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Affordable CBSE Schools Nearby with Minimal Fees

Low Fees Cbse Schools Near Me

Kolkata, the second largest city in India, is a vibrant and diverse place that blends traditional and modern cultures. Known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is home to several renowned CBSE schools that have established themselves as leaders in education. To assist you in making an informed decision, we at [website name] have compiled a comprehensive list of these top CBSE schools in Kolkata. Our team has conducted thorough research on each school to provide you with all the necessary information. Sign up with Edustoke today to access personalized details about the best CBSE schools in Kolkata.

Top CBSE Schools in Kolkata:

Formerly known as Calcutta, this former capital city under British rule is renowned for its numerous delightful aspects. One such aspect is the emphasis placed on education within the city. Edustoke presents a comprehensive list of CBSE schools in Kolkata, ensuring that your child receives the finest education available. Discover all the essential information about these schools exclusively at Edustoke.

CBSE Schools in Kolkata with Affordable Fees

The land of Roshogullas, Durga Pooja and Rabindra Sangeeth, Kolkata is a fine place to stay. This city is flooded with some of the best known educational institutions which shape the life of students for a better future. Here is a list of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata for your child. Select the desired school based on your preference and make way for a better educational prospective for your little one.

Average fees for Indian schools

– Primary school tuition costs: Range from Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.75 lakh

– Recommended budget for primary education: Approximately Rs 5.50 lakh

– Middle school average annual tuition fees: Between Rs 1.6 lakh and Rs 1

Top CBSE Schools in Kolkata: A Comprehensive List

A cultural city which also known as the football capital of India where the Calcutta Football League dates back to 1898 – this city is a land of many wonderful sports and historical structures. Eden Garden, Calcutta Maidan, Victoria memorial and the mighty Howrah Bridge. The city so unique also has some of the most spectacular schools in the country. Edustoke brings to you some the list of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata. Register now for the personalised data of all your preferred schools with the help of our trained professionals.

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Which Indian school charges the highest fees?

The first school mentioned is Ecole Mondiane World School, which is located in Mumbai. The second school is Woodstock School, situated in Mussoorie. Good Shepherd International School can be found in Ooty, while Mayo College is located in Ajmer. Scindia School is situated in Gwalior and The Doon School can be found in Dehradun. Stonehill International School is located in Bangalore and Welham Boys School can be found again in Dehradun.

These schools are popular choices among parents who want their children to receive a good education without having to pay exorbitant fees. They provide a conducive learning environment along with experienced teachers who ensure that students receive proper guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

By choosing these low fee CBSE schools, parents can give their children access to quality education without putting too much financial burden on themselves. These institutions strive to make education accessible for all by keeping their fees reasonable while maintaining high standards of teaching and infrastructure.

Top CBSE Schools in Kolkata with Affordable Fees, Nearby Location & Contact Details

The CBSE is a board at the national level in India that oversees secondary education.

In India, both public and private schools are overseen by the Union Government of India. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is responsible for regulating and administering these schools.

The government has directed all CBSE-affiliated schools to strictly adhere to the NCERT curriculum. India is home to around 20,000 schools.

CBSE-affiliated schools include Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVS), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV), Army Schools, Navy Schools, and more.

Air Force Schools adhere to the CBSE Curriculum. In addition to the school curriculum, CBSE also conducts Class 10th exams.

The Class 12th Board Examinations are crucial for both affiliated schools and students aspiring to get into top Under Graduate colleges.

By enrolling in CBSE affiliated schools, students can benefit from a standardized level of education which prepares them for competitive exams like IITJEE, AIIMS, AIPMT, and NEET.

When it comes to changing schools or relocating within India, finding educational institutions with affordable fees is crucial.

Class 10 CBSE Fees: How much does it cost?

For students in the general category, they need to pay INR 1500 as registration fee for 5 subjects. This means that if a student wants to appear for exams in five different subjects, they will have to pay this amount.

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On the other hand, students belonging to the SC/ST category have a lower fee. They only need to pay INR 1200 as registration fee for 5 subjects. So, if a student from this category wants to take exams in five different subjects, they will be charged this reduced amount.

Nursery, Primary & High Schools: Convenient Online Search, Selection & Admission Applications with Affordable Fees

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CBSE Schools in Kolkata for the academic year 2024-2025 offer various fee structures, have received reviews from parents and students, follow a specific admission process, and provide results to assess student performance.

Which school has the highest cost?

The significant increase in fees over the years has raised concerns among parents and guardians who aspire to provide their children with quality education but struggle with financial constraints. With such high costs associated with Hilton College, many families find themselves unable to afford such an extravagant expense each year.

As educational expenses continue to soar across the country, there is a growing demand for low-fee CBSE schools that can cater to families from diverse economic backgrounds. These schools aim to bridge the gap between affordability and quality education by offering reduced fees without compromising on academic standards or extracurricular activities.

What country offers the most affordable education?

Germany, France, Mexico, India, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, and South Africa are all countries that offer low fee CBSE schools. These schools provide quality education at affordable prices for students and their families.

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In Germany, there are several CBSE schools that have relatively low fees compared to other international schools in the country. These schools follow the CBSE curriculum while also incorporating German language and culture into their programs. This allows students to receive a well-rounded education while keeping costs manageable for parents.

Similarly, in France, there are CBSE schools that cater to Indian expatriate communities as well as local French students who wish to pursue an Indian curriculum. These schools often have lower fees compared to other international institutions in the country. They provide a supportive environment where students can learn about both Indian and French cultures.

Mexico is another country where low fee CBSE schools can be found. These institutions offer quality education following the CBSE syllabus while also integrating Mexican traditions and values into their teaching methods. Students attending these schools benefit from a diverse learning experience at an affordable cost.

Moving on to India itself – being home to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), it offers numerous low fee CBSE-affiliated educational institutions across various states and cities. These schools aim to make quality education accessible for all sections of society by keeping their fees reasonable without compromising on academic standards or facilities provided.

Argentina is yet another country with low fee options for those seeking a CBSE-based education system. With its multicultural society embracing diversity from different parts of the world including India; these institutions ensure affordability along with imparting knowledge through internationally recognized curricula like CBSE.

Malaysia, known for its diverse population and thriving education sector, also offers low fee CBSE schools. These institutions provide a blend of Indian and Malaysian cultures while adhering to the CBSE curriculum. Students can benefit from quality education at affordable prices in this multicultural environment.

Lastly, South Africa is home to several low fee CBSE schools that cater to both local students and expatriate communities. These schools offer a balanced mix of academics, extracurricular activities, and cultural integration while keeping their fees reasonable for families seeking an international education option.

P.S. For parents in India looking for affordable yet high-quality educational options following the CBSE curriculum, there are various low fee CBSE schools available across different cities and states. These institutions aim to provide excellent academic standards along with holistic development opportunities without burdening families financially.