, and qualification status of the students. These results can be downloaded as PDF files from their respective school websites. The Merit List for Sainik School in 2024 will include the application numbers and scores of the selected students.

2023 Sainik School Merit List

Avail scholarships of up to 90% for NEET, JEE, and Foundation courses.

Sainik School 2024 Entrance Exam Results: School-Wise

The NTA will declare the result date for Sainik school entrance tests 2024 for Classes 6 and 9. The result dates will be the same for both classes. Students can refer to the table provided on AISSEE nta nic in website to find important dates related to the results of these exams.

– The All India Sainik School Entrance Exam will take place on January 28, 2024.

– The results for the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam for Class 6 and Class 9 will be announced in the second week of March 2024.

– Admit cards for the Medical Exam will be available in March 2024.

– The Medical Exam will be conducted from March to April 2024.

– The final allocation of seats in Sainik Schools for the year 2024 will be declared in March 2024.

– Candidates must accept their allotted school by the end of March 2024.

– Reporting to the allotted school must be done by April 2024.

How to Check AISSEE Result 2024 for Class 6 & 9?

According to the most recent syllabus for 2024, the chemistry formulas, equations, and laws from chapters in class 11 and 12 will be included.

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Along with the online AISSEE 2024 results, the NTA publishes a list of qualifying candidates for Classes 6 and 9. It still doesn’t mean that the student has been chosen for admission. To find out if they have been selected, these students need to download the medical test list from the respective schools’ websites and look up their application numbers. The medical exam is held only for the students who are selected on the merit list.

AISSEE Result 2024 Website

To access the Sainik school result for 2024, students can visit the official websites mentioned below: and

Sainik School 2024 Class 6 and 9 AISSEE Result

The AISSEE result card contains essential details that students should carefully review and confirm to prevent any inconvenience. Below are some key pieces of information outlined for reference.

Student Information: This category includes comprehensive information about the students, including their names, roll numbers, photographs, and various personal details.

Marks: Students will be able to view their result details, including a breakdown of their scores by subject and the total marks obtained, as well as the overall aggregate marks.

Qualification Status: This part will inform students about their eligibility based on the minimum marks required in each subject and the overall aggregate.

Rank: The merit list will display the position of the students according to their performance.

Sainik School Result 2024: Information on Merit List

Below, we have mentioned some of the main details given on AISSEE nta nic in results 2024.

  • Student’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Roll Number
  • Class applied for
  • Mother’s name
  • Category
  • Subject-wise total correct answers
  • Subject-wise obtained marks
  • Total marks obtained
  • AISSEE Result 2024 status (Qualified/Not Qualified)

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Sainik School 2024 Result Highlights

The All India Sainik School Entrance Exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency. The official website for this exam is The exam date for AISSEE 2024 is January 28, 2024, and the result will be announced in the second week of March 2024. The Sainik School entrance exam result for 2024 will be available online. To check their results, candidates need to provide their application number and password.

After the declaration of Sainik school results 2024 for classes 9 and 6, students will have the opportunity to request a reevaluation of their OMR sheets. To apply for this process, students are required to pay an application fee of Rs 100 and submit their application through the candidate dashboard. Additionally, if they wish to raise complaints regarding OMR grading, they can do so by paying Rs 200 per question.

Number of students who qualified for AISSEE 2023?

The large turnout of participants demonstrates the popularity and importance placed on AISSEE-2023 by aspiring students. The high registration numbers indicate a strong interest among individuals to secure admission through this competitive exam. It is encouraging to witness such enthusiasm and dedication towards pursuing educational opportunities.

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To all future aspirants planning to appear for AISSEE or any other competitive exams: it is essential to begin your preparations well in advance. Allocate sufficient time for studying each subject thoroughly and practice solving sample papers regularly. Seek guidance from experienced teachers or mentors who can provide valuable insights into exam patterns and strategies for effective time management during tests.

Additionally, develop good study habits such as maintaining a consistent study schedule, taking short breaks between study sessions to avoid burnout, practicing self-discipline while avoiding distractions like social media or excessive screen time. Remember that success comes with perseverance and determination; do not get discouraged by setbacks but instead learn from them and keep striving towards your goals.

Sainik School 2024 Merit List

The NTA is set to publish the Sainik school results 2024 data, which will consist of details like the count of students who registered for AISSEE 2024 examinations and the number of candidates who appeared for the exam.

Sainik School 2024 Cut Off Marks

Once the All India Sainik School Result 2024 is declared, the cutoff marks will also be announced. These cutoff marks represent the minimum scores that students need to achieve in order to qualify for the Sainik School entrance test. In the meantime, students can refer to previous AISSEE cutoff marks for a general understanding of what scores are typically required.

Sainik School 2024 Tie-Breaking Criteria for Merit List

In case there is a tie in the marks of multiple candidates in the Sainik School entrance test result for 2024, certain criteria are employed to determine their ranking.

Sainik School 2024 Merit List: Qualifying Marks Announced

Clearing the exam is a prerequisite, however, it does not ensure admission. Admission will be determined by several factors such as medical examination, entrance exam score, category, etc. The minimum marks needed to qualify for the Sainik School result 2024 are mentioned below.

The minimum qualifying marks for different categories in the AISSEE Exam 2024 are as follows: Unreserved (General), OBC (NCL), and Defence Ex-servicemen need to score at least 25% in each section/subject and an aggregate of 40%. For SC/ST candidates, admission is based on relative merit, along with a medical examination and document verification.

Sainik School Medical Test 2024 Merit List

Once students have made it onto the merit list, they must undergo a medical test to assess their physical fitness. We have outlined the details of this test for students in classes 6 and 9. Shortlisted candidates are required to visit the designated venue for examination. During this process, individuals with severe health issues or disabilities will not be considered further. Additionally, it is essential that students possess perfect vision (6/6). Any visual impairments discovered during the examination will result in disqualification from final selection. Lastly, individuals with skin problems or tattoos on their bodies will also be deemed ineligible for further consideration.

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Sainik School Class 6 2023 Passing Marks

The National Testing Agency will announce the AISSEE Cut Off 2023. These cut off marks for Sainik School admissions in 2023 will determine the minimum scores required for students applying to Class 6 and 9. To be eligible, students must achieve a minimum of 25% marks in each subject and a total aggregate score of at least 40%.

It is important for students aspiring to join Sainik Schools in India to understand the significance of these cut off marks. The AISSEE Cut Off is based on the performance of all applicants and serves as a benchmark for admission eligibility. Therefore, it is crucial for students to aim higher than just meeting the minimum requirements.

To ensure success, candidates should focus on their preparation well before appearing for the entrance exam. They should study diligently, practice sample papers regularly, and seek guidance from teachers or coaching centers if needed. By putting in consistent effort and adopting effective study strategies, they can increase their chances of scoring above the cut off marks.

Additionally, it is advisable for students to have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. This self-assessment will help them prioritize their studies accordingly and allocate more time towards areas where improvement is needed. Regular revision sessions are also essential to reinforce concepts learned earlier.

Sainik School 2024 Merit List Revealed

The Sainik School Result 2023 for Classes 6 and 9 was recently announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on February 25th, 2023. Students who appeared for the AISSEE (All India Sainik School Entrance Examination) can check their results on the official websites of NTA, namely or

This year, approximately two lakh students had registered for the AISSEE 2023 Exam, out of which more than one and a half lakh students actually appeared for the examination. The exam is conducted to select candidates for admission into various Sainik Schools across India.

P.S: Candidates are advised to visit either or to access their results.

What is the minimum number of marks for a merit?

In India, the classification calculation for merit list in Sainik School 2023 is as follows:

– Distinction: Students who have scored 70% and above.

– Merit: Students who have scored between 60% and 69%.