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Dav Public School Admission 2020-21: Enroll Your Child Today for a Bright Future!

Dav Public School Admission 2020 21

School Name: D.A.V. Public School

Affiliation Number: 2430038

School Code: 15588

Location: 61 Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700038.

Contact Number: 033-23961320

Dav Public School Admission 2020-21: Affiliation Status Update

The Dav Public School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and has an affiliation number of 2430038. The school code number is 15588. It is affiliated for senior secondary education and falls under the category of extension of general affiliation. The period of extension for this affiliation is from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2025. The affiliation has been extended until the year 2025 as per the CBSE/AFF/2430038 /EX-04297-2021/2020-21/ Dated:03/10/2020 letter. This school offers classes from grade one to twelve.


The school adheres to the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education and primarily uses NCERT books. The academic session runs from 1st April to 31st March of the following year, while holidays are based on the list provided by the Government of West Bengal.


Established in 1988, the Dav Public School is under the trust/society called Arya Samaj (Bhowanipore). It is registered under the West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 with registration certificate number S/33186 of 1981-1982. The school has obtained a no objection certificate from the School Education Department of the Government of West Bengal, with reference number 363-Edn(S) dated 07.04.1993. Furthermore, it holds a recognition certificate issued by the Directorate of School Education, Government of West Bengal, with memo number 8-Sc/AIS/NOC dated 08.01.2020 and referring to No.363-Edn(S) dated 07.04.1993.

The building safety certification confirms its structural stability and is dated January 11th, 2020 while fire safety certification was granted on September 2nd,2019 as per memo No.: IND/WB/FES/20192020/65209.

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Additionally,the District Inspector of Schools (Secondary Education) Kolkata provided a DEO Certificate on November15th ,2020.

School Fees :

The fees for Dav Public School Admission 2020-21 are determined according to the regulations established by the Department of Education, Government of West Bengal.

The table displays the tuition fees per month and annual charges for different classes at Dav Public School. The fees vary depending on the class, with higher classes having slightly higher fees. Additionally, for classes 11 and 12, there are additional lab fees based on the subjects chosen by students.

Dav Public School Enrollment 2020-21

The following table displays the number of students in each class at DAV Public School for the academic year 2020-21. The data shows that there are 125 students in Class 1, 126 students in Class 2, and so on. The highest number of students can be found in Class 4 with a total of 153 students, while the lowest number is in Class 11 with only 66 students.

Schools often have an academic calendar that outlines important dates and events throughout the year. This calendar helps students, parents, and teachers stay organized and informed about various academic activities.

Class X Board Results
No. Year No. of students registered No. of students passed No. of students did not appear Pass Percentage
1 2019 130 129 1 99%
2 2020 108 107 1 100%
3 2021 100 100 100%
Dav Public School Admission 2020-21
No. Year No. of students registered No. of students passed No. of students did not appear Pass Percentage
1 2019 71 70 99%
2 2020 78 78 100%
3 2021 78 78 100%

The teaching staff at Dav Public School receives their salary through online transfer.

The following table provides the number of positions available for various roles at Dav Public School: 1 Principal, 11 PGTs, 20 TGTs, 25 PRTs, 3 PETs, 1 Librarian, and 1 Counselor.


The Dav Public School is situated on Diamond Harbour Road and occupies a contiguous area of approximately 3409 sqm. The school has two entrances, one on D.H.Road and another on James Long Sarani. It consists of a single building that accommodates more than 48 classrooms along with various laboratories for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer (Senior & Junior), Mathematics, Art & Sports. Additionally, the building houses an audio-visual room, library, staff rooms, school office, auditorium, conference rooms as well as a sick room. Internet access is available within the premises. There are separate toilet facilities with over 30 toilets for girls and over 40 toilets for boys. However, transportation services are not provided by the school.

Distinguishing DPS from DAV

At DAV, the primary emphasis is on academics and the school boasts excellent quality teachers. On the other hand, DPS focuses on shaping students for overall development. Currently, I am a teacher at DPS where we are instructed to ensure that every student participates in at least six activities per session.

1. Sports: Students are encouraged to participate in various sports such as football, basketball, cricket, badminton, swimming, etc.

2. Performing Arts: Opportunities are provided for students to showcase their talents in music (vocal and instrumental), dance (classical and contemporary), drama/theater performances.

3. Visual Arts: Artistic skills are nurtured through painting competitions, pottery classes, sculpture making workshops.

4. Debates and Public Speaking: Students engage in debates and public speaking events to enhance their communication skills and confidence.

5. Science Exhibitions: Regular science exhibitions allow students to explore scientific concepts through hands-on experiments and projects.

6. Social Service Activities: Volunteering initiatives like community service drives or fundraising campaigns help instill empathy and social responsibility among students.

These activities aim to provide holistic development opportunities for each student at DPS while complementing their academic growth journey

Countries with DAV school

D.A.V. Public School is a renowned educational institution that not only operates in India but also has established its presence in several foreign countries. Along with its numerous branches across the country, D.A.V. runs educational centers in Nepal, Mauritius, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

In these foreign countries, D.A.V. Public School aims to provide quality education to students and promote cultural exchange between nations. The schools follow a curriculum similar to that of their Indian counterparts while incorporating local elements to cater to the specific needs and requirements of each region.

How does DAV handle admissions?

P.S: Please keep in mind that this information pertains specifically to Dav Public School Admission 2020-21 and may vary from year to year. It is advisable to visit the official website or contact the school directly for updated information regarding admissions procedures and requirements.

Salary of a teacher in DAV public school Pune

The estimated total pay range for a TGT Teacher at D.A.V. Public School Aundh Pune is ₹3L–₹6L per year, which includes both the base salary and additional pay. This indicates that the teachers can expect to earn between ₹3 lakhs and ₹6 lakhs annually. The average base salary for a TGT Teacher at D.A.V. Public School Aundh Pune is ₹4 lakhs per year.

P.S: Prospective applicants should keep in mind that apart from the base salary mentioned above, there may be additional benefits or allowances provided by D.A.V. Public School Aundh Pune as part of their overall remuneration package for teachers.

Rank of DAV school in India

The focus of DAV Public School is on nurturing and developing students holistically, ensuring their overall growth and advancement. The school provides a supportive environment that encourages students to excel academically while also fostering their personal development. Through effective mentoring programs, experienced teachers guide and mentor each student individually, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

The recognition received by DAV Public School is a testament to its dedication towards creating an enriching learning experience for its students. By prioritizing student advancement and mentoring, the school aims to equip young minds with essential skills, knowledge, values, and confidence needed for success in both academics and life beyond the classroom.

– The school focuses on holistic development of students through academic excellence and personal growth.

– Experienced teachers provide individualized guidance through effective mentoring programs.