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Prem Nagar Delhi Nearest Metro Station – Convenient Access to Public Transportation in the Heart of Delhi

Prem Nagar Delhi Nearest Metro Station

Prem Nagar is a locality in Delhi that is well-connected to the rest of the city through its nearest metro station. This article provides information about the closest metro station to Prem Nagar, allowing residents and visitors to easily access this area using public transportation. By understanding the proximity of the metro station, individuals can plan their travel routes more efficiently and conveniently navigate around Prem Nagar.

Prem Nagar Delhi Metro Station Nearby

Prem Nagar, located in the North West of New Delhi, is a residential area that is conveniently situated near several important sectors and cities. It is in close proximity to Sector 22 Rohini (approximately 4.39 kilometres away), Sector 21 Rohini (around 5.06 kilometres away), Sector 23 Rohini (approximately 6.99 kilometres away), Budh Vihar (around 7.41 kilometres away), and Sector 24 Rohini (approximately 8.09 kilometres away). Additionally, Prem Nagar is also conveniently located near the bustling city of New Delhi itself.

Key road connections, availability of metro connectivity, and presence of a major transportation center are some notable features of Prem Nagar in Delhi.

Closest Metro Station to Prem Nagar in Delhi

Issues of excessive population, congested roads, and environmental contamination are prevalent in the vicinity.

Physical Infrastructure and Liveability Index

Prem Nagar is conveniently located just 200 meters away from the Uttam Nagar West metro station. It also enjoys proximity to major roads, schools, and the bustling main market.

The best healthcare amenities in and around Prem Nagar include:

Some nearby medical facilities in Prem Nagar Delhi include Aam Admi Moholla Clinic, Tomar Multispeciality Hospital, McD Pharmacy, Sacred Sardh Medical Center, and Ved Ram Memorial Medical Center.

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The nearest metro station to Prem Nagar in Delhi is CBSE. Other nearby landmarks include Mohammaddiya Masjid, SRP Public School, B.G.M Public School, and Vasno Mandir.

What is the closest metro station to Prem Nagar?

The closest metro station to Prem Nagar in Delhi is Lal Quila.


– Location: Prem Nagar, Delhi

– Nearest Metro Station: Lal Quila

Prem Nagar Delhi Nearest Metro Station – Distance Calculation

In order to facilitate local transportation, Prem Nagar provides a range of convenient transit options. Various modes of transportation such as taxis, trains, buses, and cars are readily accessible for residents to travel between different locations within the area. These transport choices are available round the clock, ensuring effortless commuting for people residing in Prem Nagar.

Which metro station is closest to Prem Nagar Ghaziabad?

The closest metro station to Prem Nagar, Ghaziabad is Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda Metro Station, located 1.1 km away. Additionally, there are two other transit points nearby: Hindon River Metro Station and Arthala Metro Station.

Prem Nagar Delhi Metro Station: The Closest Metro Stop to Prem Nagar City

The nearest railway stations to Prem Nagar are Goregaon Rail Way Station and Malad Rail Way Station.

There are several nearby bus stops such as Vasari Tekadi No.2 Bus Station, State Bank Of India Goregaon Bus Station, Inorbit Mall Bus Station, Vinay Industry (Subkuch Market) Bus Station, and Bangur Nagar Bus Station that are in close proximity to Prem Nagar. Many buses operate from Prem Nagar and provide transportation to various destinations.

Which metro station is closest to Prem Dhaba?

Jhandewalan is a location that can be reached within a 14-minute walk. It offers a great view for visitors to enjoy. This could be an ideal place to explore on foot, allowing you to experience the surroundings and take in the sights at your own pace. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist visiting India, taking leisurely walks around Jhandewalan can provide both exercise and an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this area.

Prem Nagar Comparison

Rohini is a well-designed residential area located in the northwestern part of Delhi, known for being one of the earliest planned suburbs in this region.

Raj Nagar is a highly sought-after locality, known for its residential properties and dense population.

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In Delhi, India’s North West Delhi neighbourhood, there is a posh and wealthy neighbourhood called Pitampura. Because of its lush vegetation and better market accessibility compared to its neighbouring towns, Pitampura has the greatest property values.

What is the nearest metro station to Ram Nagar Delhi?

The closest metro station to Ramnagar in Delhi is LOK Kalyan Marg, which can be reached by a 23-minute walk. This metro station serves as a convenient transportation hub for residents and visitors of the area. Located in close proximity to Ramnagar, it offers easy access to various parts of the city.

LOK Kalyan Marg Metro Station is situated on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro network. It is well-connected with other major areas and landmarks in Delhi, making it an ideal starting point for exploring different parts of the city. The station provides seamless connectivity to popular destinations such as Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, and India Gate.

To reach LOK Kalyan Marg Metro Station from Ramnagar, one can take a pleasant 23-minute stroll through the bustling streets of Delhi. Along this route, you will encounter vibrant markets offering a wide range of goods and services. The walk not only allows you to enjoy the local atmosphere but also gives you an opportunity to explore nearby attractions like Lodhi Gardens or Safdarjung Tomb.

Once at LOK Kalyan Marg Metro Station, commuters have access to various facilities that enhance their travel experience. These include ticket counters, automated fare collection gates, escalators for easy movement between levels, and information boards displaying train schedules and routes. Additionally, there are shops selling snacks and beverages within the premises for those looking for refreshments before or after their journey.

Pin code of Prem Nagar Delhi?

Prem Nagar is a locality in Delhi with the pin code 110086. It falls under the North West Delhi district, which is one of the administrative divisions of the city. The area is well-connected to other parts of Delhi through various modes of transportation, including metro services.

When it comes to reaching Prem Nagar via metro, there are two nearest metro stations that serve this locality. The first option is Nangloi Metro Station, which lies on Line 5 (Green Line) of the Delhi Metro network. From Nangloi Metro Station, one can take a rickshaw or an auto-rickshaw to reach Prem Nagar conveniently.

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The second option for reaching Prem Nagar by metro is Mundka Metro Station. This station also falls on Line 5 (Green Line) and provides easy access to commuters traveling towards Prem Nagar. From Mundka Metro Station, one can hire a shared auto-rickshaw or take a bus to reach their destination in Prem Nagar.

What is the location of Mukherjee Nagar metro station?

The nearest metro station to Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi is GTB Nagar Metro Station, which is located on the Yellow line.

Is Ghaziabad accessible by Delhi Metro?

To travel from New Delhi to Ghaziabad, you can take the Yellow Line metro from New Delhi Metro Station. Once you reach Kashmere Gate, switch to the Red Line heading towards Shaheed Sthal (Ghaziabad). The entire metro journey from New Delhi to Ghaziabad covers a distance of approximately 20 km.

Prem Nagar is a locality in Ghaziabad that is well-connected by public transportation. The nearest metro station to Prem Nagar is the Shaheed Sthal (Ghaziabad) Metro Station. This station falls on the Red Line of the Delhi Metro network. From there, one can easily reach Prem Nagar by taking a local bus or an auto-rickshaw.

The Shaheed Sthal (Ghaziabad) Metro Station serves as an important transport hub for people traveling between different parts of Ghaziabad and other areas connected through the metro network. It provides convenient access to various residential areas, commercial centers, educational institutions, and recreational spots in and around Prem Nagar.

– To go from New Delhi to Ghaziabad via metro, board the Yellow Line at New Delhi Metro Station and change trains at Kashmere Gate.

– The total distance covered by metro is approximately 20 km.

– For those looking for easy access to Prem Nagar in Ghaziabad, the nearest metro station is Shaheed Sthal (Ghaziabad) on the Red Line.

– From this station, one can opt for local buses or auto-rickshaws to reach Prem Nagar conveniently.

Does Ghaziabad have a metro connection?

– The Tis Hazari – Shahdara section is part of the Delhi Metro.

– It was the first stretch to be constructed and commissioned.

– The line connects Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh with Shahdara, Central Delhi, and North West Delhi.