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Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science: Empowering Education in Ramtek, Maharashtra

Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science Ramtek Maharashtra

Want to stay updated about this college? Receive information on eligibility criteria, admission process, placement opportunities, and fee structure. Stay informed with the latest updates regarding Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science in Ramtek, Maharashtra.

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KITS Nagpur: Key Features

Accreditation is the evaluation and certification of the quality of educational programs in a college, typically conducted by an external group of academic experts. It ensures that the academic practices followed within an institution are strong and appropriate.

What does “kits” stand for?


– Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science is an esteemed educational institute.

– The institute provides various programs related to technology and science.

– Students can pursue their studies in different branches such as engineering, computer science, and applied sciences at Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science.

– The institution aims to provide quality education to its students.

– It is located in India, specifically catering to the English-speaking population.

KITS Nagpur Placement Statistics

– The number of students admitted in the first year is 540.

– Out of these, a total of 272 students were admitted.

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– A total of 326 students have successfully graduated from the institute.

– Among them, 235 students have been placed in various job positions.

– Only one student has opted to pursue higher studies after graduation.

– The median salary offered to graduates is INR 3.80 Lakh.

Placement yearly trends

The employment rate at KITS Nagpur has risen by 66.68%, while the average salary has seen a growth of 11.58%.

Is Kit College a reputable institution?

KIT is a top-notch college in Kolhapur known for its exceptional faculty members and impressive placement record. In our course, approximately 90% of students secure placements.


– KIT is renowned for its outstanding faculty members.

– The college has an excellent track record when it comes to student placements.

– In our course at KIT, around 90% of students successfully land job opportunities.

Diversification of Students at KITS Nagpur

Largest educational group in northern India | Top package of 1 crore | Scholarships available up to 100%.

Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science Ramtek Maharashtra has been recognized as the 8th best institution according to NIRF rankings. It has also received a prestigious NAAC A++ accreditation. The institute boasts a strong network of over 770 recruiters who actively seek out its graduates for employment opportunities.

Job Placement Support of 100% | Attend SEE on April 6th & 7th, 2024.

Accepted Entrance Exams at KITS Nagpur

The college has excellent infrastructure with facilities such as wifi connectivity, a library, a sports room, and three hostels for students. Additionally, there is a canteen that offers clean and hygienic food. The college also provides practical labs for students to enhance their learning experience.

College is good to learn

The college has a well-maintained infrastructure and is located in a clean and hygienic area. The hostel premises are comfortable to live in, with good food options, particularly for breakfast. Although smart boards are not currently available, they will be introduced soon, and the WiFi facility is well-maintained. The library is excellent, as are the sports facilities. However, there is a need for an update in the laboratories.

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Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science Ramtek Maharashtra: Strong Academics, Limited Job Prospects

The college boasts well-designed structures and excellent facilities, including both indoor and outdoor sports amenities. Situated away from the bustling city, the surroundings are clean and serene. The hostel is reasonably priced and offers satisfactory services, as does the mess. The library stands out as one of the finest in Nagpur region. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to updating the laboratory conditions.

Applications for Admissions are open

The sole university in Asia to possess the most prestigious accreditation from both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Admissions for UPES B.Tech 2024

NIRF has ranked Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science Ramtek Maharashtra as the 52nd best university in India. The highest salary package offered to students is 50 LPA, and all students have secured placements with a 100% placement rate.

2024 B.Tech Admissions at Parul University

The university in India has received the highest accreditation from NAAC, making it the youngest institution to achieve this. It is also ranked between 151-200 in the NIRF rankings. With a wide range of recruiters, there are ample opportunities for students with a highest package offer of 30 lakhs.

Admissions 2024 for B.Tech at Amity University, Mumbai

Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science in Ramtek, Maharashtra is recognized as one of the leading universities worldwide, ranking within the top 3% according to QS Rankings.

Admissions 2024 – B.Tech at MAHE, Manipal

Recognized with the highest accreditation from NAAC, Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science in Ramtek, Maharashtra has been acknowledged as an institution of eminence by the Government of India. It holds a commendable rank of #6 according to NIRF rankings. The deadline for applications is 15th March.

Admissions for M.Tech at Alliance University 2024

Over 6000 opportunities have been generated, with the support of more than 600 recruitment partners.

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Ramtek: A District?

Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, Ramtek offers breathtaking views of hills and forests. The tranquil environment makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking peace and serenity away from bustling cities. With its pleasant climate throughout the year, Ramtek attracts tourists from various parts of Maharashtra as well as other states.

One notable feature that distinguishes Ramtek is its religious significance. The city houses several ancient temples that hold immense spiritual value for devotees. Among them is the renowned Shri Ram Temple which stands atop a hill called “Ramgiri.” This temple dedicated to Lord Rama attracts thousands of pilgrims every year during festivals like Diwali and Ram Navami.

Apart from its religious prominence, Ramtek also boasts educational institutions that contribute to the overall development of the region. One such institution is Kavikulguru Institute Of Technology And Science (KITS), which plays a vital role in providing quality education to students pursuing engineering courses. Located near Nagpur Road in Ramtek, KITS offers state-of-the-art facilities along with experienced faculty members who impart knowledge through innovative teaching methods.

The reason behind the name “kit

Kit, a name that carries various cultural and film associations, has an interesting origin. It is derived from the names Christopher and Katherine, both of which have deep historical roots. The name Kit holds significant meaning as it translates to “bearing Christ,” making it a popular choice among Christian families in the past.

P.S: It is fascinating how names can carry such rich histories behind them! The evolution of Kit from its religious beginnings to its widespread usage today showcases how language adapts over time.

What is the reason behind calling them kits?

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