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Jeddah Saudi Arabia Postal Code

Pin Code Of Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Discover the pin codes and postal codes for different cities in Saudi Arabia. Locate the necessary codes required to send letters and parcels to various destinations throughout the country.

Postal Code of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

– Riyadh: 11564

– Jeddah: 21577

– Mecca: 24231

– Medina: 42311

– Dammam: 31433

– Khobar: 34426

– Abha: 61421

– Taif: 26513

– Buraidah: 51431

– Tabuk :50060

-Hail :55431

-Najran :61441

-Al-Qatif :32653

-Yanbu :46411

-Jizan :82712

-Khamis Mushait :62461

-Jubail 35514

-Al-Ahsa 31982

-Al Khafji 39212

-Al Baha 65525

Do zip codes exist in Saudi Arabia?

Postal codes used in Saudi Arabia are colloquially known as postcodes. Unlike other nations in the general region (which use alphanumeric postal codes), the post codes of Saudi Arabia are numerical as adopted by the Saudi Postal Corporation (Saudi Post).

The Significance of Riyadh Zip Postal Codes

Having the accurate postal code for Riyadh is crucial for various purposes.

Having a specific pin code in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ensures that your mail is delivered accurately and promptly. This helps couriers and postal services efficiently route your mail, reducing any potential delays and ensuring it reaches its intended destination quickly. Additionally, having your pin code readily available simplifies online transactions as many platforms and services in Saudi Arabia require it for registration and verification purposes. This saves you time and frustration during the process. Moreover, knowing your pin code can also be helpful when navigating local businesses in Riyadh, especially government offices and utilities which may ask for it to identify or assist with service inquiries.

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Below is the compilation of postal codes for different districts in Riyadh.

Which country uses a 6-digit PIN code?

A Postal Index Number (PIN) code is a six-digit code utilized by India Post in the postal code system of India. These codes are also known as Zip codes or area codes, and each digit within them represents a distinct significance.

– A PIN code is a six-digit code used by India Post.

– It is part of the Indian postal code system.

– PIN codes are also referred to as Zip codes or area codes.

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Postal Code of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

– Al-Malaz: 11511

– As-Sulaymaniyah: 11512

– An-Nasiriyah: 11513

– Al-Urayjah: 11514

– Al-Batha: 11515

– Ash-Shurayfah: 11521

– Ad-Diriyah: 11522

– Hajer: 11523

– An-Nuzhah: 11531

– Ar-Rawdah :  11332 

-Shirayan :    11341 

-Al-Malqa :       11342 

-An-Nakheel :    11471 

-Al-Olaya :

Additional Tip: In addition to postal codes, it is crucial to include precise house numbers and street names when addressing mail in Riyadh. This combination of accurate address details along with the correct postal code will guarantee that your mail reaches its intended destination without any issues.

What is the 2 digit code for Saudi Arabia?

The country code for Saudi Arabia is 966, and the country code abbreviation is SA. This means that when making an international call to Saudi Arabia, you need to dial +966 before the phone number.

Jeddah, also spelled Jiddah or Jedda, is a major city in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea coast. It serves as an important commercial hub and gateway for pilgrims traveling to Mecca and Medina. Jeddah has a diverse population due to its role as a trading port throughout history.

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– Country Code: 966

– Country Code Abbreviation: SA

– Location: Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula

– Capital City: Riyadh

– Major City: Jeddah (on the Red Sea coast)

Name the port in Jeddah

– Jeddah Islamic Port is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

– It is positioned on the Red Sea.

The sea Jeddah is located on

Jeddah, situated on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, is commonly known as The Bride of the Red Sea due to its location along the Red Sea coast.