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Owner of Sakthi International School Kallakurichi Website

Sakthi International School Kallakurichi Website Owner Name

Sakthi International School in Kallakurichi has recently made headlines due to a tragic incident involving the suicide of 12th-grade students within the school premises. The school, also known as Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School, is currently under investigation regarding a potential connection between one of its students and the Principal. For further details on this matter, please refer to the article provided below.

Owner of Sakthi Matriculation School in India?

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1) Recognize the importance of education: Like Tmt. Meenakshi Thiyagarajan, understand how vital education is for personal growth and societal development.

3) Collaborate effectively: Work together with other stakeholders such as board members or staff to achieve common objectives.

4) Embrace change: Be open-minded about evolving your institution based on changing needs and demands in the education sector.

5) Celebrate achievements: Acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of individuals who contribute to the growth and success of your institution.

Owner Name of Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School Kallakurichi Website

The death of a 12th grade student at Sakthi International School in Kallakurichi has led to protests by students and members of the community. Reports indicate that there were multiple injuries and significant blood loss. The school is located in Kanyamua near Chinna Salem, within the Karakrich district. During the protests, school buses were set on fire, resulting in harm to several policemen, including Pandians. Students also threw stones and set police vehicles ablaze. For more information about this incident, please refer to the article provided below.

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Owner Name of Sakthi International School Kallakurichi Website – General Information

The owner of Sakthi International School in Kallakurichi is Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School. The school gained attention due to a news incident involving the suicide of a 12th standard student. The news details were released on social media. The principal of the school, Ravikumar, along with Principal Sivasankaran and Secretary Shanti, were involved in this matter. This information falls under the category of news and can be found on the official website of the school through online mode.


We received an alarming news from Sakthi International School in Kallakurichi. A 12th grade student has committed suicide on campus, which has gained attention on social media platforms. Students and the general public have been protesting against the school. They set fire to police buses and attacked around 20 policemen stationed there. The school principal Ravikumar, headmaster Sivashankaran, and administrator Shanthi were arrested by the police. For more information, please refer to the details mentioned below..

Owner of Kaniyamoor Sakthi School

The leaders of the DMK and VCK parties visited the house of the victims. He has shown condolence to them. The police have done an investigation and would not find any suicide note anywhere. They handover the dead body to the Karakrich Government Medical College. From the sources, we have come to know that the parents and relatives are not accepting the dead body after the fraud postmortem. This is a very difficult situation for the family and dear ones.

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Reason for 12th Class Student Death

It has been reported that a 12th class student took her own life due to the immense academic pressure she was facing. The girl was struggling to study effectively and felt overwhelmed by the demands placed on her by her teachers. Despite facing difficulties in certain subjects, she did not receive adequate support from her teacher. The constant pressure from low grades and poor performance ultimately led to this tragic incident.

Class XII Girl Protests Through Flames

The family members, relatives, and students have done the protest. They want the right from the Government. The police have arrested the culprits and given the punishment after the complete investigation. According to the 144 right has been issued on 31st July 2022 in Kallakurichi taluk. The statement was given by Director General of Police Sylendra Babu that CBCID will conduct a judicial inquiry into the death of the student.

Owner Name of Sakthi International School Kallakurichi Website

  • Check Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School Death Case – Click Here


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Who owns PK International school?

The PK International School, established in 2011 by Mr. Pratap Waman Khandebharad, is a CBSE affiliated school. The primary objective of the school is to provide a nurturing environment where children can develop their personalities with confidence, strength, and life skills.

The owner of Global Indian International school is who?

In his address, Mr. Temurnikar highlighted the need for students to acquire not only academic knowledge but also essential life skills that will prepare them for future challenges. He stressed that education should go beyond textbooks and exams, focusing on nurturing creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and emotional intelligence among students.

Furthermore, Mr. Temurnikar expressed his belief in providing a conducive learning environment where students can explore their passions and talents freely. He encouraged educators to adopt innovative teaching methods that promote experiential learning and foster curiosity among learners.

P.S: The Virtual Global Student Summit was organized with the aim of connecting young minds from different parts of India to exchange ideas and experiences on various topics related to education and personal growth. It served as a platform for students to broaden their horizons by engaging in meaningful discussions with peers from diverse backgrounds.

The CEO of Ryan International School – Who is it?

– Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto: Chairman of Ryan International Group of Institutions.

– Madame Grace Pinto: Managing Director of Ryan International Group of Institutions.

– Ryan Pinto: CEO of Ryan International Group of Institutions.