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Kerala School Wise Result on Nic In

Kerala Result Nic In School Wise

Students in Kerala can check and download their DHSE first year results for 2024 online. To access the results, students need to enter their roll number and date of birth on the Kerala +1 result login page. The education board of Kerala also allows users to download the results. Additionally, by entering the school code in the result login window, students can view and download the Kerala Plus one result for their respective schools. Last year, the DHSE Kerala plus one exam results were declared on June 15, 2023. For more details regarding the release date of Kerala DHSE first year results for 2024, steps to obtain school-wise or individual results, and other related information, continue reading.

Students can consult the table below to find out the approximate dates for events related to the declaration of Kerala class 11 results in 2024. Take a look at it.

Kerala DHSE Plus One Result 2024 Date and Time

Check out the following table to get major highlights and overview of the plus 1 exam result Kerala board 2024.

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Kerala Plus One Result 2024 Highlights

Candidates in Kerala can access sample papers for the DHSE exams to enhance their exam readiness.

Check Kerala Plus One Result 2024 School Wise

The online scorecard of DHSE Kerala plus one result 2024 will contain the following details as mentioned below:

  • Subject-wise marks
  • Candidate’s roll number
  • Student’s name
  • Father’s name
  • Aggregate Marks
  • Result Qualifying status
  • Mother’s name
  • Percentage
  • Grades

How do I verify my plus one exam outcome?

How to Check the Kerala Plus One Result 2024 Online? Appearing students can go through the steps mentioned below to download their online Kerala board plus one result 2024 scorecard: Go to the official website, Select the link with “DHSE First Year Result 2024 Kerala board” on the homepage.

Kerala Plus One Result 2024: What Comes Next?

Once the Kerala DHSE plus one results for 2024 are announced, successful students will be promoted to Class 12th. It is recommended that they study diligently from the start in order to achieve their desired scores in plus two. Following this, students will need to choose a stream based on their interests and future career aspirations.

What is the minimum score required to pass the plus one exam in Kerala?

In order to successfully pass the DHSE plus one exam, it is required for candidates to achieve a minimum score of 30 percent in each subject out of a total of 100 marks. This means that they must demonstrate a satisfactory level of understanding and knowledge across all subjects.

When it comes to the science subject, which includes both theory and practical examinations, there are specific criteria for passing. In the theory portion, candidates need to obtain at least 20 marks out of a total of 75. This emphasizes the importance of comprehending scientific concepts and being able to apply them effectively in written assessments.

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Additionally, there is a practical component in the science subject. To pass this section, candidates must earn a minimum score of 15 marks out of 25. Practical exams provide an opportunity for students to showcase their hands-on skills and ability to conduct experiments accurately.

To better understand these requirements and prepare effectively for the DHSE plus one exam, candidates can benefit from various strategies. Firstly, they should focus on building strong foundational knowledge in each subject by studying regularly throughout the academic year. This can be achieved through attending classes consistently and actively participating in classroom discussions.

Lastly, seeking guidance from teachers or tutors who specialize in specific subjects can prove invaluable during exam preparation. These experts can provide additional explanations or clarify any doubts that arise during self-study sessions.

By following these guidelines and putting forth consistent effort towards understanding concepts thoroughly as well as practicing diligently before exams, aspiring candidates will increase their chances not only passing but also achieving good scores on their DHSE plus one examination

Kerala Plus One DHSE Result: Historical Data on Kerala Result Nic In School Wise

– In 2023, approximately 400,000 students appeared for the exams.

– The number of students who took the exams in 2022 was around 400,000.

– Around 400,000 students participated in the examinations held in 2021.

– Approximately 400,000 students appeared for the exams in 2019.

– In 2018, there were about 390,000 students who took part in the examinations.

Get ready to check the Kerala Plus One Result 2024 on the official website

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How to verify my Kerala SSLC result by school?

To access the SSLC results for Kerala schools, follow these steps:

1. Go to the website

3. In the new window that opens, enter the school code and submit it.

Remember to visit to check out the SSLC results for Kerala schools!

How to verify my Kerala SET outcome?

To access the Kerala SET January 2024 result, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of LBS Centre for Science & Technology at

3. A new page will open where you need to enter the necessary details.

4. Fill in all the required information as prompted.

What is the overall score for 12th Kerala?

The Kerala 12th exam follows a grading system where the total marks for each subject are set at 100. This means that students will be evaluated based on their performance in various components of the examination. These components include the terminal examination (TE), continuous examination (CE), and practical examination (PE).

Lastly, practical examinations play a crucial role in subjects that require hands-on learning, such as science or computer applications. Students are assessed on their ability to apply theoretical knowledge practically through experiments or projects.