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132 Kv Substations in Andhra Pradesh: An Overview

132 Kv Substations In Andhra Pradesh

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, there are several 132 Kv substations that play a crucial role in the distribution and transmission of electricity. These substations serve as important nodes in the power grid, helping to deliver reliable and uninterrupted electricity to various regions across the state. This article will delve into the significance of these 132 Kv substations in Andhra Pradesh, exploring their functions, infrastructure, and impact on ensuring efficient power supply throughout the region.

Number of Electrical Substations Adjacent to 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Andhra Pradesh

– There are a total of 3 electrical substations located within a distance of 1 kilometer.

– Similarly, there are also 3 electrical substations within a distance of 2 kilometers.

– Moving further out, there are 4 electrical substations within a distance of 5 kilometers.

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– Lastly, there are also 4 electrical substations located within a distance of 10 kilometers.

132 Kv Aptransco Substation: A Growing Trend in Andhra Pradesh

There are numerous well-regarded electrical substations in this region that are highly regarded, surpassing the popularity of the 132 Kv Aptransco Substation. Some of these substations have gained equal levels of recognition and appreciation as the aforementioned substation.

Ranking of 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Andhra Pradesh

The 132 Kv substations in Andhra Pradesh have been ranked based on their performance. In the 518222 area, these substations are ranked second out of four, placing them among the bottom 50% in terms of electrical substations. In Kurnool specifically, they are ranked ninth out of nine, making them part of the bottom 100% in the city. In Andhra Pradesh as a whole, they are placed at number 63 out of 112, which puts them among the bottom 56.25% statewide. On a national level in India, these substations hold an overall rank of 288 out of 566 and fall within the bottom 50.88%. Their overall rating is considered average.

Number of substations in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, there are 669 electrical substations as of January 09, 2024. These substations play a crucial role in the distribution of electricity to different areas within the state. They act as intermediaries between power generating stations and consumers like homes, industries, and businesses.

Overall, these 669 electrical substations are vital infrastructure components that enable efficient electricity distribution throughout Andhra Pradesh while ensuring stability and reliability in the power supply network.

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132 Kv Aptransco Substation: Ratings and Reviews

On the internet, 132 Kv Aptransco Substation received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from a total of 1 reviewer.

Transformer used in 132 kV substation

Therefore, these 132kV substations play a crucial role in ensuring that electricity can be efficiently transmitted from power plants through transmission lines and then distributed effectively across different regions within Andhra Pradesh.

Distance of 132 Kv Aptransco Substation from Key Landmarks in Andhra Pradesh

The 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Kurnool is located at an estimated aerial distance from various prominent landmarks in the city.

Location of 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Andhra Pradesh

The 132 Kv Aptransco Substation can be found in various areas of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. These include B.Ramadurgam, Bogolu, Chityala, Dharmavaram, Dhone, Dhone-bazar, Jagadurthi, Kamaganikuntla, Kamalapuram,Katarukonda,Koilakonda,Kotchervu,Malkapuram,Malliyala,Sudepalli,Udumulapadu,and Ungaralagundla. The complete address for this substation is Kothapeta,Dhone ,Andhra Pradesh 518222.

Website of 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Andhra Pradesh

The contact information for the 132 Kv Aptransco Substation in Andhra Pradesh can be reached at 918516221022.

Number of 132 Kv Substations in B.Ramadurgam area of Kurnool as listed on

We have a total of 9 listed electrical substations in Kurnool. To see the complete list, please visit our page on Electrical Substations in Kurnool.

What is the largest station in Andhra Pradesh?

As one would expect from such a prominent transportation hub, Howrah Junction witnesses heavy footfall throughout the year. Passengers from different corners of India flock here to catch their trains or transit to nearby destinations via Kolkata. This constant influx contributes to making it one of the busiest train stations not just within India but globally as well.

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Despite being over 160 years old since its establishment in 1854 by East Indian Railway Company (EIR), Howrah Junction continues to evolve with time. It has undergone several renovations and modernizations over decades to keep up with growing demands while preserving its historical charm.

What is the largest station in AP?

Vijayawada Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh is a bustling hub that caters to approximately 1.40 lakh passengers every day. It handles around 190 express trains and 170 goods trains on a daily basis, making it one of the busiest railway stations in India.

Is 132 kV high voltage?

High-voltage transmission grid Electricity travels with a voltage between 132 kV and 400 kV. It is important to note that in each country these voltage levels vary.

What is the spacing of 132 kV lines?

What is the minimum distance that should be maintained between a 132 Kv transmission wire and a house in Andhra Pradesh? Typically, there should be a clearance of at least 6 meters between the transmission line and the ground surface near residential areas.

The specified distance of 6 meters ensures that there is sufficient space for any sagging or swaying of the power lines during adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rainfall. This prevents any possibility of these lines coming into contact with buildings, which could lead to severe damage.