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English Article for School Magazine

Article For School Magazine In English

Valentina Batagelj is a teacher at the Frana Erjavca Primary School in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Following the practise of formative learning, she is dedicated to students being heard and being a part of the learning process. Email: [email protected]


The Fran Erjavec Primary School allowed students from grades 1 to 9 to participate in the creation of an online magazine in a foreign language. This initiative aimed to enhance their writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities through individual and group activities.

The beginnings of “Fran’s Got Talent”

In the past, I had to personally handle the organization of the text and artwork created by students for our school magazine. This involved a significant amount of additional work, including scanning written texts, arranging them in a file, changing fonts, and adjusting pictures. However, starting from the academic year 2022/2023, we have decided to introduce an extracurricular activity solely dedicated to creating an online English magazine. The workload will be shared among students, and we will make use of technology like IKT and its various applications.


The magazine is organized into seven different sections.

Verses, cartoons, puzzles, discussions, assignments, correspondences, and excursions.


In this segment, students have the opportunity to showcase their own poetry. They can start with easy prompts that provide cues for them to fill in the missing words, and gradually progress to more challenging ones where they have complete freedom to write.


Certain students have a preference for poetry, while others opt to engage in creating comics due to their fondness for drawing. Our school book, Happy Street 2, offers us an abundance of comics that we thoroughly enjoy reading.

The ideal article for a magazine in India

Unlike daily newspaper articles which aim to provide unbiased information about events, magazine articles can have a more personal touch. They are often written from a specific perspective or angle on a particular topic. This means that the writer may share their own opinions and experiences related to the subject they are discussing.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles offer an ideal opportunity to review and reinforce the vocabulary acquired in school. While crosswords are typically included in workbooks, students also enjoy crafting their own puzzles.

Solve the crossword puzzle to discover what I have borrowed from Maša.

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Starting a school magazine article: A guide to getting started

When selecting a topic to write about, it is important to choose one that you feel passionate about and that will captivate your intended audience. By writing about something you are genuinely interested in, your enthusiasm will shine through in your words and engage readers from India.

A strong introduction is crucial for capturing the attention of readers right from the start. Begin with a hook – an intriguing statement or question – that immediately grabs their interest. For example, if you are writing an article about sustainable fashion in India, you could begin by stating a surprising statistic or posing a thought-provoking question related to this topic.


Pupils in schools, whether working together or on their own, enjoy conducting interviews with various individuals, including people they know personally or admire. As an example, the 6th-grade students collaborated to create a set of questions for the school principal and carried out an interview with him. They documented his responses and shared valuable insights about the headmaster with their readers.

An interview with our headmaster, Mister Ferjančič

I am the parent of two boys and one girl. My eldest son is ten years old, while my youngest is four. As for my daughter, she is eight years old.

Certainly, we have intentions to acquire a canine companion in the near future.

Physical education has been a significant part of my life since childhood, continuing through my studies in the Faculty of Sports and eventually leading to an 11-year career as a PE teacher. It is fair to say that PE holds a special place in my heart as it remains my most cherished subject.

Do you often find yourself in awkward situations? Share with us one of your embarrassing moments.

Previously, I faced difficulties when it came to speaking in front of a crowd. This led me to enroll in a school that specialized in public speaking, which helped me conquer this challenge. On one occasion, during my time working at a secondary school, I was requested to dress up as Saint Nicholas. However, due to my nerves, I found myself unable to recite the lines they had prepared for me.

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of education provided at our school and have no desire for any changes to be made.

Certain students opted to conduct interviews with their role models, whether they were renowned singers, actors, athletes, and so on. They would begin by gathering information about their chosen individual, formulating questions, and recording the corresponding answers.

A conversation with the handball player I admire the most, Vid Kavtičnik. Restate this text using different words without elaborating on the subject matter. Use English suitable for an Indian audience.

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What is the ideal subject for a magazine?

Enhance your next pitch or job interview by showcasing your top work in a portable portfolio that can be easily shared with potential clients or employers. This versatile tool can serve various purposes, such as:

– An informative how-to guide.

– A captivating travel companion.

– An engaging graphic novel or comic book.

– An intriguing unraveling story.

– A personal passion project.

– A collaborative endeavor.

These options offer you the flexibility to present your skills and creativity in different formats, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on those who review your portfolio.


During the fourth grade, we learn about environmental preservation and discover ways to create toys using recycled materials. A few students opted to design their own toys and shared their experiences in writing. For instance, one student crafted a table football game using a wooden box, plastic tubes, collage paper, a ball, elastics, and clothespins.

The students in the 3rd grade constructed a miniature town using paper and wooden blocks.

In this part, you will find explanations of make-believe dragons, peculiar creatures, fantastical residences or unconventional families – the subjects that we discuss during our early school years.

This creature belongs to me. It possesses a captivating beauty and goes by the name of Diamond Queen. Its color is a mesmerizing shade of blue, with a large tail and four legs in the same hue. Adorning its body are twenty-five diamond spikes, while its eyes and nose are small in size. This magnificent being possesses the power of ice, along with a bludgeon on its tail and two wings. It exudes strength and boasts a golden shield for protection. Truly, it is an imposing figure that commands attention due to its sheer size.

What constitutes a well-liked magazine article?

– Popular Article (Magazine) Articles in India are shorter.

– They target the general public.

– The topics covered are of general interest or related to current events.

– The language used is simple and easy to understand.

– These articles often include glossy photographs, graphics, or visuals.

School Magazine Article in English

In our school, we frequently engage in letter exchanges with schools from various regions of Slovenia. These letters are often selected to be published in our magazine.

Foreign Visitors: Exploring International Encounters

We frequently welcome individuals from other countries and feature their experiences. As an illustration, we had the pleasure of hosting Lea, a young girl from California, who shared insights about life and school in her hometown. Typically, students in either 8th or 9th grade are responsible for documenting such events as they possess a wider range of vocabulary and have a better grasp of language structures and tenses.

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Picture 10: A visit from the U.S. Embassy Ljubljana (David Gallagherju and Sgt. Eddie Montanu)


An online magazine in a foreign language can serve as an excellent platform for fostering creativity among primary school students. It presents additional opportunities for those who aspire to enhance their English writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills either individually or collaboratively. However, teachers often struggle to find the time to provide these challenges. Furthermore, the work produced by students is showcased to the entire school community, allowing others to learn from them. This magazine also caters to students who face difficulties in learning foreign languages since they can create and present practical projects while still receiving recognition. Additionally, such a magazine fosters unity among classmates as they collectively contribute towards creating an enjoyable publication that is tailored specifically for their peers. To ensure sufficient time allocation for assembling student texts and photos into a cohesive magazine format, it is advisable to designate extracurricular activities solely dedicated to this endeavor.

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Please visit the Pilgrims website to explore their online courses.

What does the school article entail?

– She attends an international school.

– He studies at an engineering school.

– They go to an online school.

– We visited the local government school.

– The private school in our neighborhood offers excellent facilities.

Remember to use these articles correctly based on whether you are introducing a new concept or referring to something previously mentioned or well-known.

What constitutes a magazine article sample?

A magazine article is a standalone nonfiction piece that can be found within a publication. It can take various forms, such as a profile of an influential individual, an opinionated article, or even a personal essay. In India, English is widely spoken and understood, making it essential to write articles in English for the Indian audience.

Finding magazine articles: How can I locate them?

To find the article titled “Voter Participation and Strategic Uncertainty,” you can utilize Scout or Google Scholar. It is recommended to enclose the article title in quotation marks for more accurate results. Additionally, you can use the E-Journals search or Scout to locate the publication where this article was published. You may conduct a search based on various criteria such as title, author, date, volume, number, etc.

Scout and Google Scholar are valuable tools that enable users to explore a vast range of scholarly articles and publications. By entering the exact title of the desired article within quotation marks in their respective search bars, one can quickly access relevant information related to voter participation and strategic uncertainty.