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Exploring the Location: Unraveling the Mystery of Ashok Nagar in Delhi

Where Is Ashok Nagar In Delhi

For Madhya Pra, see. For Chennai’s Ashok Nagar, see.

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Located in the central part of Delhi, India, Ashok Nagar is a neighborhood that can be found within the city. It falls under the jurisdiction of the official agency responsible for governing this area.

Ashok Nagar is a locality situated in the city of Delhi. It forms a part of both the East Delhi district and the West Delhi parliamentary constituency. Previously known as Tihar Village 2, it has now been officially renamed as Ashok Nagar. The area is recognized by the government and they actively contribute to its progress and growth.

Location of Ashok Nagar in Delhi

Ashok Nagar is a neighborhood in Delhi that serves as a home to various migrant communities, including people from Jhungh (Chinyotte) and other regions. Additionally, individuals from different Indian states like , , and can also be found residing in this locality.


Ashok Nagar is located near Meenakshi Garden and East Tilak Nagar, in close proximity to two stations: Ashok Park Main and East Tilak Nagar.


There are multiple educational institutions in this locality, with a few of them being mentioned.

Some of the schools located in Ashok Nagar, Delhi include Government Girls School, Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Dera Santpura School, Master Tara Singh School, Mukand Lal Katyal Senior Secondary School, Sri Sanatan Dharma Lajwanti Model School, Gulmohar Public School and New Delhi Public School.

Is New Ashok Nagar a suitable residential area in India?

New Ashok Nagar is a highly desirable neighborhood in India. This locality boasts excellent amenities and facilities that make it an ideal place to live. With its convenient location, residents of New Ashok Nagar enjoy easy access to shops, nearby metro stations, bustling markets, reputable schools, as well as various food stalls and mess options. The abundance of these conveniences contributes to the overall appeal of New Ashok Nagar as a top-notch residential area.

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Another notable aspect of this neighborhood is its proximity to numerous shopping opportunities. Residents have access to a wide range of shops where they can purchase essentials or indulge in retail therapy. From grocery stores for daily necessities to fashion boutiques and electronic outlets, there are plenty of options available within close reach in New Ashok Nagar.

The presence of vibrant markets near New Ashok Nagar adds vibrancy and liveliness to the community. These local markets offer fresh produce, spices, clothing items, household goods, and more at reasonable prices. Shopping at these markets not only supports local businesses but also provides an authentic Indian shopping experience.


Jail Road cuts through Ashok Nagar and connects it to the Tilak Nagar Metro station in the west. To the north of Ashok Nagar, you can find both the Tilak Nagar Police Station and Subhash Nagar Metro station. On its south side lies Ajay Enclave, while Subhash Nagar and Rajouri Garden are situated on its eastern side.

The key highlights of Ashok Nagar in Delhi include its diverse population and the presence of various religious places. People from different faiths and cultures peacefully coexist in this neighborhood. Below are some of the prominent places of worship found in this area:

  • Gurudawara Singh Sabha
  • Sanatan Dharma Mandir
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha (Yadgar Mata Gujri Ji)
  • Gurudwara Dera Santpura
  • Gurudwara Baba Joravar Singh
  • Gurudwara Baba Fateh Singh (formerly known as Gurudwara Chhotey Sahibjaadey)
  • Mahanubhav Panth’s Jai Sri Krishna Mandir or Gopal Mandir
  • Arya Samaj Mandir
  • Bahawalpur Mandir
  • Sindhi Mandir
  • Shiv Mandir
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The primary roads in Ashok Nagar, Delhi include Mukund Lal Katyal Marg, Vedik Marg (Tihar Road), Tota Ram Ahuja Marg, Jail Road and Najafgarh Road.

Is there a metro station in Ashok Nagar?

Ashok Nagar, located in Chennai, India, is a metro station situated on the South-East Corridor of the Green Line of Chennai Metro. This elevated station has been designed to cater to the transportation needs of Ashok Nagar and Mambalam neighborhoods.


– Ashok Nagar: A neighborhood in Chennai, India.

– Mambalam: Another neighborhood in Chennai that will be served by the Ashok Nagar metro station.


The recent opening of the Pacific Mall near Subhash Nagar station has brought excitement to the area. The Ajanta Mall & Multiplex has been transformed into MIRAJ movie hall and banquet hall, replacing the iconic old Ajanta Movie Theatre located in Ajay Enclave Extension.

What makes Ashok Nagar renowned?

Ashok Nagar is a place in Delhi that is well-known for its Jain temple called Trikaal Choubeese. This temple is special because it houses idols of the past, present, and future Thirthankars according to the beliefs of Jainism. These Thirthankars are highly revered figures in the Jain religion.

Overall, Ashok Nagar in Delhi offers visitors an opportunity to visit the renowned Trikaal Choubeese Jain temple with its sacred idols of Thirthankars. Additionally, nearby attractions like Chanderi provide further exploration options for those interested in discovering more about local traditions and history.


The information was obtained from the website on March 6, 2014.

What is the famous Nagar in Delhi?

GTB Nagar, also known as Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, is a well-known neighborhood situated in the northwestern region of Delhi. This locality has gained popularity due to its vibrant city atmosphere, which is primarily driven by numerous coaching institutes, offices, and restaurants that cater to the needs of its residents.

The bustling nature of GTB Nagar can be attributed to the presence of several renowned coaching institutes. These institutions attract students from all over Delhi who come here seeking quality education and guidance for various competitive exams. The area becomes particularly lively during exam seasons when students flock to these coaching centers in pursuit of their academic goals.

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Apart from being an educational hub, GTB Nagar also houses numerous offices and commercial establishments. Many professionals working in different sectors have set up their workplaces here due to its convenient location and excellent connectivity with other parts of Delhi. This has led to a thriving business environment within the locality, contributing significantly to its overall growth and development.

Is Ashok Nagar a city or a town?

Ashoknagar is a city located in the Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a municipality city that is divided into 22 wards, and elections are held every 5 years to elect representatives for these wards. According to the Census India report released in 2011, the population of Ashoknagar Municipality was recorded as 81,828. Out of this population, there were 42,745 males and 39,083 females.

– Municipal Status: It holds the status of being a municipality city.

– Ward System: The city is divided into smaller sections known as wards (totaling to be around 22).

– Elections: Every five years, elections are conducted within these wards to select representatives.

Is Ashok Nagar classified as urban or rural?

Ashok Nagar is a locality in the Bengaluru Urban district of Karnataka state, India. It has a population of 68,943 residents.

What state is Ashok Nagar in?

Ashok Nagar is situated in the northern region of Madhya Pradesh, nestled between the Sindh and Betwa rivers. It falls within the northern part of the Malwa plateau, with a major portion of its district located on the Bundelkhand Plateau. Geographically, Ashok Nagar lies between latitude 24.34 N and longitude 77.43 E.

– Location: Northern part of Madhya Pradesh

– Rivers: Sindh and Betwa

– Plateaus: Mainly on Bundelkhand Plateau, partially on Malwa plateau

– Latitude: 24.34 N

– Longitude: 77.43 E