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Abb India Ltd Peenya Bangalore Address

Abb India Ltd Peenya Bangalore Address

Export Percentage upto 20%
Import Export Code (IEC) 03880*****
Tan No. BLRA0*****
Banker ,
GST No. 29AAACA3834B1Z4
CIN No. L32202KA1949PLC032923

Accepted Payment Modes at Abb India Ltd Peenya Bangalore Address include Credit Card, Cheque, Online payment, and Bank Transfer. Shipment modes available are Air, Road, Cargo, and Sea transport.

About Us

ABB India Ltd, located in Peenya, Bangalore, has a well-structured operational setup consisting of four global divisions. These divisions are further divided into specific business units that cater to various industries and product categories. One such division is Robotics and Motion.

The Robotics and Motion division of ABB India Ltd in Peenya, Bangalore offers a range of products, solutions, and services that enhance productivity and energy efficiency in industries. Their motors, generators, drives, and robotics are designed to provide power, motion control for various automation applications. ABB India Ltd is a leading player in wind generators and traction converters as well. They cater to manufacturers, OEMs across different industries along with utilities providers, end-users from the industry sector as well as transportation and infrastructure operators. Notably, ABB is recognized globally as the largest supplier of industrial electric motors and drives.

Offering: Products, systems and services designed to optimize the productivity of industrial processes. Solutions include turnkey engineering, control systems, measurement products, life cycle services, outsourced maintenance and industry specific products (eg, electric propulsion for ships, mine hoists, turbochargers and pulp testing equipment). Customers: Process industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, metals production, marine, pulp and paper, and cement. Key fact: ABB delivered the world’s first power-from-shore solution for an offshore rig.


Where is the headquarter of ABB Ltd in India?

Furthermore, Abb Ltd understands the importance of adapting to changing customer demands. They continuously update their products and services based on market trends and feedback from their clientele. This proactive approach allows them to stay ahead of competitors while ensuring that they consistently meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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Our Milestones

Our expertise lies in executing significant projects across the Indian subcontinent.

Addressing the traffic challenges in Delhi, our power network management solutions and electrical products have been instrumental in ensuring a seamless and effective operation of the Delhi metro.

Powering India’s future grid ABB tested the first ultrahigh voltage 1,200 kilovolt power transformer in Vadodara marking yet another milestone in the company’s long history of technology and innovation in India

ABB India Ltd, located in Peenya Bangalore, has successfully implemented a comprehensive automation solution for the longest international conveyor belt in Bangladesh.

Saving energy at Delhi airport By providing precise demand-related control of 11,000 electrical devices and 100,000 illumination points our i-bus® KNX lighting control solution enables the airport to make considerable energy savings.

Enhancing efficiency at Asianpaints is made possible with the help of 12 ABB palletizing robots, which not only increase productivity but also ensure operational safety. Click here to find out more.

Is ABB India an ideal company to pursue employment with?

ABB India Ltd is a company located in Peenya, Bangalore. It is a subsidiary of ABB, which is known for its expertise in power and automation technologies. The address of the company in Peenya, Bangalore is not mentioned in the article.

When it comes to working at ABB, employees have given it an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 based on over 9,812 reviews. These reviews were left anonymously by employees who have worked or are currently working at ABB. This indicates that generally, employees have had a positive experience working at the company.

In terms of recommendations from employees to their friends, around 84% would recommend working at ABB. This suggests that most employees are satisfied with their work environment and believe it would be a good place for others to work as well. Additionally, about 78% of the employees have expressed a positive outlook for the business itself.

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Infrastructure Facilities

Abb India Ltd has a total of 47 factories, with 9 manufacturing locations spread across the country. They also have 22 sales and marketing offices, along with 2 Corporate research centers and 2 Global Operations centers.

Is the pay at ABB competitive?

The ABB Group, a renowned multinational corporation, offers lucrative job opportunities in various positions. Among these roles, the highest-paying position is that of Vice President, with an impressive annual salary of ₹64.1 Lakhs. This prestigious role not only provides financial stability but also signifies significant responsibility and leadership within the organization.

P.S: It is worth noting that these figures represent average salaries and may vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and performance evaluations.

P.S: These figures serve as a testament to both the attractive career prospects offered by ABB India Ltd and the importance placed on recognizing exceptional talent within their workforce.

What is the maximum salary at ABB?

The average salary at ABB India Ltd in Peenya, Bangalore is ₹19.1 lakhs per year. This figure is based on 517 employee profiles and the salaries typically range from ₹15.0 lakhs to ₹50.0 lakhs per year.

Is ABB a large corporation?

ABB India Ltd is a renowned engineering company that plays a crucial role in shaping society and industry towards a more productive and sustainable future. They achieve this by combining software with their expertise in electrification, robotics, automation, and motion technology. ABB constantly strives to push the limits of technology to enhance performance and drive innovation.

– ABB India Ltd is an influential global engineering company focused on transforming society through innovative technologies.

– Their presence at Peenya reflects their dedication towards supporting local industries.

– The address serves as a gateway for businesses seeking advanced solutions related to electrification, robotics, automation, and motion control from ABB India Ltd.

The previous name of ABB India?

In September 1965, the name of the company Hindustan Electric Co. Ltd. was changed to Hindustan Brown Boveri Ltd. This change reflected a shift in ownership and management of the company.

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In 1976, Hindustan Brown Boveri Ltd. issued 60,000 bonus equity shares in proportion to existing shareholders at a ratio of 1:4. This means that for every four shares held by an existing shareholder, they were entitled to receive one additional bonus share.

Peenya is an industrial area situated on the outskirts of Bangalore city in Karnataka state. It is known for housing numerous manufacturing units and industrial establishments across different sectors.

What does ABB specialize in?

One key aspect where ABB excels is in optimizing manufacturing processes. Their advanced technologies help companies improve production efficiency while maintaining high quality standards. By integrating intelligent systems into factories or industrial plants, ABB enables seamless communication between machines for enhanced coordination and precision.

In addition to this wide array of offerings related to electrification and automation technologies,AABB India Ltd also provides reliable support services such as maintenance assistance

Who possesses ABB?

The ABB Group is a well-known company that operates in many countries around the world and has a large number of employees. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and its shares are traded on stock exchanges in Zurich, Stockholm, and New York.

In simple terms, ABB India Ltd Peenya Bangalore Address refers to the location of an ABB facility in Peenya, Bangalore. This facility is part of the larger ABB Group which operates globally. The address signifies where this particular branch or office is situated within the city.

1. The ABB Group is a publicly listed company.

2. It operates in approximately 100 countries worldwide.

3. The company employs around 135,000 people globally.

4. Its headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

5. Shares of ABB can be traded on stock exchanges such as Zurich, Stockholm, and New York.

6. “ABB India Ltd Peenya Bangalore Address” refers to the specific location of an ABB facility in Peenya area of Bangalore city.