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Resume Format for Teacher Job in a School

School Teacher Resume Format For Teacher Job

As an educator, you have the important role of imparting knowledge and motivating young minds to shape the future.

However, when it comes to creating your own resume, it is essential to seek guidance from someone else.

What should a well-crafted teacher resume appear as?

In a highly competitive field like teaching, it is crucial to address all queries and uncertainties.

A teacher resume example that will help you secure a job. Learn how to craft a teaching resume that impresses hiring managers. Get valuable tips and tricks for the teaching industry.

Take a look at this sample teacher resume, created using our professional resume builder tool.

To craft your own teacher resume, adhere to the following guidelines.

How to Format a Teacher Resume

In order to effectively showcase your abilities and background to potential employers, it is crucial to select the appropriate resume format for a teaching position.

It is important for every job seeker, including the most qualified ones, to have a resume format that is clear and straightforward.

The reverse-chronological format is widely used in resumes, including those for teachers. This format emphasizes your most recent work experience before moving on to previous positions and skills.

You may consider using two different formats for your school teacher resume: the functional resume and the combination resume. The functional format emphasizes your skills, making it ideal for teachers who possess strong abilities but have limited classroom experience. On the other hand, the combination format combines both functional and reverse-chronological elements, highlighting both your teaching skills and experience.

It is recommended to limit your teacher resume to one page. This demonstrates your ability to present information concisely and effectively. You can find inspiration from our collection of one-page resume templates.

Teacher Resume Template for School Jobs

In your role as a teacher, it is highly probable that you will use Microsoft Word regularly in your daily tasks.

It is advisable to steer clear of the program if you wish to prevent any problems related to formatting.

Opt for a teacher resume format that ensures the organization and coherence of your resume. There are several templates available that can be customized to suit your specific needs when applying for a teaching position.

Teacher Resume Format for School Teacher Job

The key components of a teacher resume include:

  • Personal details
  • Professional experience in teaching
  • Educational background
  • Proficiency in relevant skills


To make your teacher resume more distinctive, consider including these additional sections: accolades and certifications, volunteer involvement, language proficiency, as well as personal interests and hobbies.

Continue reading to discover how to excel in each of the aforementioned sections.

To get a detailed explanation of the appropriate sections to include, refer to our comprehensive guide on How to Structure Your Resume.

How to Write a Teacher Resume Summary or Objective

What is your estimate of the amount of time recruiters dedicate to reviewing an average resume?

If you answered with a time frame of less than 60 seconds, your response would be accurate.

This implies that your resume must make a strong impact in this limited time.

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The next query is, how can you ensure that the most crucial information is easily visible and understandable?

The primary distinction between the two segments is that:

A resume summary is a short summary of your teaching experiences and achievements. It is the best option for teachers who have taught for multiple years.

Enthusiastic English Teacher specializing in American literature desires a long-term role at XYZ School. Notable achievements from five years of teaching include enhancing college acceptance rates by 40% at ABC High School. Eager to utilize my extensive 5000 hours of teaching experience to create an engaging learning environment for your students.

In contrast, the resume objective directs attention towards your career ambitions and objectives. It is particularly suitable for those who are new to teaching or looking to transition into a different professional field.

Enthusiastic graduate with a degree in English Literature looking for the position of an English teacher at ABC High School. I have gained valuable experience by teaching classes at XYZ Middle School for 60 days within a span of 3 months. My skills include effectively managing classrooms, grading assignments within tight deadlines, and utilizing interactive whiteboard technology.

Well, a summary is suited for teachers who have a lot of classroom experience, whereas an objective is suited for those who are new to the world of teaching (student, graduate, or switching careers).

Teacher Job Resume Format: Enhancing Your Teaching Work Experience

Demonstrating your value as a teacher is most effectively done through showcasing your past professional experience.

Certainly, the employer will expect to see evidence of your extensive knowledge in the subject area. However, nothing instills more confidence than showcasing your professional background and work experience.

From April 2017 to January 2021, I maintained pass rates of over 80% consistently for four years. In the first year, I successfully increased attendance by 12%. Additionally, I was responsible for grading assignments and papers for more than twelve classes with a minimum of thirty students each.

As you may notice, the above example focuses on the candidate’s best achievements.

The next statement provides specific information that highlights your exceptional teaching abilities.

Refer to the job description for guidance. Check if there are any relevant details in the job description that align with your previous work experience. If you find a match, incorporate it into this section of your resume.

Resume Format for Teacher Job without Work Experience

Here are a few methods to create a teaching portfolio and earn money from it:

  • Utilize freelance platforms like UpWork to find opportunities for private tutoring
  • Utilize social media platforms to offer your teaching services to friends and acquaintances


Attention students, we have a helpful guide on creating an impressive student resume that you will find beneficial.

How can I create a CV for a teaching position?

To begin, incorporate a concise personal statement that showcases your teaching abilities and experience, along with an explanation of your career aspirations. Next, outline your professional background by listing your work experience. Utilize any relevant teaching experiences to elaborate on the tasks you undertook and how they align with the position you are applying for.


– Brief personal statement highlighting teaching skills and experience

– Explanation of career goals

– Work experience detailing teaching roles and responsibilities

Enhance Your Teaching Resume with Dynamic Action Words!

Look through a pile of teacher resumes, and you will see these words repeated again and again.

Are you aiming for a distinctive resume that stands out from the crowd?

What is the best layout for a teacher resume?

Reverse-chronological format means that you list your work experience starting from the most recent job and going backwards. This format is good for teachers because it shows a clear timeline of your career, which makes it easy for recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to understand.

Functional format focuses on highlighting your skills rather than the order of your work experience. It is useful if you have limited teaching experience or if there are gaps in your career history. This format allows you to showcase the relevant skills you possess for a teaching job, even if they were acquired outside of traditional teaching roles.

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How to List Your Education Correctly

The education section is an essential part of a well-crafted teacher resume.

There are several options available to pursue a career as a professional teacher.

In this section, you simply need to provide details about your educational background. This includes mentioning the type of degree and major you pursued, the name of the university where you studied, the duration of your studies, as well as any notable achievements such as a high GPA, honors received, specific courses taken, or other relevant accomplishments.

Courses that are applicable: Fundamentals of Teaching, Early Years Growth, Sciences in Education, Computer Skills, Enhancing Classroom Participation & Progress.

Right, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

If you are currently pursuing your studies, it is important to include the number of years you have been studying in your resume, regardless of whether or not you have completed all of your teaching exams.

Is it necessary to mention my high school qualifications? Only include your highest level of qualification. If that happens to be a qualification obtained in high school, then you can include it.

Which should be prioritized, education or experience? If you have significant teaching experience, it is recommended to list your work history before your educational qualifications.

If you still have any queries, feel free to refer to our manual on how to mention your educational qualifications in a resume.

What is a summary for a teacher resume?

– An educational professional with a strong focus on students, having 15 years of proven experience in assisting them to learn and excel academically.

– Possesses exceptional teaching abilities along with extensive knowledge in the respective subject matter.

– Demonstrates a solid understanding of bridging the gap between core content and its practical applications in real-world scenarios.

Teacher Resume Format: Top 10 Skills for a Teacher Job

The recruiter is interested in observing these abilities while selecting candidates.

While you may possess exceptional teaching abilities, it is crucial to effectively showcase your skills on your resume.

The required skills for a teacher may vary depending on the subject they specialize in. However, some of the essential skills that a teacher should possess include:

Hard Skills for Teachers:

– Syllabus

– Proficiency in using computers

– Evaluation and assessment methods

– Reading and writing abilities

– Measures taken for maintaining discipline

Teacher Resume Format for School Jobs

– Managing the classroom effectively

– Efficiently managing time

– Showing understanding and compassion towards students

– Displaying self-assurance in teaching abilities

– Maintaining a well-organized approach

Want the most comprehensive list? Here’s a mega-list of 100+ must-have skills.

CV vs. Resume: Understanding the Distinction

The CV provides a comprehensive record of your educational achievements, making its length flexible. On the other hand, a resume offers a succinct overview of your skills and qualifications relevant to a particular job, resulting in shorter length typically determined by years of experience (usually 1-2 pages).

– CVs showcase complete academic credentials and have variable lengths.

– Resumes highlight specific skills and qualifications for a job and are usually shorter in length (1-2 pages) based on experience.

Resume Sections to Include Besides the Teacher Job Format

If graded, your resume should now be able to pass the test

However, what if the other candidates have achieved excellent grades?

Include supplementary categories to enhance your resume and make it stand out from the competition.

In a competitive environment where there are many experienced candidates, these particular sections of your resume can make all the difference.

Awards & Certifications

Regardless of the accolades and certifications, they can make a significant impact.

Examples of awards and certificates include a Coursera Certificate for completing the “Learning How to Learn” course, another Coursera Certificate for completing the “Motivating Gen Z Learners” course, and a Teaching Lab certificate for educating deaf children.


While you may not be instructing Spanish, having knowledge of another language can be beneficial.

Including the ability to speak a second language on your resume can be beneficial, regardless of whether or not it is required for the teaching job.

Arrange the languages based on skill level:

  • First language
  • Highly skilled
  • Adequate proficiency
  • Moderate ability
  • Basic understanding
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Teacher Job Resume Format for School Teachers

You might be questioning the relevance of including your weekly book club in your teaching job applications.

The reason is that it provides a deeper understanding of your personality.

It indicates that you have interests and activities beyond your teaching profession.

You are a person with whom other teachers can easily connect.

If you are looking for suggestions on what hobbies and interests to include in your resume, we have a helpful guide available.

Match Your Cover Letter with Your Resume

Cover letters continue to be an essential component of the job application procedure.

Although this article has provided valuable insights on creating an impressive teacher resume, it is important to acknowledge that even with a well-crafted resume, there may still be challenges in obtaining your desired teaching job.

By neglecting to include a cover letter, you are essentially forfeiting the chance to convey your thoughts and character in a more comprehensive manner.

Moreover, it will be evident to the recruiter that you are specifically interested in securing this position at this particular school.

Similar to the resume, it is important to organize the cover letter properly. Here are some guidelines on how to achieve that:

Contact Details

To capture the attention of the recruiter, it is crucial to begin with a strong opening. When doing so, make sure to include:

– The exact teaching role you are seeking

– A concise overview of your experience and notable accomplishments

The Body

– Your motivation for wanting to join this particular school

– Highlighting your key skills and explaining their relevance to the position

– Mentioning any prior experience in related industries or roles.

Closing Paragraph

This is the section where you:

– Express gratitude to the recruiter for their time

– Conclude with a call to action, such as expressing your interest in discussing how your experience as an X can contribute to addressing Y at the school.

Formal Salutations

To keep everything professional, use formal closing, such as “Best regards” or “Sincerely.”

Crafting a cover letter requires skill and expertise. However, there is no need to worry as we are here to provide you with guidance on how to write an effective cover letter.

Key Takeaways

We trust that the suggestions provided in this guide have been considered. If they were, you are now well-equipped to craft a compelling resume that will help you secure a teaching job successfully.

Before you go, let’s quickly summarize what we have learnt:

  • Select the correct format for your teacher resume. Use a reverse-chronological format, and follow the best layout practices to keep everything clear and concise.
  • Use a summary or objective to capture attention to your resume
  • Focus on your achievements, rather than your responsibilities.
  • Match your teacher resume with a cover letter that follows the best practises

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Introducing oneself as a teacher on a CV: How is it done?

With several years of experience in teaching, I have honed my skills in creating engaging learning environments that cater to diverse student needs. My passion for education drives me to continuously seek innovative teaching methods that promote active participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students.

How to compose a teacher job application?

To create an effective school teacher resume, there are several steps you should follow. The first step is to conduct thorough research on the school or institution where you are applying. This will help you tailor your resume to match their specific needs and requirements.

In the main body of your resume, emphasize your qualifications and experience in detail. Highlight any relevant teaching certifications or degrees, as well as any additional training or workshops attended. Include specific examples of successful projects or initiatives implemented during previous teaching positions.

Finally, demonstrate your teaching philosophy and passion for education in a separate section of your resume. Explain how you approach classroom management, student engagement strategies, and assessment methods aligned with educational goals.