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2021 NASA Exam for School Students

Nasa Exam For School Students 2021

The International Space Olympiad is a worldwide quiz contest that centers around the field of space science and technology. It takes place annually with the aim of sparking enthusiasm and fostering expertise in these subjects among children, thereby enhancing their abilities.


Students in Grades 5-12 from across the globe have the opportunity to participate in the International Space Olympiad 2024.


The International Space Olympiad consists of three levels of online exams: preliminary, intermediate, and final. Students who pass the first round are eligible to move on to the subsequent levels.


Junior Category: For students in grades 5-7. Senior Category: Designed for students in grades 8-10. Super Senior Category: Specifically created for students in grades 11-12.


To enroll in the competition, simply click on the REGISTER NOW option available on the official website of the International Space Olympiad.


The International Space Olympiad provides enough reference aids and online training for each level of competition.

International Space Olympiad 2024

Hone your abilities, broaden your understanding, and get ready for the intellectual challenge!

You are cordially invited to an exceptional platform where you can demonstrate your abilities and expertise, with the chance to win incredible rewards!

Let’s Visit to NASA! Enroll Your Names

Come and be a part of the International Space Olympiad with us. Join in this global event and showcase your skills and knowledge about space.

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The winners of ISO 2024 will have the exciting opportunity to visit NASA for free as their grand prize!

Registration for the preliminary level of the 2024 NASA exam is currently available.

International Space Olympiad

Supreet Paul, a Grade 5 student from National Public School in Electronic City, Karnataka, emerged as the winner of the Junior Category – Master at the International Space Olympiad 2022. As a result of this achievement, Supreet was granted an opportunity to visit NASA.

NASA Visit Winner of International Space Olympiad 2022 Senior Category – Master. Tanav Chavare, Grade 10, St. Mary’s ICSE School, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Miss Vismaya Suresh, a Grade 11 student from Kuriakose Elias English Medium School in Kottayam, Kerala, emerged as the winner of the Senior Category in the International Space Olympiad 2022. As a result of her achievement, she has been granted an opportunity to visit NASA.

Does NASA have a program for children?

NASA encourages you to visit NASA Kids’ Club and use its games and activities to inspire the next generation. On this site, you will find games of various skill levels for children pre-K through grade 4. These games support national education standards in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Is it possible for students to visit NASA?

Interning at NASA as a non-STEM student can open up new possibilities for career exploration and growth. It provides an opportunity for individuals with different academic interests such as arts, humanities, social sciences, or business administration to see how their skills can be applied in a scientific organization like NASA. Moreover, this experience may also inspire them towards pursuing interdisciplinary paths where they can combine their passion for both science-related subjects and their primary field of study.

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Are there NASA programs available for high school students?

Moreover, being part of this internship program enables high school juniors and seniors from India to establish connections with experts in the field of aerospace science. These connections may prove invaluable as they navigate their academic journey or consider pursuing higher education or careers in STEM-related fields.