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Ntpc Power Plant in Gautam Budh Nagar

Ntpc Vidyut Nagar Gautam Budh Nagar

NTPC Vidyut Nagar Gautam Budh Nagar is a prominent power plant located in the district of Gautam Budh Nagar. This article provides an overview of NTPC Vidyut Nagar and its significance in the region. The power plant plays a crucial role in meeting the electricity demands of the area, contributing to its development and growth. Through this article, we will explore various aspects of NTPC Vidyut Nagar, including its operations, capacity, and impact on the local community.

Who is the owner of NTPC power plant?


– NTPC Limited was formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation.

– It is a central Public Sector Undertaking owned by the Ministry of Power and the Government of India.

– The primary focus of NTPC is on electricity generation.

– Apart from power generation, NTPC also engages in various other activities.


NTPC Vidyut Nagar Gautam Budh Nagar is an exceptional power plant within the NTPC group. It stands out because it comprises both a coal-based thermal plant and a gas-based thermal plant, generating 1820 MW and 829.78 MW respectively. Additionally, there is a solar plant with a capacity of 5 MW, resulting in a total power generation capacity of 2654.78 MW at this facility.

Coal based

The coal for the power plant is sourced from Piparwar Mines,. The source of water for the power plant is Upper Ganga Canal.

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Stage Unit number Installed capacity () Date of commissioning
1st 1 210 1991 October
2 210 1992 December
3 210 1993 March
4 210 1994 March
2nd 5 490 2010 January
6 490 2010 July
Total Six 1820

Gas based

The gas for the power plant is sourced from HBJ Pipeline. It also supports HSD as alternate fuel. The source of water for the power plant is the Upper Ganga Canal.

In addition to these four gas turbine (GT) units, there are also two steam turbine (ST) units at the power plant. Unit number 5 was commissioned in February 1993 with an installed capacity of 154.51 units while Unit number 6 was commissioned in March of the same year with the same installed capacity.

Owner of Dadri power plant

The NTPC Vidyut Nagar Gautam Budh Nagar is a project owned by the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). It is located in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh and is one of the largest thermal power plants in India. The plant has a total installed capacity of 2.63GW, making it capable of generating a significant amount of electricity.

NTPC in Bihar: What is it?

With its comprehensive database, the NTPS ensures that all necessary permits are obtained before transporting any forest produce. It helps regulate the trade by verifying the legality of such transactions and preventing illegal logging or smuggling activities. By keeping accurate records of each transaction, this system promotes transparency and accountability in the forestry sector.

Is NTPC a Government Entity?

NTPC, also known as National Thermal Power Corporation, became a listed company in November 2004. At that time, the Government of India held 89.5% of the equity share capital in NTPC. This means that the majority ownership and control of the company was with the government.

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However, in February 2010, there was a change in the shareholding structure of NTPC. The government decided to reduce its stake from 89.5% to 84.5%. They did this by offering more shares to the public for purchase.

This move allowed individuals and other investors to become shareholders of NTPC alongside the government. By reducing their stake, the government aimed to bring more private participation into NTPC and diversify its ownership structure.

– In November 2004, NTPC became a listed company with majority ownership by the Government of India.

– In February 2010, the government reduced its stake from 89.5% to 84.5% through a public offer.

– This change aimed at increasing private participation and diversifying ownership in NTPC.

What is the salary of NTPC CEO?

– He has been serving as CEO for a duration of 8.08 years.

– His annual compensation amounts to ₹16.81M.

– The composition of his compensation is divided into 46.3% salary and 53.7% bonuses.

– The bonus package includes company stock and options.

– Gurdeep Singh does not possess any direct ownership stake in NTPC.

What does NTPC stand for?

With its inception dating back to 1975, NTPC has been instrumental in revolutionizing the power generation landscape of India. The company primarily focuses on generating electricity through coal-based thermal power plants. These plants utilize advanced technologies and adhere to stringent environmental norms to ensure sustainable and efficient operations.