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Jayanagar 4Th T Block Post Office

Jayanagar 4Th T Block Post Office

The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office is situated in the Jayanagar area of Bangalore South, Karnataka. It serves as the main post office for this region and is responsible for sorting, processing, and delivering mail to recipients. This facility operates under the supervision and funding of the Government of India (GOI). The pin code assigned to this post office is 560041. It falls within the postal division of Bangalore South in the Karnataka postal circle.

Post Offices are commonly named after the area they serve, and the Jayanagar Post Office in India has a Pin Code of 560041. The Pin Code is a six-digit postal code used by India Post. It consists of various digits that indicate different regions, sub-regions, sorting districts, and delivery post office types.

The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office is the main post office in the area. It offers delivery services and is part of the Bangalore South postal division, which falls under the Bangalore Hq region. This post office belongs to Karnataka circle and operates within Bangalore South Taluka and Bangalore District. The contact number for Jayanagar Post Office is +91-802-244-0303.

Services Offered by Jayanagar Post Office

In the past, the main role of Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office was to handle mail collection, processing, transmission, and delivery. However, nowadays post offices offer a range of other important services alongside their traditional duties. These additional services include various mail-related services, financial services, retail services, and premium offerings.

Mail Services

Jayanagar P.O offers essential mail services, which encompass various postal items containing messages such as letters, postcards, inland letter cards, packets or parcels, and ordinary mails.


In addition to handling letters, the Mail Service also offers the transmission and delivery of parcels. A parcel can be any item addressed to a recipient, ranging from a single written letter to larger packages. However, it is important that parcels are in a shape and packaging that allows them to be easily carried or transmitted by post without causing inconvenience or risk. All parcels, including service parcels, must be handed over at the post office window for transmission. If a parcel is found in a letter box instead, it will be treated as a registered parcel and charged accordingly. Delivery services are available at selected branch post offices and delivery centers. The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office provides these delivery facilities for residents of Jayanagar and nearby areas, allowing them access to various types of mail services.

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Retail Services

Residents of Jayanagar and the surrounding areas have access to a range of high-quality services offered by the Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office. These premium services include Speed Post, Business Post, Express Parcel Post, Media Post, Greeting Post, and Logistics Post.

Speed Post

Speed Post is a service that ensures prompt delivery of letters and packages within a specific time frame. The maximum weight limit for sending an article or parcel is 35 kilograms between any two designated locations in India. Speed Post offers cost-effective solutions, delivering items weighing up to 50 grams at INR 35 nationwide, and local deliveries of the same weight at INR 15 (excluding applicable Service Tax). For the most current information on Speed Post service charges, please refer to the official website.

Tracking Speed Post by India Post

There are various types of postal services, each with its own tracking number format. The Express Parcel has a 13-digit alphanumeric format like XX000000000XX. Registered Mail also has a 13-digit alphanumeric number in the format RX123456789IN. On the other hand, Electronic Money Order (EMO) uses an 18-digit tracking number with the format 000000000000000000. For domestic Speed Post (EMS), the tracking number consists of 13 alphanumeric characters in the format EE123456789IN.

Express Parcel Post

Greeting Post is yet another innovative or unique step by India Post. It consists of a card with an envelope with pre-printed and pre attached postage stamp on the envelope. The stamp on the envelope is a replica of the design that appears upon the card but in miniature form. Thus there is no need affix postage stamps on the envelope implicitly saving your time of going to post offices and standing in the queue. All the rules and that are applicable for the postage dues will also be applicable to the Greeting Post.

Jayanagar 4th T Block Postal Service

The E-Post Office provides various services such as Philately, Postal Life Insurance, Electronic Indian Postal Order, Information Services, Track & Trace and Complaints & Guidelines services.


Philately service deals with collection, sale and study of postage stamps. Philately includes lot of services Philately Information, Stamp issue Program, Stamps List and Buy Stamps service.

Postal Life Insurance (PLI)

Postal Life Insurance is a government service that provides financial assistance to the nominee of an individual in case of their death. Alternatively, if the person survives until the maturity period, they can receive the payment themselves. The two services available under Postal Life Insurance are Pay Premium and PLI information.

Electronic Indian Postal Order

The eIPO, also known as Electronic Indian Postal Order, is a convenient way to buy an Indian Postal Order online by making a payment through the e-Post Office. This service has been introduced by the Department of Posts under the Ministry of Communications & IT in India.

Indian citizens residing in India can now utilize eIPO to make online payments for seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005. eIPO provides two services: eIPO information and online fee payment.

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Information Services

The track and trace service is extremely beneficial as it assists in obtaining information about our valuable items. This service provides five distinct options, including Pin Code search, EMO tracking, Speed Post tracking, WNX tracking, and International mail service.

Complaints & Guidelines

The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office provides a lucrative monthly investment scheme that allows investors to earn attractive returns within a specific time frame. Additionally, customers have the option to extend their investment period if desired. Moreover, the post office also offers insurance services with certain terms and conditions.

MIS: Monthly Income Scheme for India

The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office provides the opportunity to invest in fixed deposits for various time periods, such as one, two, three, or five years. These deposits offer compounded interest rates and also allow for yearly interest withdrawals. Additionally, the post office offers an automatic credit facility where the earned interest can be directly deposited into a savings account.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

The Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office provides a special investment opportunity for senior citizens. This scheme allows them to invest their money for a duration of five years, with the option to extend if desired. The interest rates offered are higher than usual and are paid out in quarterly installments.

NSC – National Savings Certificate

The National Savings Certificate (NSC) provides a fixed investment option for either 5 or 10 years, with certificates available in different amounts. It also allows individuals to pledge their NSC as collateral to obtain loans from banks.

KVP – Kisan Vikas Patra

Kisan Vikas Patra is a savings certificate scheme where the invested amount doubles in 110 months, which is equivalent to 9 years and 2 months. The scheme offers denominations of Rs 1,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 10,000, and Rs 50,000. The minimum deposit required is Rs 1,000 with no maximum limit. Any adult can purchase this certificate for themselves or on behalf of a minor. It allows for easy transfer from one account holder to another and between post offices. However, the certificate can only be encashed after a period of two and a half years from the date of issue.

Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA)

To open an account, a minimum deposit of INR 1000/- per financial year is required, while the maximum allowed deposit stands at INR 1,50,000/-. Additional deposits can be made in multiples of INR 100/-. There are no restrictions on the number or frequency of deposits within a month or financial year.

A legal guardian has the authority to open an account in the name of a girl child. However, closure can only occur once she reaches 21 years old. Premature closure may be permitted after she turns 18 if she intends to get married.

What is the pin code for 4th block in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

Jayanagar 4th T Block is located in the southern part of Bangalore, India. The pincode assigned to this locality is 560011.

What is the pin code for 4th T Block?

The 4th T Block in Jayanagar, Bangalore is a well-known locality with the pincode 560011. This area is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse community. It offers a range of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of its residents.

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One of the key features of this locality is its convenient location. Situated in South Bangalore, it enjoys excellent connectivity to other parts of the city through various modes of transportation such as buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. The nearby metro station further enhances accessibility for both residents and visitors.

In terms of infrastructure, the 4th T Block boasts a well-planned layout with wide roads and ample parking spaces. The area also houses several educational institutions ranging from schools to colleges, making it an ideal place for families with children. Additionally, there are numerous healthcare centers including hospitals and clinics that provide quality medical services to the local population.

For those seeking recreational activities or shopping opportunities, this locality has plenty to offer. There are several parks where people can enjoy outdoor activities or simply relax amidst greenery. Moreover, there are numerous retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes catering to different tastes and preferences.

Number of blocks in Jayanagar, Bangalore?

Located in close proximity to the renowned Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, the Jayanagar 4th T Block Post Office serves as a vital communication hub for residents and businesses in this bustling neighborhood. Jayanagar, a well-established locality in Bangalore, is divided into ten area blocks, with the 3rd and 4th blocks emerging as prominent commercial centers while the remaining blocks predominantly consist of residential areas.

What is Postal Code of Jayanagar?

The Pin Code of Jayanagar is 560041, which is also referred to as the Zip Code or Postal Code. Situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Jayanagar falls under the jurisdiction of the Bangalore South taluk and division. The office responsible for handling postal services related to the 560041 Pin Code is located in Jayanagar within the Bangalore South division.

Overall, with its convenient location and dedicated post office catering specifically to this Pin Code region, residents of Jayanagar can rely on efficient postal services for their communication needs.

What zone is Jayanagar located in Bangalore?

Jayanagar 4th T Block is a bustling commercial and institutional locality situated in the southern part of Bangalore, India. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of businesses that cater to the needs of both residents and visitors alike. With its strategic location, Jayanagar 4th T Block has become a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The area is home to numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets offering a wide variety of products and services. From trendy fashion stores to traditional handicraft shops, there is something for everyone here. Visitors can explore the bustling streets lined with colorful storefronts or relax at one of the many cozy cafes while enjoying delicious local cuisine.

In addition to its commercial aspect, Jayanagar 4th T Block also houses several educational institutions including schools and colleges. This makes it an ideal place for students seeking quality education in a convenient location. The presence of these institutions adds vibrancy to the neighborhood as young minds gather here to pursue their academic goals.