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Ramaiah Hospital on New Bel Road

Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road

Situated in Bengaluru, the renowned Ramaiah Memorial Hospital has gained recognition for its exceptional healthcare services that prioritize patient well-being at a reasonable price. Our approach focuses on providing comprehensive care and establishing an environment of compassion, kindness, and support rather than simply treating medical conditions.

Clinical Excellence

I am N. Sudha Rao, a 74-year-old individual who visits Ramaiah Memorial Hospital whenever I am not feeling well. The doctor and the staff at the hospital have always provided me with great care and support, boosting my confidence and making me feel cheerful through their exceptional service. Without a doubt, this is where I always choose to receive treatment. It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge the efficient and compassionate service that the staff has consistently offered me during my visits.


I am extremely satisfied with the excellent care and treatment provided by the doctors and nurses at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. The dedicated service they have given me has made me very happy, and I would like to express my gratitude to all of them.

Murali Mohan

My name is Murali Mohan and I want to express my gratitude towards the staff at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital for providing me with exceptional healthcare services that have greatly improved my well-being.

Mothi R

I received excellent medical care at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital for my illness. The nursing staff, in particular, provided exceptional service and are highly regarded here.


My name is Prabha and I have chosen to visit Ramaiah Memorial Hospital due to my positive past experiences. A close friend recommended this specialized hospital, conveniently located near my residence. The hospital enjoys a commendable reputation and I am delighted to express my satisfaction with the medical professionals and staff members here.

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Ms Ramaiah Hospital on New Bel Road is highly commendable, as it offers a comprehensive range of facilities all in one place.


We are satisfied with the level of care and medical treatment provided by the doctors at Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road. The nursing staff has been attentive and supportive. Our experience at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital has been positive overall.

Recognition & Honors

Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road is recognized as a sustainable healthcare facility and has received numerous prestigious awards for its exceptional quality of medical services.

Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road was recognized as the 7th top multispecialty hospital in Bangalore according to the Times Health Survey 2021.

Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road has been recognized and accredited by the National Neonatology Forum (NNF) as a level IIIA Special care Neonatal Unit.

The CII Star ICON-Emerging Leader Award recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional leadership skills and excellence in the business field.

Ms Ramaiah Hospital New Bel Road was honored with the AHPI Excellence Award for Quality Beyond Accreditation in 2020.

Who owns Ramaiah Hospital?

The MS Ramaiah Medical College was established in 1979 by the Late Sri Mathikere Sampangi Ramaiah. In order to fulfill the requirements of medical education, the M. S. Ramaiah Teaching Hospital was also founded.


– The MS Ramaiah Medical College was founded in 1979.

– It was established by the Late Sri Mathikere Sampangi Ramaiah.

– The college is dedicated to providing medical education.

– As a part of its commitment to medical education, the M. S. Ramaiah Teaching Hospital was founded alongside the college.

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MBBS fees at Ramaiah Medical College

Ramaiah Medical College, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, is a well-known private medical college that was established in 1979. It offers various courses in the field of medicine and healthcare. One of its popular programs is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), which has an annual fee of INR 22,00,000.

In addition to MBBS, Ramaiah Medical College also provides postgraduate courses like MD (Doctor of Medicine) and MS (Master of Surgery). The fees for these courses range from INR 4,00,000 to INR 60,00,000 per annum depending on the specialization chosen by the students.

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The college has gained recognition over the years for its quality education and state-of-the-art facilities. It aims to produce competent doctors who can contribute effectively to the healthcare sector. Ramaiah Medical College follows a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training through clinical rotations and hands-on experience.

Overall, Ramaiah Medical College New Bel Road is a reputable institution offering medical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its commitment towards providing excellent healthcare professionals makes it a preferred choice among aspiring medical students in India.

Are Ramaiah and MS Ramaiah identical?

Established with the aim of providing quality education in the field of management, MSRIM offers various programs such as postgraduate diploma courses and executive development programs. The institute follows an autonomous structure which allows it to design its own curriculum and adopt innovative teaching methods.

Located in the vibrant city of Bangalore, MSRIM benefits from its strategic location amidst numerous industries and corporate hubs. This proximity provides students with ample opportunities for internships, industry interactions, and placements. Moreover, the institute boasts a highly qualified faculty who bring their expertise and industry experience into the classroom.

How old is Ramaiah Hospital?

The establishment of Ramaiah Institute of Cardiology was a significant achievement, and it was followed by the founding of M.S. Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital in 1985, which added another milestone to his list of accomplishments. These institutions were founded by M.S. Ramaiah, an eminent personality in the field of medicine.

M.S. Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital is a renowned healthcare facility located on New Bel Road in Bangalore, India. It offers comprehensive medical services and specializes in various fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, and more.