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Love School Season 3 Winner

Winner Of Love School Season 3

Lalit Choudhary and Divya Sharma were on Saturday declared winners of Love School Season 3. The duo beat Ujjwal Pathak-Aditi Pandey and Aviral Gupta-Sakshi Mago to win the ultimate battle of love. The finale was aired on MTV. Lalit and Divya entered the show as a part of the ‘singles’.

MTV Love School Season 3 Champions

The hosts and winners of Love School Season 3 were as follows:

1. Hosted by Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna, the winners were Tushar and Karishma.

2. Hosted by Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar, the winners were Pasha Doll and Khem Raj.

3. Again hosted by Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar, the winners this time were Lalit and Divya.

4. Continuing with Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar as hosts, Tajinder (Sunny) Cheema and Manpreet Kaur emerged as the winners.

MTV India airs the popular reality TV show, MTV Love School, which is targeted towards Indian youth. This series delves into the dynamics of real-life couples and their relationships.

Love School Season 3: Tushar and Karishma Emerge as Champions

The inaugural season of the MTV Love School reality show commenced on 5th December 2015 and concluded on 5th March 2016. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna served as the hosts for this first season.

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The pair of Tushar and Karishma came as a winner of the show. The host of the show later said that the couple had a very complicated relationship earlier. But they want as they had shown up tremendous improvement.

While the show was going on they perform the task very well. And rediscovering the spark of love between them. While Kabir and Pooja one of the runner-ups of the MTV love school show.

The champion of Love School Season 3 has been announced. The winner emerged victorious after a tough competition and was rewarded with the title.

Love School Season 3 Champions: Khemraj Bhardwaj and Pasha Doll

The second season of Love School began on 5 November 2016 and concluded with a grand finale on 18 February 2017. Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar, a dynamic couple, hosted the show during its second season.

Love School 2nd season was won by Pasha Doll and Khem, Raj is a website designer from Delhi and his partner Pasha doll is a DJ from Russia. Another couple Bhavya and Rasika and Honey and Ashiya are runner-ups of the season 2 show.

Lalit Chaudhari and Divya Sharma: Love School Season 3 Champions

Love School Season 3 commenced on May 12, 2018 and concluded on September 29, 2018. Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar continued to serve as the hosts for this season of the show.

Lalit Chaudhary and Divya Sharma emerged as the champions of Love School Season 3, securing the top spot. Ujjwal Pathak and Aditi Pandey were declared the second-place finishers in the competition.

Love School Season 3 Champions: Tajinder (Sunny) Cheema and Manpreet Kaur

Love School Season 3 has come to an end, marking the completion of three successful seasons. The show is now returning with its highly anticipated fourth season. Following the registration process, Season 4 commenced on February 23, 2019.

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On 3rd August 2019, Tajinder (Sunny) Cheema and Manpreet Kaur revealed the champion of MTV Love School Season 4. Dev Sood and Poojan Solanki were declared as the runners-up, while Ali Raza Shaikh and Aasheema Chauhan also secured the second place in the show.

Love School Season 3: The Victorious Couple

After the four season, the maker of the show is planing to come up with new season. But due to lockdown the Registration of the show is postponed.

MTV Love School Season 4 is now accepting auditions and online registrations. Individuals can participate in the show by applying through the official website.

Are any Love School couples still together?

But unlike most couples from the show, who were no longer together after the show, Bebo Memon and Honey Kamboj continue to be together. In fact, they are still madly in love and their fans love their social media PDA. Here are some cute pictures of the adorable duo.

Love School Season 4: Which couples are featured?

Manpreet Kaur and Sunny Cheema emerged as the winners of Love School Season 4, triumphing over two other finalist couples, Ali Raza-Asheema Chauhaan and Dev Sood-Poojan Solanki. The grand finale of the reality show marked their victory as they showcased their strong bond and compatibility throughout the season.

Love School Season 4 was a popular Indian reality show that focused on testing and enhancing relationships among young couples. The competition aimed to strengthen love connections by challenging participants through various tasks and activities. Manpreet Kaur and Sunny Cheema stood out from the rest with their unwavering commitment towards each other, effective communication skills, trust, understanding, and perseverance.

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Love School 2 champion?

The winner of the show’s season 2 are the Delhi-based couple Pasha Doll and Khemraj Bhardwaj. On Saturday, this Russian girl and Delhi boy were announced as the winners.

Do Ujjwal and Aditi remain in a relationship?

Ujjwal and Aditi, a couple who have been in a relationship for over four years, decided to participate in the show Love School Season 3. They had their fair share of challenges, including trust issues, clashing personalities, frequent arguments, and a lack of romance. However, throughout their journey on the show, Ujjwal and Aditi managed to overcome these obstacles and strengthen their bond.

Despite facing initial difficulties due to their differences in personality traits and constant fights arising from trust issues, Ujjwal and Aditi were determined to work on themselves as individuals while also nurturing their relationship. The couple recognized that they needed guidance and support to address these concerns effectively.

As the weeks went by on Love School Season 3, Ujjwal and Aditi began experiencing positive changes within themselves individually as well as collectively as a couple. Their commitment towards each other grew stronger with every passing day. Through various tasks assigned by the mentors on the show, they learned valuable lessons about communication skills, understanding emotions better,and rekindling romance.