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Extreme Cold Weather Forces Bihar Schools to Shut Down in 2024

School Closed In Bihar Due To Cold 2024

In Bihar, schools have been forced to close due to the severe cold weather conditions in 2024. This decision has been made in order to ensure the safety and well-being of students amidst freezing temperatures. The extreme cold has created hazardous conditions for travel and outdoor activities, prompting authorities to prioritize the welfare of students by temporarily suspending school operations.

School Closure in Bihar Due to Cold Weather 2024

The winter break is eagerly awaited by students, usually starting from the end of December and extending until early January. During this time, students get a much-needed break from their studies, celebrate festivals, and enjoy the pleasant weather.

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Here are the revised winter vacation dates for some states in India:

– Haryana: The winter vacation will be from January 1, 2024, to January 15, 2024.

– Delhi: Students in Delhi will have their winter break from January 1, 2024, to January 6, 2024.

– Uttar Pradesh: The duration of the winter vacation varies across different districts in Uttar Pradesh.

– Jammu: For students up to class 8 in Jammu, the winter holidays will be observed from December 11 to February 29. For classes 9 through12, the break will start on December18 and also last until February29.

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– Bihar (Patna): Children up to class8 in Patna can enjoy their winter holiday from January2toJanuary7in2024.

Detailed Information

In Bihar, schools in both the public and private sectors will be closed for a 15-day winter break from January 1 to January 15, 2024. They are set to resume classes on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Delhi Winter Vacations

In Bihar, both government and private schools will remain shut from January 1 to January 6, 2024, as part of the winter break. This decision comes after a previous declaration of holidays in November due to high levels of air pollution.

Uttar Pradesh Winter Vacations

Due to the severe cold weather and thick fog, many districts have decided to give winter vacations and adjust class timings. Agra schools have resumed on January 3, 2024, while Firozabad schools will remain closed until January 14, 2024. Online teaching methods have been introduced in various districts as an alternative.

Jammu Winter Vacations

  • Classes up to class 8 will not be held in schools from December 11 to February 29.
  • Classes 9 through 12 will be off from December 18 to February 29.
  • Online classes for Classes 10 and 12 will be made available by the Chief Education Officers of each district through Cluster Resource Centers (CRCs).

Bihar Winter Vacations

The meteorological department has issued an orange alert for the entire state, warning of potential fog and cold waves in various areas. As a result of the cold wave conditions, schools in Patna will remain closed for students up to class 8 from January 2nd to January 7th.

Rajasthan Winter Vacations

The schools in Rajasthan have started their winter vacations from December 25, as per the instructions of the Rajasthan Board. These statewide school closures will be in effect until January 5. Given the current weather conditions and heavy fog during this season, there is a possibility that the winter vacations may be extended in Rajasthan. The well-being of students is a top priority, so if necessary, the decision to prolong these holidays might be taken to ensure their good health.

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Will winter vacation extended in Haryana 2024?

In an official notification, the Directorate of School Education in Haryana has announced an extension of winter vacations for schools until January 27. The decision applies to students from classes 1st to 5th, including government, private, and government-aided institutions. This move comes as a precautionary measure due to the prevailing cold weather conditions in the state.

P.S.: We kindly request all concerned individuals to adhere strictly to these guidelines issued by the Directorate of School Education in Haryana. The safety and welfare of our children should always be our top priority during such challenging weather conditions.

Will Patna schools be closed during winter 2024?

The closure of schools in Bihar has been extended by the District Magistrate office of Patna until January 20, 2024, due to the ongoing cold wave in the region. This means that all educational activities for students up to class 8 are affected and they will not be attending school during this period. However, for students in classes 9 and above, there will be restricted timings from 9AM to 3:30PM.


2. Students up to class 8 will not be attending school during this time due to the persistent cold wave.

3. Classes for students in grades 9 and above will have restricted timings from 9AM to 3:30PM.

4. The decision was made by the District Magistrate office of Patna considering the safety and well-being of students amidst extreme weather conditions.

Does Bihar experience winter?

The winter season, which spans from November to mid-March, is the ideal time to visit Bihar. During this period, the weather is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 4⁰ to 10⁰ Celsius. The days are filled with bright sunshine that keeps them warm and comfortable. Additionally, numerous festivals take place in Bihar during this season, adding a vibrant touch to the overall experience.

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On the other hand, summer in Bihar lasts from May to mid-June and brings along hot and scorching temperatures. The average temperature during this time reaches up to 43⁰ Celsius. It can be quite challenging for visitors as the heat can be intense and exhausting. Therefore, it is advisable for tourists planning a trip during these months to take necessary precautions such as staying hydrated and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods.

Monsoon season arrives in Bihar around June-end or early July and continues until September. This period witnesses moderate rainfall throughout the region, providing relief from the scorching heat of summer but also bringing occasional heavy showers at times. While some may find joy in experiencing rain-soaked landscapes and lush greenery during their visit, others might prefer avoiding this season due to potential disruptions caused by heavy downpours.

Lastly, autumn sets in after monsoon ends around October-November when nature rejuvenates itself with fresh foliage all around Bihar. The weather becomes relatively cooler compared to summer but not as chilly as winter yet again making it an appealing time for travelers who wish to explore various attractions without extreme weather conditions affecting their plans.