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2022 School Reopening Plans in Uttar Pradesh: What to Expect

When School Will Reopen In Up 2022

When will schools in Uttar Pradesh reopen in 2022? Find out the dates for resuming classes in your region, from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar. Stay informed about the winter school reopening schedule for January 2023.

School Reopening in Uttar Pradesh 2022: Find out when schools will resume classes

Schools in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan will remain closed until January 14th.

Uttar Pradesh Schools Vacation

The winter vacation in private schools in Delhi has been extended until January 15 due to the cold wave in the national capital, as per a circular issued by the Directorate of Education under the Delhi government. The circular advises all private schools in Delhi to remain closed until January 15, 2023, considering the prevailing cold wave. Schools will resume for all students from January 16 onwards.

Bihar School Reopening Date 2022

Due to the extreme cold weather and drop in temperatures, Patna in Bihar has decided to extend the winter vacation for both public and private schools. The District Magistrate (DM) has issued an order stating that all schools up to Class 10 will remain closed until January 14. This decision has been made considering the potential health risks posed by the prevailing cold wave conditions on children.

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Extension of Holidays in Uttar Pradesh 2024: An Update

Due to the severe cold wave and dense fog in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, the district magistrate has instructed schools to prolong the winter break for students up to Class 8 until January 27, 2024.


– In response to these weather conditions, schools in Lucknow have been directed by the district magistrate.

– The directive is aimed at extending the winter holidays for students up to Class 8.

– As a result of this decision, students will now enjoy an extended break until January 27, 2024.

Uttarakhand Schools Reopening in 2022

Due to the extreme cold weather, the Punjab government has decided to prolong the winter break until January 14, 2023, for students in grades I to VII across all types of schools in the state. The School Education Minister, Harjot Singh Bains, announced this extension through a tweet. However, he also mentioned that students from grades VIII to XII are required to attend school between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

School Closure in India

In India, the academic year for elementary and secondary schools varies in different parts of the country. Some schools follow an April to March schedule while others have a June to May schedule. During summer vacations, which typically start from early May, students get a break that lasts until either the middle or end of June. Additionally, there is also a winter vacation at the beginning of the year which usually spans 1-2 weeks.


– Academic year:

– April to March (in some parts)

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– June to May (in other parts)

– Summer vacations:

– Start from early May

– Last until middle or end of June

– Winter vacation:

– Occurs at the beginning of the year

– Usually lasts for 1-2 weeks

When Will Schools in Jharkhand Reopen?

The Directorate School Education, Haryana Government, has declared winter vacation for all state government and private schools from January 1 to January 15, 2023. However, due to board examinations, students in Classes 10 and 12 are required to attend classes from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Directorate of Information, Public Relations and Languages Department took to Twitter, “Winter vacation has been declared in all schools of Haryana from January 1, 2023 to January 15, 2023. However, in view of the board examinations, classes for class 10th and 12th will be held from 10 am to 2 pm. Teachers taking extra classes will get earned leave in return as per rules.”

Is pollution ban lifted in Delhi?

The Central government has decided to allow non-essential construction work and the use of certain types of vehicles in Delhi-NCR. This decision comes as the air quality in the region has been getting better gradually.

Earlier, there was a ban on non-essential construction activities and using specific types of vehicles that run on certain fuels. The aim was to reduce pollution levels in Delhi-NCR, which had been severely affected by poor air quality.

However, with improvements seen in recent times, the government has lifted these restrictions. Non-essential construction work can now resume, meaning projects that are not directly related to essential services like hospitals or infrastructure can proceed. Additionally, four-wheelers running on BS-III petrol and BS-IV diesel are now allowed to ply on roads.

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This step indicates that the authorities believe that the air quality situation is improving enough to ease some restrictions. It is important for people living in Delhi-NCR to continue taking measures to keep their environment clean and healthy while enjoying these relaxations.

Rajasthan Schools

In response to the cold wave in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the District Magistrate has announced that schools for students in classes 1 to 8 will be closed until January 14, 2023. This decision was made due to the dropping temperatures and is aimed at ensuring the safety of students. According to a tweet by ANI, all schools from std 1 to std 8 in Jaipur district will remain closed until January 14. The state has been experiencing severe cold waves recently. Schools are scheduled to reopen on January 16, 2023.