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BSBI: Empowering Future Business Leaders in Berlin

Berlin School Of Business And Innovation

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is located in the historic Alte Post building, which was built in 1906. It was established in 2014 and is affiliated with a parent institution. The key individuals associated with BSBI are not mentioned. For more information about the school, you can visit its website.

BSBI is an educational institution in Berlin that offers business programs. Their approach focuses on equipping students with the mindset to shape the future, incorporating three key concepts: sustainability, innovation, and digitalization. The school combines theory and practical learning to ensure students are well-informed about current industry trends.


Berlin School of Business and Innovation was founded in 2014 by (GUS), a for-profit education company. According to , “The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is a franchise institution operated by Global University Systems (GUS), which was reported in 2014 in accordance with §124a BerlHG in the state of Berlin.” BSBI does not hold degree-awarding powers in Germany and its programmes are validated by private Italian distance learning institution. In November 2019, BSBI announced that it had partnered with to deliver programmes at its Berlin campus. BSBI also offers courses from the in the United Kingdom. The institution is headed by , Israeli cellist and BSBI Executive Chairman, and Aaron Etingen, British-Russian businessman and Global University Systems CEO.

BSBI joined the UN-PRME initiative in June 2020 and is a part of the Business Graduates Association and AACSB. As of July 2023, BSBI was ranked at position 9610 globally.


Programs are designed with all the knowledge and skills needed for attendees to make an impact on the modern. It offers programs that focus on developing the practical business skills required for professional success.

By 2023, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has established several new campuses in various locations. These include cities such as , , , and . In addition to its main campus in Berlin, BSBI attracts students from over 80 countries, which contributes to its reputation for academic excellence.

The Berlin School Of Business And Innovation is affiliated with various prestigious organizations such as AACSB, UN-PRME, and BGA. These memberships enhance the educational journey of students by giving them opportunities to connect with a wide network in the industry.

BSBI has integrated the (VLE) within the scope of their teaching and e-learning practices, where students are able to access a “virtual room” as either a duplicate or an extension of their physical classroom. BSBI’s paid-partner university is additionally currently implementing a based university system called “Island of Knowledge”.

As the current priority, BSBI is pioneering further attempts to revolutionize traditional means of education either by change in structural hierarchy or the medium of collaboration. In BSBI Dialogues, the goal of creating an exotic where students and experts could share knowledge reconsidered, while for having balanced degrees, BSBI provost, in brought forth the idea of having a Global Degree Project, where accompanying degrees be awarded by an “International Academic Treaty” based on “International Academic Credit” (IAC).

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BSBI provides scholarships to eligible applicants based on academic merit, financial need, or a combination of both. The medium of instruction at BSBI is English, but the school also offers German language support to help students adapt to life in Germany, despite the prevalence of English in Berlin.

Praisals and criticisms

During the initial phase of BSBI, a newspaper from Telangana highlighted that the admissions process at BSBI is stringent and comprehensive. Although it has been referred to as having a moderate acceptance rate compared to other universities, there have been contrasting opinions regarding its admission requirements. A report in 2018 by an MBA Journal suggested that the admission requirements at BSBI were exceptionally low and that it was collaborating with a university of substandard quality. However, the chief academic officer of Global University Systems, which owns BSBI, defended the institution by stating their intention to provide various access options (both academic and financial) and diverse learning formats for different target groups.

BSBI welcomed Princess Lia of Romania and Princess Madeleine of Bentheim and Steinfurt as its Patrons in November 2018. However, Prince Paul, who was also a patron, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison by the court in December 2020. As a result, he is no longer associated with BSBI as one of its patrons.

According to Poets & Quants, the BSBI campus in Berlin initially shared a floor with another institution but eventually moved out, taking their inventory with them. In May 2019, MBA Journal reported that students had complained about the quality of teachers, learning materials, and assignments at BSBI. Subsequently, in July 2019, BSBI students wrote to Poets & Quants stating that they had previously informed the management about inadequate classes and coursework in March 2019.

Ranking of Berlin School of Business and Innovation: How does it fare?

The ranking of the Berlin School of Business and Innovation for 2024 holds significant importance in the field of higher education. As per the Webometrics Rankings of World Universities, BSBI is positioned at 350th place among universities in Continental Europe.

– According to the Webometrics Rankings, BSBI is placed at 350th position among universities in Continental Europe.

Recognition and achievements

BSBI has received recognition and praise in various prestigious rankings and awards. Some of the notable achievements include:.

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation has been recognized as a finalist in the prestigious AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards. Additionally, it has received a notable nomination at the Education Investor Awards 2022. The school is also proud to be a member of the esteemed Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

How to secure admission at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation?

To apply for admission to a university in India, it is necessary for applicants to fill out the application form and submit all required support documents. These supporting documents play a crucial role in the application process as they provide evidence of your qualifications and eligibility. Some important supporting documents include:

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1. Admission Decision (Step 2): Once you have submitted your application, the university will review it thoroughly. After careful consideration, they will make an admission decision based on your academic achievements, test scores, and other relevant factors.

3. Admissions Letter (Step 4): Upon acceptance of your offer, you will receive an admissions letter from the university confirming your enrollment status. This letter serves as official proof that you have been accepted into the program or course.

4. Applying for Your Student Visa (Step 5 – Deadline: 2 Feb 2024): In order to study in India as an international student, it is essential to obtain a valid student visa before arriving in the country. The deadline mentioned here indicates that this step should be completed by February 2nd, 2024.

Practical advice:

– Start early: Begin working on your application well in advance so that you have enough time to gather all necessary documents.

– Double-check requirements: Make sure you carefully read through all instructions provided by each university regarding support document submission.


For example, after submitting your application, the university will review it and make an admission decision based on various factors such as academic achievements and test scores. If you receive an offer of admission, formally accept it according to the specified procedure provided by the university.

Upon acceptance of your offer, you will receive an admissions letter confirming your enrollment status. This letter serves as official proof that you have been accepted into the program or course.

Lastly, ensure that you apply for your student visa before arriving in India as an international student. The deadline mentioned (February 2nd) indicates when this step should be completed by.


– Foyer

– Office for Business Development

– Spacious corridor

– Library area

– Lecture hall

– Academic publications

– Dining area

– Virtual interactive classrooms

– Scenic outdoor view

What is the reputation of Berlin School of Business and Innovation?

1. Innovative curriculum designed for those seeking an international career.

2. Taught by industry-focused academics.

3. Competitive edge for graduates in the global job market.


You can find details regarding the Berlin School of Business and Innovation on Wikipedia.

Is BSBI Germany a reputable university?

According to the EDUopinions rankings, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5. If you are interested in learning more about this institution, you can visit our website to read reviews from students who have attended the school.

By reading student reviews on our website, you can gain insights into the experiences of those who have studied at this school. These reviews may cover aspects such as teaching quality, campus facilities, extracurricular activities, career support services, and overall student satisfaction.

– The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is an educational institution based in Berlin.

– It offers programs focused on business and innovation studies.

– The school has received a rating of 4.3 according to EDUopinions rankings.

Is BSBI beneficial for international students?

BSBI, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, offers a seamless registration process and flexible payment plans to ensure a smooth experience for international students. The school understands the challenges faced by students coming from different countries and strives to make their transition as easy as possible. With an efficient registration system in place, prospective students can easily apply online and receive prompt assistance throughout the entire process.

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Is BSBI an educational institution?

BSBI, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, is a private university that provides scholarships to deserving students based on their academic achievements or financial circumstances. The classes at BSBI are conducted in English, which makes it easier for international students to study there. However, to help students adapt to German society, BSBI also offers support for learning the German language.

In simple terms, BSBI is a university in Berlin that focuses on business and innovation education. They offer scholarships to students who have done well academically or need financial assistance. The classes are taught in English, but they also provide help for learning German so that students can better integrate into the local community.

– BSBI is a private university located in Berlin.

– They offer scholarships based on merit or financial need.

– Classes are held in English with additional support for learning German.

What makes BSBI Berlin the preferred choice?

BSBI, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, offers a great opportunity for students in India to pursue their studies and gain valuable skills for success in their chosen field. The school is committed to providing its students with the necessary tools and support needed to excel professionally.

At BSBI, students can benefit from world-leading lecturers who have extensive industry experience. These experts bring real-world knowledge into the classroom, ensuring that students receive practical insights and up-to-date information about their respective industries. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of the business world and prepares them for future challenges.

Acceptance rate for international students at BSBI

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is open to students from all over the world, with an acceptance rate of 100%. Here are some key points about the school:

– The Berlin School of Business and Innovation offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment for students.

– It provides a wide range of programs in business, management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

– The faculty at the school consists of experienced professionals who bring real-world expertise into the classroom.

– The school encourages international collaboration and networking opportunities among its students.

Overall, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation is committed to providing quality education to students from India as well as other countries.

Is a full scholarship offered by BSBI?

BSBI offers a range of undergraduate programmes that provide students with the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields. One notable aspect of these programmes is the High Achievers Scholarships, which aim to support and reward exceptional students by offering them up to 50% scholarship on tuition fees. This initiative not only helps alleviate financial burdens but also encourages academic excellence among students.

P.S: At BSBI, we believe that every student deserves equal access to quality education regardless of their background or financial circumstances. Through our High Achievers Scholarships, we strive to empower talented individuals from India and around the world by making higher education more accessible and affordable for them.