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LSBF – A Premier Institution for Business and Finance Education in London

London School Of Business And Finance

Explore our complete selection of master and MBA programs in marketing, finance, and business management, all available through online learning.

LSBF provides both online and on-campus courses that lead to professional qualifications in ACCA and AAT.

LSBF has established a separate department dedicated to professionals, executives, and managers. This division operates independently with its own academic and quality management systems. Recently, LSBF has also introduced live online classes as part of their offerings.

Explore our range of online undergraduate programs in Financial Management and Business Administration. These degrees are exclusively delivered through digital platforms, allowing you to conveniently pursue your education from anywhere.

LSBF provides the chance to pursue internationally recognized degrees and professional certifications from anywhere in the world.

LSBF offers a chance to enhance your abilities in the digital and technology domain with our selection of innovative online courses taught by industry specialists.

London School of Business and Finance Executive Education (LSBF EE) is a school that has been accredited by BAC. It focuses on developing tailored training programs for companies aiming to achieve greater success in the business world.

The course was extremely helpful for me. I am applying the knowledge gained from both classroom lectures and exams in my daily work.

I would highly endorse LSBF due to the quality of its instructors. If I decide to pursue ACCA, LSBF will be my top preference.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it to be my top choice among all the other major providers I have previously experienced.


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Our Top-Rated Courses

Our prestigious online platform enables you to access your entire live course and study material online with a Pass 1ˢᵗ Time Guarantee™*. You’ll get access to HD recorded video lectures, lecture notes, case studies and e-books trusted by the big 4.

Global MBA Online

Join a global community of ambitious professionals by studying online with LSBF. The Global MBA Online programme combines the academic content you need to be knowledgeable in your field, with the practical skills needed to become an industry leader.

ACCA + Global MBA

Enhance your professional journey by combining the advanced business expertise of a Global MBA with your ACCA qualification. Becoming accredited by ACCA allows you to become part of a prestigious global accounting organization, while obtaining a Global MBA distinguishes you as an exceptional leader in the business world.

Executive miniMBA

Securing a managerial position is a long-awaited aspiration for numerous individuals, but advancing to senior roles necessitates significant enhancement of skills. This program will equip you with the necessary abilities to become a self-assured business executive capable of making strategic choices and guiding an organization towards triumph in an interconnected global economy.

Master in Finance and Investments Online

The online Master in Finance and Investments program offered by London School of Business and Finance is comprised of custom-designed learning modules that are delivered entirely through online platforms. The program offers four different specializations, each focusing on contemporary topics related to finance and investment.

Postgraduate Certificate in Finance

This course will provide comprehensive knowledge about current financial trends and the overall finance sector. Through practical examples, you will acquire essential skills in understanding key ratios and important finance terminology. Additionally, this program aims to equip you with a diverse set of abilities that will enable you to overcome any obstacles encountered in the finance industry.

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Is pursuing an MBA from LSBF a worthwhile investment?

LSBF offers one of the top online global MBA postgraduate programs that support your professional and personal growth, guide you towards a successful future career, and enable you to explore your interests. Additionally, this program provides a comprehensive knowledge of diverse business aspects.

– The program facilitates both professional and personal development.

– It helps pave the way for a promising career path.

– It allows individuals to pursue their passions and areas of interest.

– The program offers an extensive understanding of various business elements.

Partnerships with Academia & Industry Connections

LSBF in Singapore has achieved the renewal of the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) certification by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). This prestigious accreditation is valid for the next four years, until 2024.

The reason behind the high cost of LBS

The London School of Business and Finance (LBS) is known for its expensive MBA program. The high cost can be attributed to several factors that make the school stand out. Firstly, LBS has a strong reputation in the business world, which adds value to the degree obtained from this institution. Secondly, LBS maintains small class sizes, allowing for more personalized attention and interaction among students and faculty members.

Lastly, LBS has an extensive alumni network that offers significant benefits to graduates. This network provides access to valuable connections and career opportunities across various industries globally.

If you are looking for an alternative option that offers a great program at a lower cost than LBS, German schools could be worth considering. Germany is renowned for its quality education system and many universities offer excellent MBA programs at relatively affordable prices compared to some other countries.

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– The London School of Business and Finance (LBS) has an expensive MBA program due to factors such as its strong reputation.

– Small class sizes allow for more personalized attention.

– The esteemed faculty consists of experienced professionals.

– An extensive alumni network offers valuable connections.

Is LBS superior to Oxford?

If you are seeking a wider range of learning opportunities and the ability to customize your education, the London School of Business and Finance (LBS) would be the ideal option for you. On the other hand, if your priority is to complete your studies at a faster pace and return to work sooner, Oxford Saïd might be more suitable.