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Comprehensive Directory of Sainik Schools Across India

List Of Sainik School In India

This article provides information about the List of Sainik Schools in India. Before exploring the list, it is important to understand what Sainik Schools are. The concept of Sainik Schools was introduced by V.K. Krishna Menon, who served as the defence minister of India in 1961. These schools are located across different parts of the country and there is a growing demand for new ones from various states. The main objectives of Sainik Schools include making quality Public School education accessible to all, fostering overall development in students to prepare them for entry into the National Defence Academy, addressing regional imbalance in officer cadres of the Armed Forces, and promoting national pride by breaking down caste-based foundations within army units. Currently, there are a total of 33 existing Sainik Schools in India along with some proposed ones in different states.

Before Sainik Schools were established, there were already five Rashtriya Military Schools and one Rashtriya Indian Military College with similar goals. These institutions serve as training grounds for cadets aspiring to join the prestigious National Defence Academy.

Top Five Sainik Schools in India

The Sainik Schools mentioned above are part of the initial five Sainik Schools established by the Ministry of Defence in collaboration with State Governments through the Sainik School Society. Following requests from different state governments, additional Sainik Schools were gradually opened across various states as per their demand.

Sainik Schools in India: A Comprehensive List

Currently, there are a total of 33 Sainik Schools located in almost every state across India, except for Meghalaya, Sikkim, Telangana, and Tripura.

Sainik School Lucknow is not mentioned in this compilation as it is administered by the Uttar Pradesh Sainik School Society. It stands out from other Sainik Schools as it receives full financial support and management from the State Government.

It was established in July 1960. The only one of the Sainik Schools to be administered by the state government. One thing worth mentioning is that Captain Manoj Pandey who was awarded India’s highest military honour, the Param Vir Chakra posthumously in the Kargil war was alumni of this school. It was the first Sainik School in the country and was followed by the setting up of other Sainik Schools, under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, on the same lines. The education in this school is subsidised by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. It is a boys’ residential English medium school affiliated to CBSE Board.

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List of Sainik Schools in India

The students of Sainik School develop tolerance, comradeship, a sense of team spirit and co-existence which are so relevant today. They are humble in victory and graceful in defeat. The bonds of friendship forged here become pillars of strength in later life. They get on with all sorts of people, win their confidence and lead them in various spheres. As the country is passing through a critical juncture, we need youth who are physically fit, mentally robust and socially acceptable.

These schools have performed exceptionally well in their main role as institutions that prepare students for the Armed Forces. They have produced over 15,000 officers who serve in various branches of the Armed Forces, including NDA, OTA, IMA, AFA, and Indian Naval Academy. Additionally, many alumni from these schools have gone on to become successful professionals such as IAS and IPS officers, doctors, and engineers both within India and abroad. In light of this success, the government of India has made plans to establish new Sainik Schools in different states across the country.

1. Rajasthan – Alwar (MoA Signed)

2. Uttarakhand – Rudraprayag (MoA Signed)

3. Telangana – Warangal (MoA Signed)

4. West Bengal – Darjeeling (In-principal Approval given)

5. Assam – Golaghat (In-principal Approval given)

6. Jharkhand – Godda (In-principal Approval given)

7. Madhya Pradesh – Bhind (In-principal Approval given)

8. Assam – Kokrajhar (In-principal Approval given)

9. Madhya Pradesh- Sagar(Site Survey completed)

10.Punjab-Gurdaspur(Site Survey completed)

11.Sikkim-Boom(Site Survey completed)

12.Tripura-West Tripura(Site Survey completed)

13.Haryana-Matenhail(Site Survey completed)

14.Uttar Pradesh-Mirzapur(Site Survey completed )

15.Uttar Pradesh-Baghpat(Formal proposal awaited).

List of Sainik Schools in India: NDA Result

The following table shows the annual figures and proportion of cadets from Sainik Schools who have been selected to join the National Defence Academy in recent years.

Here is a rewritten version of the text:

The following table provides information on the number of cadets selected from Sainik Schools for NDA (National Defence Academy) courses over the years. The data shows that in 2013, out of a total strength of 348 cadets, 112 were selected from Sainik Schools, accounting for approximately 32.18% of the total. In 2014, there were 98 cadets selected (28.16%), followed by 101 in 2015 (29.02%), and 102 in 2016 (29.31%). The highest number was recorded in 2017 with a total of115 cadets being selected from Sainik Schools, making up about33%of all selections that year.

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In addition to these cases, some students are unable to participate due to medical reasons. It is worth noting that a significant number of cadets go on to join the Armed Forces after completing their education at Sainik Schools. However, there is currently no specific data maintained by the Sainik School society or any individual school in this regard. The Indian government has recognized the need for a comprehensive database and has considered implementing measures to establish and maintain such records. One suggestion is to include a section in the application form for all entry streams into the forces (excluding NDA) where candidates can provide information about their background at Sainik Schools.

The information on Sainik Schools in India would be valuable for the government to plan future expansions and accurately assess the funds invested. This data is also beneficial for the country as it allows trained cadets from Sainik Schools to join the Armed Forces, while also recognizing their affiliation with these schools.

These are the official Sainik Schools approved by the Indian government. However, it is important to verify the authenticity of any schools with the prefix “Sainik school” before seeking admission for your child.

The top Sainik school in India by state

Sainik Schools are a type of residential school in India that aim to prepare students for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA) and other branches of the Indian Armed Forces. These schools provide a balanced education, focusing on academics, physical fitness, and character development.

1. Sainik School Kunjpura – Located in Haryana, this school was established in 1961 and offers classes from 6th to 12th grade.

2. Sainik School Kapurthala – Situated in Punjab, it was founded in 1961 and provides education from 6th to 12th grade.

3. Sainik School Satara – Established in Maharashtra in 1961, this school offers classes from 6th to 12th grade.

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4. Sainik School Korukonda – Located in Andhra Pradesh, it was established in 1962 and provides education from class VI to XII.

5. Sainik School Ghorakhal – Situated in Uttarakhand since its establishment year of 1966, this school offers classes from class VI onwards.

8.Sanink Scholl Rewari:It is located at village Gothra Tappa Khori,Haryana.It came into existence on October24 th2008

These schools follow a strict military-style discipline along with regular academic curriculum which helps develop leadership qualities among the students while preparing them for a career in the armed forces. Admission to these schools is through an entrance examination and students undergo rigorous training to excel in academics, physical fitness, and extracurricular activities.

Does Sainik School benefit IAS?

The Sainik School is renowned for producing a remarkable list of alumni who have excelled in various fields. Many distinguished individuals, including IAS officers, IPS officers, doctors, engineers, judges, lawyers, and managers have graduated from this esteemed institution. Their achievements serve as a testament to the quality education provided by the school.

Sainik School vs. Army School: Which is superior?

Sainik schools are known for their strict discipline, which sets them apart from regular army schools. However, despite this difference, both types of institutions share certain similarities. One such similarity is the diverse cultural backgrounds of the students who come from various parts of India to study in these schools. This diversity enriches the learning environment and promotes a sense of unity among students.

In terms of education quality, both sainik schools and army schools are renowned for providing excellent academic standards at an affordable price. These institutions prioritize imparting knowledge and skills that prepare students for future challenges. They offer a well-rounded curriculum that not only focuses on academics but also emphasizes physical fitness, leadership development, and character building.

The disciplined atmosphere in sainik schools plays a crucial role in shaping young minds by instilling values like punctuality, respect for authority, and self-discipline. Students learn to adhere to rules and regulations while developing essential life skills such as time management and teamwork.

Similarly, army schools also strive to create an environment conducive to holistic growth by fostering discipline alongside academic excellence. The aim is to nurture responsible citizens who possess strong moral values along with intellectual capabilities.