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Ranga Reddy District RDO Office Address: Essential Information for Locating the Administrative Center

Ranga Reddy District Rdo Office Address

The address of the Ranga Reddy District RDO Office can be found at the office of the Collector and District Magistrate in Ranga Reddy District.

The address for the Ranga Reddy District RDO Office is located in Kongara Kalan Village, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana 501510.

The Collector’s Office is occupied by the following offices.

National Informatics Centre (NIC), Prajavani, Inward Outward, and Rajiv Yuva Kiranaalu are some of the terms related to administrative processes in Ranga Reddy District.

The chambers of the Collector, Joint Collector-I, and the Court Hall are located in Ranga Reddy District RDO Office.

The office of the Joint Collector-II, the DRO Chamber, and the Collectorate Staff are all located in Ranga Reddy District.

Deputy Collector, Land Acquisition (IAP), Legal Officer and their team, Officer of Land Revenue and their team, staff members at the Collectorate office, and Deputy Collector for Land Procurement are all present at the Ranga Reddy District RDO Office.

Address of the Ranga Reddy District Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) Office can be found at the office of the Joint Director (S.W), RR District.

The room where records are kept, the promotion of education, and a place to eat.

The Ranga Reddy District RDO office is equipped with various rooms including a conference hall, an administrative officer room, and an accountant room.

District Rural Development Agency and Indira Kranthi Pathakam are both initiatives focused on rural development in Ranga Reddy District.

The Government has also constructed one more building consisting of Five – store in the premises of Collectors Office and named it as “Sneha Silver Jubilee Bhavan” in the year 2004 to accommodate District Offices. The following Offices have been accommodated in the building.

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The address for the RDO office in Ranga Reddy District includes the State Bank of Hyderabad, the District Public Relation Office, the Assistant Director of Disabled & Old Age Welfare Office, and NIC.

First Floor

The Assistant Director in charge of Survey and Land Records, along with the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan program, can be reached through their dedicated Call Center.

Third Floor

The address for the Ranga Reddy District RDO office can be found at various locations, including the District Consumer Forum Information Center, DPEP, Zilla Sainik Welfare Office, District Manager (Housing), PD., DWMA, and A.P. Shukshma Neeti Paarthala Pathakam.

Fourth Floor

The address for the Ranga Reddy District RDO office is as follows: District Tribal Welfare Office, D M., (Civil Supplies), District Supply Office, and Executive Director of Minority Finance Corporation.

Where is the headquarter of Rangareddy district?

Ranga Reddy district, also known as R.R. district, is situated in the state of Telangana in India. The administrative center of this district is located at Kongara Kalan Village, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal.

The headquarters of Ranga Reddy district at Kongara Kalan Village serves as a hub for various government offices and departments that cater to the needs of the local population. This central location ensures convenient access for residents seeking administrative services or assistance.

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What does RDO office stand for?

A Revenue Division Officer (RDO) is an official of the Indian Revenue Service who operates at the district level to oversee tax collection and maintain revenue records. The RDO holds a government position responsible for various administrative tasks related to revenue management.

What is the PIN code for Rangareddy district?

Rangareddynagar Pin Code is 500037. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Rangareddynagar is located in district Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA.

What does RDO do?

In addition to safeguarding these assets from encroachment or misuse by unauthorized individuals or entities, the RDO office also plays an important role in overseeing any transactions related to government lands. This includes monitoring leases granted for specific purposes or durations and reviewing transfers or assignments made on behalf of the government.

To ensure transparency and accountability in these processes, regular inspections are conducted by officials from the RDO office. These inspections help verify compliance with regulations governing land use and prevent any potential violations that may compromise public interests.

Following these inspections where necessary action is required; appropriate measures are taken promptly by the Ranga Reddy District Revenue Divisional Office. This could involve initiating legal proceedings against violators who have unlawfully occupied government land or taking steps towards reclaiming such lands for rightful utilization.

Distinguishing RDO from MRO

As per my understanding, the Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) is responsible for handling matters related to revenue and holds magisterial powers within the mandal. The MRO falls under the jurisdiction of the revenue department and works under the supervision of either an RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) or a Deputy Collector, who is a government official.

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The MRO plays a crucial role in managing various aspects related to revenue collection, land records, and administration within their assigned mandal. They are entrusted with maintaining accurate records of land ownership, assessing property taxes, and resolving disputes pertaining to land boundaries or ownership rights. Additionally, they oversee the implementation of government schemes and programs at the grassroots level.

Being part of the revenue department hierarchy, an MRO reports to higher-ranking officials such as an RDO or Deputy Collector. These individuals hold bureaucratic positions and have decision-making authority over multiple mandals within their respective divisions. They provide guidance and support to MROs in carrying out their duties effectively while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

What makes Rangareddy well-known?

Ranga Reddy District in India has always been recognized as a convergence point for various civilizations, cultures, languages, religions, traditions, and races. This is primarily due to its close association with the neighboring districts of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.