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Death of a school girl in Kallakurichi School

Kallakurichi School Girl Death School Name

The Class XII girl of Sakthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School was found dead in the school hostel on July 13 under mysterious circumstances. The death triggered violent protests in Tamil Nadu. Several buildings and vehicles of the residential school were set afire.

Death of Kallakurichi School Girl

On July 13, a tragic incident occurred at Kaniyamoor Sakthi matriculation school in Kallakurichi, Salem district. A 17-year-old girl who was studying in Class 12 was found dead on the hostel premises. It is suspected that she took her own life by jumping from the top floor of the hostel building. The body was discovered by a watchman employed by the school.

The girl passed away by taking her own life following claims of mistreatment and bullying from her teachers. The initial autopsy report stated that the cause of death was a combination of various injuries and bleeding.

The family of the girl claimed that her death was not a result of suicide. They filed a complaint with the police, stating that she had been injured and sexually assaulted before her demise. The responsibility for her death was placed on the school management by her family.


Despite ongoing protests following the tragic death of the school girl, the situation escalated into violence on Sunday, July 17. Demonstrators clashed with law enforcement officers, hurling stones and setting ablaze school buses. Numerous individuals, including family members of the deceased student, breached police barricades and vandalized the educational institution.

A group of demonstrators successfully climbed onto a curved structure at the entrance of the school and damaged the sign displaying the name of the institution. They also raised banners demanding justice for the girl.

Police also arrested two IT wing functionaries belonging to the AIADMK. Over 300 people have been arrested so far for the violent protests.

Since the events on Sunday, a special team probing the case has arrested the two accused – a Chemistry teacher and a Mathematics teacher for allegedly harassing the student. It is alleged that their names appeared on the suicide note left behind by the student. A total of five people have been arrested so far, including the principal of the school.

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Amidst all this, a video surfaced of school secretary Shanti, blaming the deceased student’s mother for the violence on campus. Incidentally, the secretary was one among the five arrested in the case. The school officials have accused the girl’s mother for spreading “fake news” about the death that led to violent protests.

The school in its official Facebook video shared a video of Shanti, the school’s secretary, blaming the girl’s mother and maintaining that the school did not have anything to do with the death.

Why did the mother provoke violence against us by spreading false information about the school on social media while we were in police custody? Her actions led to a mob setting fire to buses, chairs, and tables.

Mother of Kallakurichi school girl alleges unauthorized retention of body in mortuary

Meanwhile, in a viral video, the girl’s mother alleged that the body of her daughter was kept in a mortuary without their permission. She alleged that officials refused to even show them her body.

In Tamil, the mother expressed her distress, questioning why her daughter was kept in the mortuary without her consent. She wondered if her daughter was being treated as an orphan.

Earlier, she had recorded a video in which she alleged the suicide note was planted. The mother claimed school officials had not shown them CCTV footage of the incident as requested.

According to the hospital doctors, they confirmed that she was already deceased upon arrival. Upon seeing her, it was evident that her hands, legs, and face were unharmed except for blood on her head. It is perplexing how she could have bled so profusely from falling only from the third floor. Despite this tragic incident, neither the warden nor the principal bothered to meet with us. This school must be closed down,” she expressed in frustration.


The father of the girl, who strongly believed that her death was not accidental, had appealed to the Madras High Court for a second examination of her body. On Monday, the high court ruled in favor of his request and also instructed the government to investigate the violent demonstrations that occurred on July 14th.

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The court was considering a request made by the father of the deceased girl for a CB-CID investigation and an additional post-mortem examination. The government informed the court that the case had already been transferred to the CB-CID.

The court further stated that henceforth, the CB-CID should conduct investigations into any fatalities occurring within educational institutions or their premises.

Opposition Holds CM Stalin Responsible for Violence

K Palaniswami, the AIADMK interim general secretary and former Chief Minister, accused the police, state government, and district administration of negligence and not taking timely action.

Palaniswami held Chief Minister Stalin entirely accountable for the incident, stating that if the government had taken immediate action against the school, the situation would not have escalated. The BJP criticized the DMK administration for its lack of competence.

“The arrest of Perambalur district IT-wing Deepak and Surya for posting about the Kallakurichi incident on Facebook shows the cowardice of M K Stalin,” tweeted the secretary of AIADMK’s IT Wing, Singai G Ramachandran.

In response to the controversy surrounding the tragic death of the school girl in Kallakurichi, Chief Minister Stalin expressed his sadness. He urged the public to stay calm and have faith in the government. The Chief Minister assured that once the ongoing police investigations are completed, those responsible will be duly punished.

The tragic demise of a Class 12 student in Kallakurichi has sparked anger among the people of Tamil Nadu. Here is what we currently know about the incident.

What caused the death of the Kallakurichi school girl?

The school located in Kaniyamur, a district in India, closed its doors in the second week of July. This unfortunate event occurred after a young girl took her own life by jumping from the hostel building on July 12th.

In simpler terms, a tragic incident took place at a school in Kaniyamur where a student sadly ended her life by jumping from the hostel building. As a result, the school had to close down temporarily.

1. A young girl died by suicide at a school in Kaniyamur.

2. The incident happened when she jumped from the hostel building.

3. Following this tragic event, the school had to shut down temporarily.

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The fate of Srimathi in Tamil Nadu

A tragic incident occurred at Kaniyamoor school in the Kallakurichi district, where a 16-year-old student named Srimathi was found dead on the school premises. This shocking event has deeply affected the entire state. The school authorities claim that she had taken her own life, while her parents and relatives believe that she was murdered.

What is the show about the girl who died in school?

School Spirits is a captivating supernatural mystery drama set in India. The story revolves around Maddie, a teenage girl who suddenly vanishes and finds herself trapped as a ghost within her own high school.

The true fate of Srimathi

Srimathi, a student in Class XII at Sakthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School located in Kallakurichi district, tragically lost her life on July 13, 2022. Her lifeless body was discovered within the school premises, sending shockwaves through the community.

P.S. It is crucial that authorities thoroughly investigate this incident to determine what led to such a heartbreaking loss. Additionally, it is essential for schools across India to prioritize student safety by implementing stringent security protocols and providing necessary support systems for students facing emotional or psychological challenges.

Who is Srimathi?

Shrimati, also known as Smt., is a respectful title used in various Indian languages to address adult women. It is similar to the English honorific “Mrs.” and is commonly used in Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Odia, Sanskrit, Telugu, and Tulu.

When speaking or writing about an adult woman in India who deserves respect or recognition for her age or marital status, the term Shrimati (Smt.) is often added before her name. This honorific acknowledges her position as a married woman or someone deserving of respect due to their age and maturity.

The usage of Shrimati varies across different regions and communities within India. It serves as a way to show politeness and reverence towards women when addressing them formally. By using this title before their name, it highlights their social standing and shows acknowledgment of their role within society.

– Shrimati (Smt.) is an Indian honorific used for adult women.

– It signifies respect for marital status or age.

– The term varies across different Indian languages but carries the same meaning throughout the country.