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2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala

2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala

When you think of cricket, one of the individuals who will immediately come to mind is Sourav Ganguly, affectionately known as Dada in Bengali, which means elder brother.

2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala: A Comprehensive Coverage

He is an Indian cricket player, who previously led the Indian team and now holds the position of BCCI President.

Sourav Ganguly has achieved great success in his cricket career, allowing him to live the life he always desired.

He has always stayed connected to his origins, which is why he owns a residence in Kolkata, his hometown, as well as another one in London.

Sourav Ganguly’s house in Kolkata is nothing less than a mansion and here we will give you a virtual tour of the house.

Sourav Ganguly’s House Address

A simple man from Kolkata who rose to fame with his excellent left-handed batting has a huge house in Kolkata city. Sourav Ganguly’s house in Kolkata is an ancestral property located in the city centre with green spaces within the property.

The residence of Sourav Ganguly can be found at 2/6 Biren Roy Road in Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal-700008.

credits: Sourav Ganguly’s house in Kolkata

Inside Sourav Ganguly’s House

The ancestral Sourav Ganguly’s house is decked up in traditional white and red colours from the outside.

The house at 2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala comprises of a total of 48 rooms, with the predominant color scheme being white, beige, and brown.

As a former cricketer, it is natural for him to have a dedicated space where he can display all his accomplishments. In addition to this special room, there are other areas in the house such as a dining room, family room, and multiple living rooms.

The interiors of the house are done in a very simple fashion which is a reflection of his lifestyle and personality as well which is extremely simple and down to earth.

credits: Inside Sourav Ganguly’s house

Sourav Ganguly’s House Living Areas

With a successful cricket career, Sourav Ganguly had numerous friends from the cricket field and frequent visits from dignitaries at his residence on 2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala. He always greeted everyone warmly and made sure they felt welcome.

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The rooms he resides in are adorned with shades of white, beige, and brown, complemented by the presence of various wooden elements.

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Sourav Ganguly’s house seems to have an informal and formal living room for different sets of people.

However, all individuals were consistently greeted warmly and his mother ensured that everyone was also provided with food until they were completely satisfied.

The Dining Area within the Residence of Sourav Ganguly

The opulent dining area within the residence of Sourav Ganguly exudes an air of regality, adding a touch of grandeur to the entire space.

The dining area at 2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala is designed to accommodate a large number of people, allowing them to gather around the table and enjoy a delicious meal while engaging in meaningful conversations.

The dining area has been adorned with a palette of elegant shades including white, golden, and ochre, which perfectly complement the overall neutral theme of the space.

The glass countertop compliments the vintage-looking chairs very well hinting at a royal touch to the entire room.

The room is filled with an abundance of sunlight streaming through the large glass windows, creating a warm and natural ambiance.

Does Sourav Ganguly own a house in London?

Sourav Ganguly owns a house in London. The location of the Sourav Ganguly house in London is in the North Harrow area of the city.


– Sourav Ganguly has a residence in London.

– The house owned by Sourav Ganguly is situated in the North Harrow part of London.

The Trophy Room inside Sourav Ganguly’s House

Sourav Ganguly, a renowned cricketer in India, has achieved numerous trophies throughout his career. To celebrate these accomplishments, he decided to create a special room solely dedicated to displaying his well-deserved awards.

The room is adorned with luxurious wooden furniture, including glass panelled doors and frames that proudly display the cherished trophies. Additionally, there are comfortable brown leather sofas where one can sit and reflect upon the numerous achievements before them. This room serves as a perfect place to relax, reminisce about past memories, and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

The room where Sourav Ganguly keeps his trophies in his house.

Whose Kolkata residence belongs to a well-known personality?

No trip to Kolkata is complete without visiting Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore’s house. The Jorasanko Thakurbari is a must-visit for tourists and city folks alike.

The Sourav Ganguly House Family Room

In spite of his prosperous career and wealth, Sourav Ganguly opted to reside in his ancestral residence, showcasing his strong commitment to family values. This aspect is also evident in the design of his house, which features a spacious family room that fosters bonding and creates cherished moments for all family members.

The family room combines traditional and modern elements to create a cozy and loving atmosphere. Similar to the rest of the house, this room is decorated in a neutral color scheme of brown and white. The wooden accents bring everything together harmoniously, like pieces of a puzzle. the Sourav Ganguly house family room

Who is the wife of Saurav Ganguly?

Firstly, there is a man who has entered into the bond of marriage with Dona Ganguly. She is known for her expertise in Indian classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam or Kathak. Being married means they have made a commitment to be partners and share their lives together.

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Secondly, this couple has been blessed with a daughter named Sana. She came into this world in the year 2001, which means she was born around that time. Having a child usually brings joy and happiness to parents as they get to experience the joys of parenthood and watch their child grow.

The Exterior of the Sourav Ganguly Residence

Constructing a residence for a cricketer is incomplete without satisfying their desire to have a miniature cricket field within the premises.

The exterior of the Sourav Ganguly residence boasts a stunning and well-maintained green backyard, complete with a spacious lawn. Additionally, there is a jogging track adorned with distinctive white and red tiles along its perimeter. Notably, there is also a small cricket pitch outdoors, allowing Sourav Ganguly to indulge in his passion for the sport. Surrounding the property are tall and beautiful trees of various kinds, creating an atmosphere where residents can truly feel embraced by nature.

Exterior view of the residence belonging to Sourav Ganguly.

What is the district of Behala in India?

Behala is a neighborhood located in the South 24 Parganas district of Kolkata, which is a city in the state of West Bengal, India. It is an area that falls under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Behala also comes under the administrative control of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, which means that it falls within their governance and services. The corporation takes care of various aspects such as infrastructure development, waste management, water supply, and other civic amenities for residents living in Behala.

Overall, Behala can be described as a residential locality situated in the South 24 Parganas district of Kolkata city. It operates under the administration and services provided by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to ensure a well-maintained living environment for its residents.

Sourav Ganguly’s House in London

It is a well-known fact that many cricketers, including Sourav Ganguly, own properties outside of India. One such property owned by Ganguly is located in London. This stunning apartment, situated in the North Harrow area, offers two bedrooms and is just a 45-minute commute from Central London. With its breathtaking views of the Thames River and The London Eye, this luxurious apartment serves as a favorite getaway for Ganguly and his family when they are not at their residence in Behala, Kolkata.

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Currently, the residence in Kolkata is occupied by Sara Ganguly, the lovely daughter of Sourav Ganguly, and his wife Dona Ganguly.

The precise price of the residence owned by Sourav Ganguly in London remains unclear, but it is estimated to exceed 5 Crore.

For how many years has the ancestral property existed in Behala?

The residence of Sourav Ganguly in Kolkata, located at 2 6 Biren Roy Road Behala, has a history of more than sixty years and is presently the home of Sourav Ganguly and his family.

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Has Sourav Ganguly recently acquired any new property?

Indeed, Sourav Ganguly has recently acquired a residence in Kolkata for approximately 40 crores. It is reported that he will be relocating from his current address at Biren Roy Road, Behala to Lower Rawdon Street in the near future. The new house consists of two floors.

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Where is Shubman Gill house?

Light-hued walls adorn the rooms, further enhancing the inviting atmosphere within these walls. Soft tones create an ambiance that is soothing to both mind and soul—a perfect retreat from the fast-paced world outside. It is here that Gill finds solace after long hours on the field—surrounded by beauty and tranquility.

Who is the owner of the restaurant Sourav Ganguly?

– It served various dishes from different cuisines and attracted food enthusiasts and fans.

– After operating successfully for seven years, the restaurant closed down in 2011 due to unforeseen circumstances.

How many cars does Sourav Ganguly have?

Though there is no clarity on the total number of Sourav Ganguly cars, his collection includes 20 Mercedes-Benz, 4 BMW, Audis and various other plush models.

Residential locations of billionaires in Kolkata

Alipore, located in Kolkata, is a highly esteemed and exclusive neighborhood known for its elegant way of life and magnificent mansions that date back to the colonial era. This area exudes sophistication and charm, attracting prominent individuals who appreciate its rich history and luxurious ambiance.

Living in Alipore provides residents with access to an array of high-end facilities and services. From upscale shopping malls to fine dining restaurants offering diverse cuisines, this neighborhood caters to every discerning taste. Additionally, renowned educational institutions are situated here, ensuring quality education for children within close proximity.

Residential areas preferred by wealthy individuals in Kolkata

What is the wealthiest neighborhood in Kolkata? Alipore is widely regarded as one of the most affluent areas in Kolkata. Located in the southern part of the city, it boasts a reputation for its opulent residences and luxurious lifestyle.

The real estate market in Alipore reflects its status as a prime location for luxury living. The neighborhood features grand mansions, sprawling bungalows, and high-end apartments that cater to discerning buyers seeking lavish accommodations. The properties here are often equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and offer breathtaking views of lush greenery or iconic landmarks like Victoria Memorial.

In addition to its residential allure, Alipore also offers an array of upscale shopping destinations and fine dining establishments. High-end boutiques showcasing designer labels can be found along Biren Roy Road (Behala), which runs through this prestigious locality. Residents and visitors alike can indulge in gourmet cuisine at renowned restaurants that serve both local delicacies and international fare.