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Location of Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar Thane West Thane Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is an attractive residential area that is becoming increasingly popular among individuals seeking affordable properties near Mumbai.

Numerous well-known property agents are preparing to introduce multiple fresh developments in this area, addressing the increasing need for real estate in Thane.

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is encircled by neighboring areas such as Upvan, Savali Society, Kokanipada, Dhokali, and Thane. It enjoys a convenient location just 24 KM from Mumbai and 25 KM from Mumbai International Airport.

Vasant Vihar, located in the western area of Thane, is a prominent neighborhood that includes high-quality residential and commercial areas.

This area has developed rapidly in recent times, thanks to its proximity to Thane and connectivity to Mumbai’s Eastern Suburbs.

What’s Great About Vasant Vihar?

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra offers a range of high-quality, fully-furnished apartments constructed by renowned developers like Windsor Realty and Kalpataru. This residential area is conveniently situated near Ghodbunder Road, which is a significant thoroughfare in Thane.

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra offers a diverse range of residential options including flats, apartments, villas with 2BHK and 3BHK configurations, as well as plots for those looking to build their dream homes. Additionally, there are also 2BHK flats available for purchase or rent.

In addition to the flourishing neighborhood, Vasant Vihar Thane West in Thane Maharashtra is home to renowned educational institutions and schools like Vasant Vihar High School. Moreover, there are numerous shopping malls conveniently located within a 5KM radius of this area.

If you desire a neighborhood that offers contemporary conveniences, Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is an ideal option. The area boasts excellent transportation facilities, making it easy to navigate. With the presence of police patrolling and advanced security measures like CCTVs, residents can feel safe even during nighttime travels.

The Downsides of Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Thane Maharashtra

As Vasant Vihar in Thane West continues to grow, it is not surprising that certain challenges arise. One such challenge includes occasional traffic congestion in the area, while there is also room for improvement in the drainage system.

With the increasing number of people, it can be difficult to find suitable parking spaces for cars. Additionally, encountering large crowds on weekends is a common occurrence in Vasant Vihar Thane West Thane Maharashtra.

Vasant Vihar: Evaluating Physical Infrastructure and Liveability Index in Thane West, Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is a thriving neighborhood that boasts of excellent amenities and infrastructure. It offers top-notch educational institutions, well-maintained roads, reliable healthcare facilities, beautiful parks, diverse dining options, comfortable hotels, and modern shopping malls. The locality also enjoys seamless connectivity through both roadways and railways.

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra offers a variety of residential options ranging from 1 to 5 BHK apartments. Renowned builders in Mumbai are continuously adding more housing projects to this area.

There are various ongoing projects in the nearby areas such as Alvarez RD, Upvan, Hiranandani Meadows, Manpada, Parsik Nagar, Pawar Nagar, and Kolshet Road.

If you are searching for a property in Vasant Vihar, there is an abundance of real estate agents available to assist you in finding and purchasing the perfect apartments, flats, builder floors, villas, commercial shops, and more. Squareyards is one such agency that can help fulfill your requirements.

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Social Infrastructure

If you are looking for a calm neighborhood close to Thane, Vasant Vihar should be your preferred option. This area offers numerous well-known eateries, schools, healthcare facilities, banks, parks, and more, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.

Educational Institutions in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Maharashtra

Some of the educational institutions in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra include Shreerang Vidyalaya, Municipal Primary School, Kalpataru School Of Art, Little Flower High School, Rhyme N Colors Preschool, Orchids the international school Thane and TMC Municipal School.

Vasant Vihar Restaurants in Thane West, Maharashtra

  • Food for foodies
  • Katty rolls
  • Shwarmaji
  • Little Bite Pav Bhaji
  • Chap’s Tasty Chinese
  • SD Foods
  • Biryani Binge
  • The Kitchen
  • Shahi Kolkata Roll
  • Sai Vihar Family Restaurant and Bar

Healthcare Facilities in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Maharashtra

Here are some healthcare facilities located in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra:

– Bethany Hospital

– Care and Cure clinic

– Dentales

– The Origin International Fertility Centre

– Sparsh Maternity And Nursing Home

– Cosmodent Dental Care

– Trupti Hospital – Thane

– Fortizz Dental Clinic

Vasant Vihar Shopping Malls and Markets in Thane West, Maharashtra

Some popular markets in Vasant Vihar Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra include Cinemax – WonderMall, Lakadi Pool Market, Sonapur Market, and Jai Bhawani Dainandin Bazaar.

Vasant Vihar Parks in Thane West, Maharashtra

There is a park for the community and another one specifically designed for joggers in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra.

Transportation in Vasant Vihar Thane West, Thane Maharashtra

Getting around in Vasant Vihar is always convenient as there are vehicles readily accessible at all times.

Within a 10-kilometer radius of Vasant Vihar in Thane West, there are multiple train stations available. These include Thane Railway Station, which is approximately 5.3 kilometers away, Kalva Railway Station at around 6.7 kilometers away, and Mulund Railway Station located about 8.0 kilometers from the area.

Additionally, Vasant Vihar is conveniently located just 25 KM away from the Chattrapati Chivaji Maharaj International Airport. The airport can be easily accessed by taking the Eastern Express Highway.

Additional transportation options in the vicinity include Vandana ST Bus Depot, Cidco Bus Depot Thane, and Kalwa Depot. These depots are located at distances of 5.3KM, 5.8KM, and 5.8KM respectively from Vasant Vihar Thane West in Thane, Maharashtra.

Renowned Streets in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Maharashtra

The Eastern Express Highway is a renowned road close to Vasant Vihar, Thane West. It is a well-kept highway that connects Mumbai with various significant cities through Thane west.

In which Indian city is Thane West located?

Thane West is a locality situated in Thane, Maharashtra, India within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It falls under the postal code 400601. The nearby areas to Thane West include Hiranandani Estate (4.64 Km), Kasarvadavali, Thane West (5.53 Km), Kalwa (8.42 Km), Thane East (8.88 Km), and Mulund West (9.93 Km). Additionally, the nearby cities to Thane West are Mumbai, Dive, and Thane.

List of Nearby Areas:

1) Hiranandani Estate – 4.64 km

2) Kasarvadavali, Thane West – 5.53 km

3) Kalwa – 8.42 km

4) Thane East – 8.88 km

5) Mulund West – 9.93 km

Nearby Cities:

1) Mumbai

2) Dive

3) Thane

Home Services in Vasant Vihar Thane West, Thane Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra offers a range of additional services including interior design, solar installation, and property shifting. These services are convenient for residents who wish to relocate or renovate their properties with ease.

Interior Décor

In Vasant Vihar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, you can find top-notch interior décor service providers such as Dream on Interiors & Designers, The Iconic, I Décor, and Enside Elevation Interiors Private Limited.

Packers and Movers

Some of the top packers and movers in Vasant Vihar include Shivam Logistics and Movers, CRC and Movers, Gargee and Movers, and Sadhana and Movers.

Rental Appliances

Some of the well-known companies offering rental appliances in Vasant Vihar include Thinkrenta LLP, Shree Giriraj Surgical, Hope and Dream, Harsh Furniture Hirers, and PCS Decorators.

Solar Rooftops

If you are looking for top-quality solar rooftop services, you can reach out to reputable companies such as Techno Associates Vidyut Pvt LTD, Radiance Technology Pvt Ltd, PG Solar Power, and Rays Energy.

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Postal Code of Vasant Vihar Thane West in India

Vasant Vihar is a well-known area located in Thane West, which is a part of the city of Thane in Maharashtra. It is a popular residential locality with many people choosing to live here. The pin code assigned to this area is 400610.

Thane West itself is a thriving neighborhood in Thane, known for its development and modern amenities. Vasant Vihar stands out as one of the preferred places to reside within this locality due to its convenient location and good infrastructure.

The area offers various housing options, ranging from apartments to independent houses, catering to different budgets and preferences. With its proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other essential facilities, Vasant Vihar provides residents with easy access to all their daily needs.

Overall, Vasant Vihar – Thane West has become an attractive choice for individuals and families looking for comfortable living spaces amidst a bustling urban environment.

Distance Calculator for Vasant Vihar Thane West Thane Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar is located in the western region of Thane, Mumbai. Its neighboring areas include Kolshet Road, Patilipada, Hiranandani Meadows, Parsik Nagar, Vartak Nagar, Pawar Nagar, Runwal Nagar and more.

Is Thane West considered an upscale neighborhood in India?

The Platinum belt in Thane West is a fancy area located in Thane, Maharashtra. It includes several neighborhoods such as Kasarvadavali, Kavesar, Hiranandani Estate, Manpada, Brahmand, Majiwada, and Patipada. These areas are known for their luxurious societies and high-end living.

Residents of the Platinum belt enjoy a posh lifestyle with access to modern amenities and facilities. The societies here are well-maintained and offer a comfortable living experience. The infrastructure in this area is developed with wide roads, landscaped gardens, shopping complexes, schools, hospitals, and recreational spaces.

Overall, the Platinum belt in Thane West is considered an upscale residential area due to its posh societies and convenient amenities. It provides a comfortable living environment for those who prefer a luxurious lifestyle combined with modern conveniences

Approximate Distances from Vasant Vihar to Other Cities and Towns in Thane, Maharashtra

Getting around in Vasant Vihar is convenient, thanks to its proximity to Thane railway station and well-connected roads. The following table provides information about the prominent nearby locations and cities of Vasant Vihar.

The following table provides information about the distance, commute time, and cab fare to various places from Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Thane Maharashtra.

– Thane: It is located at a distance of 1.8 kilometers from Vasant Vihar and can be reached in approximately 7 minutes by cab. The estimated cab fare for this journey is Rs. 54.

– Dombivli: Situated at a distance of 26.8 kilometers from Vasant Vihar, it takes around 1 hour and 7 minutes to reach Dombivli by cab. The approximate cab fare for this trip is Rs. 246.

– Bhiwandi: Located at a distance of 13.5 kilometers from Vasant Vihar, the commute time to Bhiwandi by cab is approximately 54 minutes. The estimated cab fare for this journey amounts to Rs.145.

– Mira-Bhayandar: Positioned at a distance of 23.7 kilometers from Vasant Vihar, it takes around an hour to reach Mira-Bhayandar by cab; however, there was no available information regarding the exact cab fare for this route.

Is Thane West a desirable place to reside in?

Thane is an incredible city that offers both a wonderful living environment and exciting opportunities for visitors. One of the reasons why Thane is so appealing is its ideal weather, which showcases all seasons throughout the year. Whether you prefer the warmth of summer or the coolness of winter, Thane has it all.

If you are planning to visit Thane, I highly recommend coming during the winter months from November to January. This time of year offers a delightful experience with pleasant temperatures and clear skies. You can explore various attractions such as historical sites, parks, and local markets without worrying about extreme heat or heavy rainfall.

For instance, if you enjoy nature walks or photography, visiting Masunda Lake would be a great choice. This expansive lake not only provides breathtaking views but also offers activities like boating and birdwatching. On the other hand, if you prefer a more serene ambiance for meditation or relaxation purposes, exploring smaller ponds like Upvan Lake might be perfect for you.

How Do People Rate Vasant Vihar?

The essential physical and social facilities, including roads, railways, educational institutions, businesses, etc., are readily available in this area.

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Furthermore, the presence of shopping complexes, local markets, dining establishments, and accommodations guarantees that residents of Vasant Vihar have access to all essential amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Visiting Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra

Getting to Vasant Vihar from Thane and Mumbai is quite convenient. You have the option of taking a taxi, train, or bus for your journey.

To reach Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, you have a few transportation options. If you prefer traveling by train, the closest railway station is Thane Railway Station, and it takes around 37 minutes to walk from there. Alternatively, you can take bus number A-484 which connects Vasant Vihar to different areas of Mumbai. Another option is to hire a cab; the estimated fare for a cab ride from Sion Circle to Vasant Vihar is approximately Rs. 230.

Tourist Attractions Near Vasant Vihar Thane West, Maharashtra

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is a wonderful neighborhood to discover. It offers numerous attractions where you can delve into the rich history of Maharashtra and have a delightful time. Here are some top-notch places that are highly recommended for a visit near Vasant Vihar:

Some popular attractions in Vasant Vihar Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra include Upvan Lake, Shakti Peeth Mandir, Uthalsar Naka, Mahendra Shinu Patil Marga, and Castle Mill Chowk.

Vasant Vihar Comparison

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra is considered one of the top residential areas close to Mumbai. It stands out for its limited power disruptions, consistent water supply, and a safe environment suitable for families.

Furthermore, the contemporary transportation infrastructure enables round-the-clock availability of transport, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free travel experience.

Vasant Vihar in Thane West, Maharashtra offers a range of parks for leisure and recreational activities. These amenities set it apart from neighboring areas such as Kapurbawdi, Kolshet Road, Vartak Nagar, Dhokali, Dhokali Naka, Manpada, and Parsik Nagar.

Rating And Reviews

When it comes to daily expenses for a family residing in Vasant Vihar, Thane West, there are several factors that contribute to their overall cost of living. These include groceries and food items which make up a significant portion of their budget. Additionally, utility bills such as electricity and water also need to be taken into account.

For instance, purchasing essential groceries like rice, vegetables and fruits from local markets or supermarkets is an unavoidable expense for families in this area. The prices may vary depending on the quality and availability of these products at any given time.

Furthermore, utility bills play an important role in determining the monthly expenditure for residents here. Electricity charges depend on consumption while water bills are usually fixed based on usage brackets set by local authorities.

Apart from basic necessities like food and utilities mentioned above; transportation costs should also be considered when calculating the overall cost of living in Vasant Vihar,Thane West.Those who rely on public transport will have commuting expenses whereas individuals with private vehicles must factor in fuel costs along with maintenance charges.

Is Thane larger than Mumbai?

If we compare the land area, Mumbai is larger than Thane. Thane covers an area of 147 square kilometres, while Mumbai spans across 603 square kilometres.

Vasant Vihar is a residential locality situated in Thane West, which is a part of the city of Thane in Maharashtra. It is known for its peaceful and serene environment, making it an ideal place to live for families and individuals seeking a calm lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located in close proximity to various amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities, Vasant Vihar offers convenience to its residents. The area also boasts well-developed infrastructure with good connectivity through roadways and public transportation systems.

– Mumbai has a larger land area compared to Thane.

– Vasant Vihar is located in Thane West within the city of Thane.

– It provides a peaceful living environment away from the busy city life.

– The locality offers convenient access to essential amenities and has good connectivity options.

What is Thane known for?

Thane, also known as the city of lakes, is a popular tourist destination near Mumbai. It offers a range of attractions for visitors to explore, including ancient temples and fortresses, sprawling parks, and scenic hills. One must-visit location in Thane is Ghodbunder Road, which provides breathtaking views and serves as an ideal spot for a day-long outing from Mumbai.