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Haryana Board Of School Education 12Th: Ensuring Quality Education and Empowering Students

Haryana Board Of School Education 12Th

The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) has commenced the 12th exams for the year 2024. These exams are being conducted in a traditional pen and paper format, starting from February 27 and concluding on April 2. To participate in these exams, students must obtain their admit cards from their respective schools or download them from the official website of HBSE. It is mandatory for students to carry their admit cards during all exam days; failure to do so will result in them being unable to write the exam.

The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) has published the date sheet for Class 12 exams in 2024. The initial release was on January 5, 2024, and it was later revised on January 25, 2024. Students can access the HBSE Class 12 date sheet for the year 2024 by visiting the official website or by clicking on the dates tab provided above.

The syllabus for the Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) 12th exam in 2024 outlines the chapters and topics that students need to study. On the other hand, the HBSE 12th exam pattern for 2024 provides information on how the exam is structured, including marking scheme, question types, duration, and more. To prepare effectively, students should also solve sample papers from HBSE 12th exams in previous years to understand the difficulty level of questions and identify any recurring patterns.

The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) has announced that the Class 10 and 12 board exams for the year 2024 will commence on February 27. It is important for students to be aware of the exam-day instructions.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced that starting from the academic session 2025-26, Board exams will be held twice a year and students will have the option to keep their highest score. In accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), a new curriculum framework has been prepared and textbooks will be developed for the 2024 academic session. It has been specified that students in Class 11 and 12 must study two languages, with at least one being an Indian language. The updated curriculum framework allows students in classes 11 and 12 to choose subjects beyond traditional streams like arts, science, and commerce, providing them with more flexibility in their choices.

About BSEH

The Haryana Board of School Education (BSEH) organizes the annual HBSE 12th exams. The board sets the syllabus, exam format, and other related details for these exams. These examinations are held for students from all three streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts. Approximately 300,000 students take part in the Haryana Board 12th exams each year. Those who successfully pass these exams can apply for admission to various undergraduate programs offered by different universities and colleges.

HBSE Class 12th Exam Dates and Schedule for 2024

Refer to the chart provided below for the full timetable of Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) 12th grade examinations in 2024.

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– Exam Schedule for Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) 12th exams in 2024 is currently ongoing from February 27 to April 2.

– The tentative date for the release of HBSE 12th exam results in May 2024.

– In the past, the HBSE 12th Date Sheet for 2024 was released on January 5.

HBSE 12th 2024 Overview

– Full Exam Name: Haryana Board of Secondary Education 12th Examination

– Short Exam Name: HBSE 12th

– Conducting Body: Board of School Education Haryana

– Frequency of Conduct: Once a year

– Exam Level: Intermediate

– Exam Duration: 3 Hours

HBSE 12th Exam Schedule 2024

Haryana Board releases the HBSE Class 12 Admit Card online mode for schools only. The students can obtain the same from their respective school authorities. The HBSE 12th admit card were issued in February 2024. Students are required to collect their admit card from their respective schools. Admit card is an important document and needs to be carried on all exam days. Without it, no students will be allowed to write the paper. The admit card mentions the student’s name, roll number, exam day, dates, exam centre address and more.

HBSE 12th Syllabus 2024

The syllabus for the Haryana Board of School Education (BSEH) class 12 exams in 2024 has been published on the official website, It is important for students to carefully review and understand all the topics mentioned in the syllabus to avoid spending unnecessary time studying irrelevant subjects.

Has the HBSE Class 12 datesheet for 2024 been published?

To access and download a copy of the HBSE Class 12 date sheet for your convenience, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your web browser and go to

2. Look for an option or tab related to “Examinations” or “Date Sheet.”

3. Click on it and navigate to find “HBSE Class 12 Date Sheet – Exam Year:2024”.

5. The complete exam schedule should now be visible on your screen.

6. You can either save it as a PDF file or take a printout if needed.

Remember that staying updated with any changes or updates regarding exam dates is equally important throughout your preparation period until you have completed all examinations successfully.

HBSE 12th Exam Pattern for 2024

It is important for Haryana students appearing for their 12th Board exams to have knowledge about the exam pattern. This includes understanding the marking scheme, duration of the exam, types of questions asked, and other relevant details. Having this information will enable students to plan their approach in answering questions effectively during the HBSE 12th exams.

Haryana Board 2024 Official Website: Where to Find It?

In simpler words, it means that if you want any information about the 12th-grade exams conducted by HBSE, you should visit their official website at This website will have all the necessary details and updates regarding these exams.

Haryana Board of School Education 12th Exam Papers

Familiarizing oneself with the exam pattern and understanding the level of difficulty can be achieved by referring to question papers from previous years. By using HBSE class 12th question papers, students can also gain knowledge about the various types of questions that have been asked in exams over time.

Official Website for Haryana Board Class 12: Where to Find It?

The Haryana Board of School Education has released the date sheet for the 12th class exams in 2023. The date sheet can be found on the official website of the Haryana Board at This is an important announcement for students who will be appearing for their 12th board exams in Haryana.

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The date sheet provides information about the schedule and timing of each exam subject. It helps students plan and prepare accordingly, ensuring they are well-prepared for each exam. By checking the date sheet, students can know when their exams will take place and make a study timetable to manage their time effectively.

HBSE 12th Exam Readiness 2024

To enhance exam readiness, students should refer to the Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) 12th preparation tips. It is crucial for students to jot down challenging concepts and formulas. Additionally, seeking assistance from teachers, seniors, and peers can help clarify any doubts or questions. For more information on HBSE 12th preparation tips, click here.

How to verify my Haryana exam outcome?

To check the HBSE 10th Result 2024 online, follow these steps:

1. Go to the official website of HBSE –

2. Look for the latest notification section on the website.

HBSE 12th Result 2024 by Haryana Board of School Education

The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) is anticipated to declare the HBSE 12th Result 2024 for class 12 students in May on their official website. To access their Haryana Board 12th result, students will need to use their roll numbers. Once the HBSE 12th result is announced, students can proceed with applying for admission to higher education institutions.

The process to verify the HBSE 12th result for the year 2024 is outlined below:

HBSE 12th Exams 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

The examination for each paper lasts for three hours. The exam timings were from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Q: How challenging is the Haryana Board of School Education 12th exam?

The HBSE 12th exam can be described as having a moderate to challenging level of difficulty.

What is the maximum score for the Haryana Board of School Education 12th exam?

A: The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) Class 12 exam has a total mark allocation of 500. Each subject is marked between 60 and 80, while certain papers like Co-Curricular activities are assessed using grades.

The Haryana Board of School Education is scheduled to announce the results for Class 12 in May 2024.

In which categories are the subjects of HBSE 12th classified?

The subjects are divided into three streams: Science, Commerce, and Arts/Humanities.

How many students are taking the HBSE Class 12 exam in total?

A: Around 250,000 students take the HBSE 12th exam annually.

What is the proportion of students who successfully clear the examination?

A: According to the data shared by the Board, in the year 2021-22, the overall pass percentage was 87.08%.

Q: From where can I obtain the question papers of previous years for the 12th grade exams conducted by HBSE?

A: Test takers can download the previous years’ question papers from the official website of the Haryana Board, or visit here to download past years’ HBSE 12 th question.

The BSEH 12th result has been published on the official website To view the result, students must enter their roll number and date of birth.

Q: How many schools are associated with the Haryana Board of School Education?

A: The Haryana Board of School Education (BSEH) or the Haryana Board of School Education is associated with approximately 3,672 schools in Haryana.

News & Updates

1. Visit the official website of the Haryana Board at

3. The HBSE 12th result window for the year 2024 will appear on your screen.

4. Enter your roll number or name as mentioned in your admit card.

Are 12th board exams scheduled for 2024?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the schedule for the CBSE board exams 2024, which will take place from February 15 to April 2, 2024. The exams for Class 10 students are scheduled between February 15 and March 13, while the exams for Class 12 students will be conducted from February 15 to April 2. These examinations will be held in the traditional pen and paper mode.

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Are there going to be two board exams in 2024?

Starting from the academic year 2024-2025, students in classes X and XII will have the opportunity to take multiple board exams. This new system aims to provide flexibility and reduce the pressure on students by allowing them to appear for board exams twice a year. The decision was made by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with an intention to bring about positive changes in the examination pattern.

The introduction of multiple board exams also opens up opportunities for students who wish to improve their scores or performance. By having two chances within a single academic year, they can work towards achieving better results without having to wait another whole year.

Furthermore, this change in examination pattern aligns with global practices where continuous assessment plays a significant role in evaluating student progress throughout the academic session. It encourages regular study habits and allows teachers and parents/guardians to monitor individual growth effectively.

Has the date sheet for class 12 been released?

The Haryana Board of School Education has released the date sheet for the 12th board exams in December. The date sheet can be accessed on the official website of CBSE, The exams will be conducted between February 15 and April 2, 2024.

Are Haryana Board and CBSE identical?

On the other hand, HBSE focuses solely on providing quality education within Haryana. By tailoring their curriculum according to the specific needs and requirements of this state, HBSE aims to address local issues more effectively. This localized approach can help in promoting regional culture, language, and traditions among students.

In contrast, HBSE strives towards creating an inclusive educational environment within Haryana by focusing on improving access to education for all sections of society including rural areas where infrastructure might be limited. The board also emphasizes vocational training programs that equip students with practical skills necessary for employment opportunities in industries prevalent in Haryana.

What is the name of the Haryana board?

The Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE), also known as the Board of School Education Haryana (BSEH), is an independent educational body that operates under the governance of the Government of Haryana. Established with the aim to regulate and supervise secondary education in the state, HBSE plays a crucial role in ensuring quality education for students.

As an autonomous authority, HBSE holds responsibility for conducting examinations at both secondary and senior secondary levels. It designs syllabi, prepares textbooks, and evaluates academic performance through regular assessments. The board strives to maintain high standards in education by implementing effective teaching methodologies and promoting innovative learning practices.

Under its jurisdiction, HBSE affiliates various schools across Haryana and ensures their compliance with prescribed guidelines. It not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes holistic development by encouraging participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and cultural events. By providing a well-rounded educational experience, HBSE aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for their future endeavors.

Furthermore, HBSE works towards enhancing transparency within its operations by adopting fair examination procedures and timely result declarations. This helps build trust among students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders involved in the education system. Additionally, it collaborates with other educational bodies at national or regional levels to exchange best practices and stay updated on emerging trends in pedagogy.