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Kerala Plus Two Result 2023: School Wise Analysis

Kerala +2 Result 2023 School Wise

Kerala Plus Two School Wise Result 2023 Link – You can check school wise result as per announcement at, | Click Here for Saphalam

Kerala Plus Two Result 2023 (Individual Scores) Website –.

You can visit to view the DHSE, VHSE, and DHSE (NSQF) results. Additionally, you can check the results on for DHSE and VHSE. Another option is to go to for checking your result.

If you are unaware of your school code, kindly consult the Kerala Plus Two School Codes PDF for reference.

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Kerala Plus Two Result 2023 School Wise is available on various websites such as and Students can check their results by using the DHSE Kerala School Code. Another website,, also provides the DHSE Kerala Plus Two Result for 2023.

Kerala Plus Two Result 2023: Steps to Check School Wise

Checking the Kerala Plus Two Result School Wise 2023 is a straightforward and convenient process. It can be easily done on the official website of the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education or other relevant portals. Here is a step-by-step guide, along with School Codes, to access the Kerala 12th Class Result.

Here are some websites where you can check the Kerala +2 results:,, and

When you visit the Kerala Class 12 Result 2023 School Wise page, there will be sections where you can input your school code in order to access the results specific to your school. The article below contains information on how to obtain your kerala Board School Code.

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Check the list and make sure you enter the accurate school code in the designated space.

After entering the school code, click the “Submit” button. Now the form will retrieve the Plus Two results for the specific school. The results may be displayed in a tabular format, showing the individual scores or grades of students.

Make sure to observe the Kerala +2 results for schools in 2023 that are being shown on the screen. If it is accessible, you might also have the choice to save a PDF file with the school-wise results for future use.

Kerala Board School Codes for +2 Result 2023

You can find a comprehensive list of schools in Kerala along with their respective codes. The school codes for various districts such as Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikkode, Malappuram, Wayanad are available here. Additionally, you can also find the school codes for Arabian Gulf region and the territories of Lakshadweep and Mahe.

The authorities at DHSE Kerala conducted the Plus Two Board Exams until 28 March 2023. Following that, teachers were appointed to assess the Class 12 answer sheets.

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What does the +2 board in Kerala refer to?

The Kerala HSE Board, formerly known as the pre-degree courses, is responsible for overseeing Classes 11 and 12 in the state. Under the authority of DHSE (Directorate of Higher Secondary Education), these classes are commonly referred to as Plus One and Plus Two. The DHSE plays a crucial role in ensuring quality education and smooth functioning of higher secondary schools across Kerala.

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With its establishment, DHSE took over the responsibilities that were previously handled by different boards such as State Council Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and Vocational Higher Secondary Education (VHSE). This consolidation brought about a more streamlined approach to managing Class 11 and 12 education in Kerala.

P.S. The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education focuses on providing comprehensive support to students pursuing their higher secondary education in Kerala. It not only regulates curriculum development but also conducts examinations, evaluates answer scripts, declares results, issues certificates, and ensures adherence to academic standards set by various governing bodies. Through its dedicated efforts, DHSE aims to empower students with knowledge and skills necessary for their future endeavors.

What is the overall score for +2 Vhse?

In the Kerala +2 Result 2023 School Wise scheme, the syllabus has been revamped and divided into four modules. Each module requires students to undergo a Skill evaluation, which carries a maximum score of 100. To be eligible for securing a skill certificate, students must achieve a minimum score of 50%.

The restructuring of the syllabus into modules aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in various subjects. By dividing the curriculum into manageable sections, it allows for better understanding and assimilation of concepts.

P.S: The Kerala +2 Result 2023 School Wise scheme emphasizes not only academic excellence but also practical skills development among students. By introducing skill evaluations within each module, it ensures that learners are equipped with both theoretical understanding and hands-on expertise in their chosen fields.

What is the passing score plus 2 in Kerala?

The Kerala Plus Two mark list will showcase the names of students who have achieved high marks in their examinations. In order to pass, candidates must meet certain criteria. They are required to attain a minimum overall grade of D+ and secure a minimum of 30 percent in each subject. Additionally, it is mandatory for candidates to obtain a cumulative score of at least 30% across all subjects.

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P.S: The Kerala Plus Two mark list serves as recognition for students who have excelled academically. It highlights their hard work and dedication towards their studies. Achieving the minimum passing requirements ensures that candidates have demonstrated a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding in each subject area.

Furthermore, obtaining an overall grade of D+ signifies that students have met the necessary standards set by the education board. This achievement reflects not only their academic abilities but also their commitment to learning and growth.

P.S: It is important for candidates to remember that securing at least 30 percent in every subject is crucial for passing the Kerala Plus Two examination. This requirement ensures that individuals possess a basic understanding and competency across various disciplines.

By adhering to these guidelines, students can successfully navigate through their +2 education journey with confidence, paving the way for future opportunities and endeavors within higher education or professional fields.

What is the number of students in Kerala plus two?

– Total participants: Over four lakhs thirty-two thousand

– Girls: Approximately Two lakhs fourteen thousand

– Boys: Around Two lakhs eighteen thousand

– Students who scored full A+ grade: Thirty-three Thousand Nine Hundred Fifteen